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I am not sure how much of this story was true and how much of it was "power of suggestion" but I know some strange things happened in a neighborhood I used to live in. The neighborhood was in Akron, Ohio, and was right along the Portage Trail, it seemed like the whole area was active, and I wanted to share a few small experiences with you that were not long enough to put in stories of their own. We met a gentleman there who claimed to be very sensitive to the paranormal, and we would sit and talk for hours. In some ways I think he was full of it, but on the other hand, there were things that he shouldn't have known. One day he told me that my son had a Guardian Angel very close to him, and the few times he had been in our house he could tell the difference in the atmosphere when my son was there and when he wasn't. He called my son over to him that day, talked to him about nothing really, especially not about his Guardian Angel and sent him away to play, he looked at me smiling and explained that my son's angel was his late dad, I never told anyone around there that my present husband was not his dad, so I was shocked. Every experience we had in that neighborhood always seemed to involve our friend in one way or the other.

As I mentioned our street was once part of Portage Trail, which was a passage way that many Indians traveled and lost their lives. One evening we were all sitting on my front porch talking, when our friend started hushing everyone up, as we all sat silently, we could all hear the sound of horses galloping, almost as if it were right in front of us.

There are three small stories that really stuck with me though. There was a house at the end of the road that always seemed to be for sale, my husband and I were talking to our friend about it one night, so we decided to walk down and take a look, and see if he got anything from the house. I personally did not know what house my husband was talking about, so I wanted to check it out for myself. We walked down the side walk, suddenly I was filled with total sadness, almost angry, and I instantly without thinking, turned around and started walking home. I looked back once to see, the guys right behind me, walking just as fast as I was. When we got back to the house, we compared notes and the place where I experienced those feelings was right at the property line of the house we were going to. At the same time I turned around, our friend and my husband looked up at the house, and saw what both agreed to be a black shadow, that looked to be standing between the front door and the screen door, with glowing red eyes. They also agreed that whatever it was, was definitely not interested in our stooping around there, and the vibes it sent out where taken very seriously.

Then there was the house right next to ours. My husband would tell me that there was something very unsettling about the house. The house was on the same side as our driveway, and if you were in the driveway late at night you could almost feel as though someone was watching, such an intense feeling that at times would make you rush into the house that much quicker. One evening my husband came in, and told me that he had finally seen the source of those feelings. He told me that he saw a woman dressed in white with long hair, was standing at the window that would have been at the top of the landing, leaning against the window and staring down at him. There hadn't been anyone in that house for a few months. We asked our friend about it, without telling him what it was that my husband had seen. He told us that he hadn't seen it personally, but his daughter had just told him a few days before that she had seen a woman with long hair pressing up against the window looking down at her, but at a different window. It was a few more months before anyone moved into the house, and those few months were very intense. She always seemed to be at one of the windows, just watching us. It even got to the point as the cold began to set it, that I began feeling her watching us from that window on the landing, into our living room window. When we finally got neighbors we asked them if anything strange ever happened in the house at night, and they said every once in a while you could hear footsteps, but that was about it. We never saw the woman again. At first we always thought she was evil spirit who got her kicks out of scaring us, but after I thought about, I think she just must have been lonely, she must have been watching us, wanting to join in the neighborly activities, and she seemed more quite when people were living in the house.

Now the third one takes place in our own house, and believe it or not, it scared me less than any of the others that I have told you. My husband and I would go to bed at night, and suddenly hear music coming from the attic, my husband would go upstairs to find that the extra computer we had was on, and the media player was playing our music. We never thought much about it, my husband always figured it was my son going up and playing computer games, part of me thought my husband had porn hidden on the computer somewhere. I just knew it wasn't me.

We had just gotten home one afternoon, when our friend called us over to him, and asked us if there was a TV or something up in the attic. We told him that there was computer up there. He explained that every once in a while he would see a blue light up there, and we told him that James probably left it on. He said it couldn't be James, because the few times that it came on, we weren't even home. After that my husband and I were very deliberate about making sure the computer was completely shut off, and sure enough the computer would come back on and right back to the music. My son was gone for an evening, and we invited our friend over to get a closer look. As he walked through the house he began talking, and not to us. Now I am not a skeptic when it comes to paranormal, but I tend to be when someone claims they can communicate with them, so I was looking at him like he was out there. He explained to us that our spirit was a young boy, a little younger than my son, who had died in the house from pneumonia. He also told us the little boy thought that my son was his brother, and had communicated with him several times, and his name was Mathew.

When James got home, I decided to confront him about it. I asked him if he had seen anyone in the house besides us. And he told me all about his little friend named Mathew. He told me that Mathew was very nice, and that he didn't scare him. But he did tell me that Mathew could be very annoying, when I asked him why he said that Mathew would wake him up in the middle of the night wanting to play hide and seek or hot wheels, and he would keep him up half the night. Besides the annoying part, James was very fond of Mathew.

My friend told me that he knew how to open a door, so that Mathew could go where he belongs, so even though I really didn't believe, I decided to let him try. During the process I will admit that I felt almost as if I was floating. My friend explained that when he opened the door there was a woman on the other side, when she saw Mathew she reached her arms out to him and he ran to her, and together they walked into a light that had been behind her. Now I didn't see any of this, I felt changes in the air, which could be explained as power of suggestion, but I do know that after that night, the computer stayed off, and my son wasn't being woke up in the middle of the night to play games. To this day though, my son who is now 14 (he was eight at the time) still swears that there really was a little boy named Mathew in that house. Whether my friend really helped him cross over, I am still not so sure about.

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TinaBug1975 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-20)
I don't live in the neighborhood now, I moved to Wisconsin 4 years ago, kind of scares me though because we are talking about moving back to Ohio, and most likely we will have to move in that area because rent is cheaper.
Thegrinch17 (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-18)
Matthew's mom must have been waiting for him to cross over all that time. I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing it! 😊
jeetu (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
Good story.
Its hard to imagine, that all these things happened in the same neighborhood.
Do you live in Ghostville? Lol.
Anyways, I liked your stories.
TinaBug1975 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
I guess I should rephrase the part of me being a skeptic. I do believe that people have this gift, I am just skeptical over who really has it, and who is just blowing smoke. As far as my friend goes, there were a lot of things that made me believe him, but then again there were things that he said that just made me wonder if he wasn't saying things for attention. An example would be, he had come over one evening, and there was a picture of my grandfather on my end table, he looks over at it and says "that gentleman in the picture, I have seen him before, in this house, and around you" the thing that got me was that my grandfather was and is still alive.

And I really don't think my late husband is my son's angel, he wasn't angel in life, but one thing is for sure is that he was the best father I had ever meant, when he passed away the thing that hurt me the most was knowing that he wouldn't get to watch our son grow up, so it isn't hard to believe that he is still around watching over him. And to this day, every once in awhile my son will come to me and tell me that he briefly saw his dad just watching him and smiling, whether it be in a mirror behind him, or out riding his bike, he says it's usually quick and unexpected, but he is there.
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-16)
TinaBug1975:There are people who are born with this gift or who aquire this gift in life. Years ago you would hear some of the older people say that someone they knew was born with a Veil over their eyes. That meant that they were born with a sixth sense or the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Whether you believe it or not, it is TRUE! There are people in this world who can see, talk, hear, sense & communicate with spirits & entities. Your friend how ever told you that your late husband was your son's Guardian Angel, I don't see how that can be. Each and everyone of us have Angels assigned to us from birth, we have Guardian Angels, we even have a Totem Animal which is an Angel in animal form who also watches over us and protects us. We are born into this world alone, but when we pass away, no one dies alone. We have our Spirit Guide, Guardian Angels, Totem Animal and not to mention any and all of our loved ones who have passed away before us there, happily waiting to assist us with this transition over to the other side.
I can see your late husban watching over your son and protecting him, but humans do not die and go to the other side and sprout wings and transform into Angels. An Angel is an Angel, is an Angel and has always been an Angel and has never lived on this earth and has never had a human life. I know people want to think that their Aunt Fannie died and is now in heaven and an Angel watching over them, but that is not true. Aunt Fannie may have been a wonderful person and passed away and now is watching over the family and protecting the family, but Aunt Fannie, did not transform into an Angel. The same as demons, they are evil entities that never, ever lived, they were always demons. I'm sure your late husband was a wonderful man, he truly must have been and his bright light and beautiful energy is still there surrounding your son. That should be very comforting for you and your son to know.

God Bless you
seregirl (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-16)
Thank you for sharing those stories! They were very interesting, your friend certainly has a gift in my opinion.
Dimber (1 stories) (50 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-16)
WOW, creepy stories. Your friend surely does have a gift. How does he handle not being scared talking to them? First couple times I seen with my encounter whatever it was scared this living crap out of me. Different each time too. I won't ever get use to them. Good story here.

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