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About three months ago (mid-August) my mom and I were driving to California. I'm in the process of planning on moving to Los Angeles in July. I have been wanting to move there since I was young and have been spending the past two years saving up and getting ready for college. (I'm 19 but I took 2 years off). I was supposed to move there this pass August but my plans fell through and it didn't feel like the right time to move there. I didn't really choose to come back home until almost close to Arizona and there was this thing that happened while we stayed overnight at my Uncles in Kansas.

We reached my uncles house late at night and we visited with my uncle and his girlfriend for about an hour before we went to bed in their guest room downstairs. My mom and I slept in the same bed that night and I just remember getting ready for bed and lying down. My mom fell asleep quickly and I was lying there trying to get to sleep myself. The room was pretty much dark and I got this very uneasy feeling while lying there. I tried not to think much about it since I really needed the sleep since the next day we were going to be driving all day. I had shut my eyes at some point and after a few minutes I heard sort of a snarly heavy breathing. I just remember squinting my eyes and turning to look at my mom, thinking that it was her breathing but the noise by then stopped and it didn't look like she made it. I shrugged it off and turned back and sort of pulled the covers closer to me, almost over my head. I shut my eyes again and it suddenly felt like there was another presence in the room, I shot open my eyes and looked at the other end of the room and towards the door, but of course since it was so dark in the room I could only see darkness. I could have sworn that I saw something move but I didn't want to look much longer so I pulled the covers entirely over my head and just stared out from a small hole until I fell asleep

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