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I have had many supernatural experiences in my life which I will share in time but I feel compelled to share this one experience with you now.

I started working on Green Island Resort in Queensland in 1997. On my first Christmas on the island us staff had a private exclusive party at the end of the jetty. Management approved because the jetty is 1.25 km long and shaped like a persons arm (Slightly L-Shaped) so guests wouldn't be disturbed by any noise. AT 10. 30pm the last group of us staff gathered and walked down the long jetty carrying our partywares excited to catch up to the rest of the staff who had started while we were working our evening shift. The floor of the jetty was still warm from the days sun, we'd had amazing weather all week.

From the end of the jetty we had complete unobstructed view of the whole jetty and island from where we were all sitting. Surprisingly the party started to break early shortly after our arrival, one girl saying 'I'm not going to be caught out here after midnight,' and they got up, excused themselves and left. I dismissed it thinking they were working early in the morning and thought nothing else of it.

There was still 9 of us remaining (6 girls and 3 guys) behind enjoying the still warm starry tropical balmy night until 1.15am when we decided it was time to pack it in. We all packed up and started walking back along the jetty when one of the girls let out a terrified scream and pointed to the jetty floor then ran. A mili-second later everyone looked down to see wet footprints on the jetty all over the place! That was it... Everyone just screamed and bolted... Yelling back at us 'Run, its the ghost!'

Frozen for a moment by the screams and mass histeria of the disappearing entourage and still wondering what on earth was going on I looked at Rowan who had frozen on the spot right next to me. We were the two newest staff members to the island crew and we were planted there. We both felt it... Overwhelming fear within us... But a need to just stay calm and still. There was no danger.

Comforted that I was not there alone I told Rowan not to move and don't be scared. I looked down again and could see the wet footprints clearly. I swear it looked like someone has just climbed up on the jetty from the water and stood dripping with water pooled in their footprints. I bent down and touched them and said to Rowan, "They're COMPLETELY BONE DRY." He bent down and touched one of the footprints visibly wet with water, pooled like when you get out of the bath. The jetty lights even reflected on the water pools in the footprints. You could see drips between the footprints from wet clothes and sprays of water that extended passed the toes of the prints where you could tell the water had been flicked while the person was walking... But they were bone dry! Rowan said, "You're right!"

We crouched there for a moment trying to put the pieces together of what was just happening when we looked around us and realised the footprints had covered most of the length of the jetty in front of us and behind us. Thats when we felt something around us, first it was fear and our inpulse was to run but I grabbed hold of Rowan's arm so he wouldn't bolt and leave me. I told him it's ok, nothings going to happen to us if we stay together. There is someone here and I can feel it. He said, "Yea, I feel it too."

Then on the ground right in front of us fresh foot prints just appeared one by one after another trailing towards us then turned and walked more as though someone invisible was trying to find a place that seemed appropriate to jump off the side of the jetty, then decided to turn around and head back to where another prospective jumping point had been previously spotted. Rowan & I couldn't see anyone - only the footprints as they were being made.

I don't know why or what posessed me to but I immediately called out, "Hello... I know you're a spirit still swimming here under the jetty jumping off. Maybe you need to go on and rest. Find peace if you can. We mean no harm and I know you mean no harm to us. God Bless you. Rest and find peace." I pulled Rowan to the side of the jetty, both of us still watching the paused footprints at the jetty's edge water still pooling in the same spot, then we saw a wide splash sprayed out but with little height like someone skiing on the water in a small area all at once. The splash didn't sound like a deep splash sound. It was a strangely shallow splash sound even though it was quite a high tide. Then there was nothing.

We paused there for what seemed a while while I prayed then we both felt it ok to walk back. I sensed the spirit wasn't worried about us being there... I felt it was just going about its own thing... Minding its own business just jumping and swimming off the jetty.

When Rowan and I got back to the staff quarters everyone there wanted to know what we saw. We never told them what we witnessed and discovered about the footprints. Thats when they told us a man who had dived off the jetty on a midnight swim some years before the resort was built, broke his neck and drowned. (Rowan and I believe that explains the bizarre splash we both saw...) It wasn't a high reaching splash like what you would expect from someone jumping into deep water because it was low tide when he apparently dived in. We also believe the skiing affect of the splash Rowan and I saw was his body keeling over in the low depth.

To this day, after midnight he still walks the jetty scouting a safe place to dive off. He hasn't hurt anyone or scared anyone (everyone who's been frightened were only frightened by themselves of what they didn't expect to see). He just goes about his routine enjoying what he's doing. I really think he is happy still swimming and diving off the jetty.

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BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-22)
I don't think this guy's spirit is still hanging around. This sounds like a residual, rather than intelligent haunting. If the ghost is just ignoring everyone living, going on about his thing as if no one is around, it's a safe bet that the haunting is not intelligent. Meaning that the ghost has no awareness, but it is simply a "recording" of a past event being played over and over. Repetitive actions, or a single highly charged event (like an unexpected death) can imprint themselves on the environment, resulting in a residual haunt.
CrimsonAsh (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-22)
i don't get the part why you said that '
He was happy swimming because he clearly wasn't given the fact he is still roaming about but I totally agree that spirits are here walking around us usually undetected
Protected (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-19)
Thank you for your comments everyone, since finding this site I come in several times a day to read the accounts of everyones experiences to try and understand more about things out there in places I've never been, and more importantly 'how we react to them'.

My mum taught me not to fear the paranormal happenings I've experienced since early childhood so even though I would have liked to run away from spirits I've experienced I never seem to be able to move though I admit I do get scared, mostly from others reactions. My Mum always told us to stand our ground and remain calm, that we were protected by our grandparents, who love us eternally and that no harm would ever come to us. Mum told us if we ever got scared to close our eyes and think of our grandparents hugging us and then they'd be there straight away to protect us. I've always believed her promise to us and I've plenty of times done that and things do really calm down almost immediately. I always believed my grandparents are there by me and I always thank them afterwards for their help (another rule of Mums).

Gary: I agree with you... Hysterical reactions like that can lend itself to the powers of suggestion in others... It doesn't solve anything or help the situation it only promotes fear for everyone concerned. Why should we fear something that clearly is not hurting us?

Vulcan: My mum always made us promise her we would not play with things, ie: record or track our paranormal experiences. She encouraged us to talk about things and share our experiences openly and maturely but most of all she said she feared for us not to be able to control things and that we could possibly open something up we didn't intend on and inviting in others less friendly (Which has happened and we had to have our house cleansed and blessed). Mum says whatever we experience should just remain at that... An experience, one with which we could learn to appreciate having been in contact with and not seek it out any further.

Rumiton: thanks for sharing about your experience of Abbot House. I know Cairns like the back of my hand but I cannot recall where in the esplanade Abbot house is situated? I'm fascinated to know your stories if you've written about them in here?

Cosmogal: Thanks for your praise although to be comepletely honest with you I cannot take credit for remaining behind still and calm, on the outside I may have appeared calm but inside my heart was doing double beats frozen with fear because of everyone else running and screaming and I just had to stay still and calm and centre myself, by then it was too late to catch up to the others who had almost cleared the long jetty in seconds. If Rowan hadn't remained behind with me I think it would have been a very different story even with my grandparents protection. But I will say I'm glad it happened the way it did. Somethings are just meant to happen a certain way.

Has anyone else had something similar happen? I'd really like to hear about it. Love to all ❤
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-19)
Hi Protected, I liked your story very much. The footprints being dry to the touch is very interesting and like vulcan10 suggested the event re-plays itself over and over again. I also agree that it was kind of wonky that everyone went running off screaming over footprints. 😆 I think it's really cool that you took the time to investigate them. 😊
Rumiton (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-19)
I know the Green Island wharf well. In the early 70's a friend of mine used to drive the Hayles Ferry out from Cairns, and being a skipper myself, I sometimes filled in for him. There was no mention of any paranormal stuff there in those days, but round that time I was in the thick of it, living in a house called Abbott Manor on the Esplanade. The wildest stuff took place in that old home. I was actually terrified at the time, but I feel that since then I have a bit more understanding, and if I'm ever in a situation like that again, I hope I will be calm.
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-19)
ON those ghost shows they always talk about their "feelings" then the others around them start "feeling" something. I think that's all power of suggestion. I'm more for the actual proof. The footprints are interesting, but I don't know why everyone started mad cowing and running off. It sounds like an event stuck in time. Even that excuse is somethat puzzling. I mean, there are eventful happenings, (at least for the person doing them), going on all the time so why aren't all of those doing the same thing. If it were so, we couldn't turn around without seeing stuff like that every single day. The event or haunt probably wasn't even aware of you (even if it was capable of awareness). That's an interesting tale though. If I was there I'd wait up every night I spent there with video and audio recorders to catch something for further study. We really only catch the mist enveloping the top of the mountain, per se, when it comes to the spiritual realm, and the laws of their existence.
gary11872 (1 stories) (60 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-19)
I strongly think your reaction was a very smart thing. Why should we be scared? It seems people don't understand. Just because we don't know a whole lot about it, it does not give us reason to feel fear.

Plus: I think it's just plain rude to run away from someone screaming.

I hope to hear more from you.

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