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Ghostly Going Ons In My Old Flat


Until I was 12 (I'm 21 now) I lived in a big block of flats with my Mum and older brother. The flats we lived in used to be a nursing home years and years ago. I lived there all my life until we moved so the ghostly experiences we had there seemed normal to me and my Mum and brother.

From a young age my brother would tell my Mum he could see people in wheel chairs. Coincidence or spiritual? I believe spiritual because at that age he wouldn't have known it was a nursing home before. Another thing that happened was to my Mum. She said it was late at night and she had just got into bed and she heard a voice as clear as day say 'Soon this will all be ours'. Another time she was watching TV in the dark and she said she looked across the room and she saw a black figure sitting on the other chair staring at her but other than the black figure all she could see was red coloured eyes staring at her. She said it was as if it was a woman wearing a veil over her or something.

My Granddad is very spiritual and he always used to say to my Mum he felt a presence in the flat. He didn't say this to me or my brother until we moved out in case we got scared though.

Not long before we moved out I was sitting reading a book and out of the corner of my eye I saw a white cat run out of the living room. At first I thought it was our cat because it happened so fast but our cat is black and white and when I looked over she was sitting up on the chair where she had been asleep but now she was staring at the door. I mentioned this to my Granddad not long ago because we were talking about ghosts and he was taken aback and said he hadn't wanted to tell me but when he came to our flat he would often see the ghost of an old woman with a white cat!

Another thing that happened to me personally was one day when I was ill I went and laid on my bed and after a few minutes of lying there some one started to stroke my hair. I assumed this was my Mum because this is a common thing for her to do so I mentioned it to her when I got up and she swore it wasn't her. Also always in the flats you felt as if you were being watched but we were so used to it, it felt normal to us!

One last thing that happened to my Mum but isn't really to do with the flats (though it did happen while we still lived there). One of our neighbour's friends was very ill with cancer. So you can imagine my Mums surprise when she looked out of the window to see him walking in the park with my neighbour. My Mum was pleased he seemed to be making a recovery and said so when she saw our neighbour only to be told he had died the week before. So when my Mum saw him he wasn't alive but she swears she saw him as clear as any other person in that park!

I would like to say though in all the time we lived there we never once felt threatened and if I'm honest I actually felt so relaxed and almost protected. That may sound odd but I do miss the feeling of that flat. It was like we knew we were living with spiritual beings but we leaved in harmony if you see what I mean?

Sorry if this has been long but I hope you have enjoyed reading.

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cassyt89 (2 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-01)
Thanks DCinAZ, I have to say I do miss that flat. I now work in a nursing home myself and I feel so at home there I wonder if that is because I lived in a spiritual nursing home for so long!
cassyt89 (2 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-01)
snowhite, I know it sounds scary the red eyes but my Mum still never felt threatened. I think they just liked to let us know we weren't alone from time to time!
DCinAZ (guest)
11 years ago (2010-12-01)
cassyt89, I can understand that feeling, afterall it was an old folks home. Why wouldn't it be comforting? Seems like a healthy reaction to me. Thanks for sharing your story, it was nice. 😊
snowhite (203 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-30)
Well, I would be very scared if I saw someone sat in the dark with 2 red eyes staring at me. Don't you? I just don't like haunted places period.

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