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They Seem To Be Everywhere I Go


My first experience happened to me when I was about 8 or 9. We lived in a trailer house at the time and I always heard things that never really had any type of explanation. I do have an overactive imagination so I tend to brush many unexplained things off, thinking it is just my imagination. But, one night I was fast asleep and I heard a bunch of people talking and laughing in our living room (my bedroom was next to the living room). I just thought that it was parents having some friends over but I couldn't hear any familiar voice nor could I make out anything they were saying. So, I got up and went into the living room expecting to find my parents having a party but there was no one there. I could still hear the people though, not anything audible but just the noise, our rocking chair was moving back and forth on its own and the TV was on, no channel, just the white fuzz that comes on when the channel goes off air. I was completely freaked out and ran back into my room. I did not mention it to anyone but shortly after that I asked my sister if we could share a room, I couldn't sleep by myself anymore. On a few occasions my step-dad would come into our room at night and start yelling at us for goofing off and not being in bed asleep, of course, his yell would always wake up and he swore that he heard us jumping on the beds and giggling. Of course, we still got into trouble even though it wasn't us making the noises.

When I was 12, we moved to my step-dad's home town. We went to look at the house and I begged my Mom not to move us there! I don't know why but I was so scared walking into that place that I could barely stay in there while we were looking at it. My mom brushed it off as a 12 year old not wanting to move away from her friends, so I thought that it could have been that. It wasn't long before our friend started making herself known (there were a few different spirits, but she was the main one). She would always change my radio station to County music, even if I was listening to a tape, the tape player would shut off and it would switch over to the radio. I asked her (I didn't know it was a girl at the time) to stop and sometimes she did, and sometimes the radio would just get louder.

The night I found out it was a girl in our house, I was asleep. I was dreaming of this girl, she had medium length dark hair and was about 55 and slim, she was standing in my room like she was waiting. Then she went into my parents room (which was right next to mine), looked out the window and ran down the stairs (again, which is right by my room) and I saw her run out to the end of the driveway into a waiting car. I woke up suddenly and this girl was really standing in my room! My dream replayed itself only I wasn't sleeping anymore.

I told my mom and my step-dad's twin sister about it the next day and my Aunt looked as though she wanted to cry. She told me that her friend used to live in the house when they were about our age and she snuck out one night and died in a car accident! I couldn't believe it! I actually saw her! We got used to her being around though. My sister had a few experiences with her in her room (since that had been the girls room when she lived there) and things always happened! We had a fireplace in the living room that just started on its own, mind you, it was summer and we didn't use the fireplace for months there was just some old burnt wood in there. We had our family over when this happened so many of us saw it. Also, we burned wood to keep the house warm (it was an old house) and my parents worked overnight so it was always up to me and my sister to keep the fire going at night. I never went down to the basement, it was too creepy so a lot of the time the fire would be completely out when my sister went down there for her shift and most of the time she would wake me up and we would get the fire going together but there were a lot of times she too just left it. More times then not, we would wake up to a super warm house, both go in the basement and there would be a hot fire going, ashes but no wood. We grew too really like her when that started happening, we both thought that she was looking out for us, as my step-dad wasn't the nicest guy in the world.

I only had one other experience in that house, I think it was my uncle who had passed away, but I am not sure. I don't even remember most of it. I was sleeping, and in my dream my uncle and I were talking in Ojibwe (I don't speak fluent Ojibwe, only a little) but in my dream we speaking very fluent. I don't remember what we were talking about because the next thing I remember was crying in my moms lap. She had told me that she was going down the stairs when she heard me say something. She came into my room to see if I needed anything or if I was just talking in my sleep again (I did it very often back then). But when she heard me speaking in Ojibwe she said she was a bit startled and tried to wake me up. I wouldn't wake up so she sat on my bed for awhile and soon after my body started to shake pretty bad and all of a sudden I stopped, sat up and looked at her and told her we had to leave the house immediately, it wasn't safe anymore. She said it wasn't me talking, my eyes were black and my voice was much deeper. Of course, we didn't move. But, ever since then everything started to get worse, not with paranormal things but with my step-father. He became more violent, drank more and things weren't exactly happy. I did move out less than a year later to get away from him.

I have many more stories but will share more later. I hope this is easy to understand...

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bizzjoe (1 stories) (162 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-30)
well... I seem to be the first to post a comment here... I'm not usually the first to do anything... I am deeply humbled... & the story was good too...

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