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I live in Wichita, KS and every October we have a HUGE haunted attraction called The Field of Screams. It's a walk through and there are actors that act as this 'demonic' Spurlock family. Well, I got hired on. I got placed in the middle of the field in the 'house'. I'm what people call a sensitive, and honestly I get scared easily so when we did our walk through and got our places I was scared, but my stomach was turning and I was almost crying. I mean this place would be a home for any spirit. I dismissed it as me just being scared.

The first day at work went fine but a week later my co-worker came to me and told me about a little boy that came though and said, "Hey Brian!" and he was all alone and then moved into the next room, where my friend Rachel was. Thing is... Rachel never saw this boy, neither did I but we always saw little shadows or heard scratches. Rachel sat on this bed that use to move up and down but no longer worked and on one specific night we were speaking about the little boy and the bed started going crazy, with us ON IT! The little boy never seemed to be negative and he spoke to Brian frequently. We found out his name was Michael... But he never moved out of his little area. On one occasion when I thought I was going to pass out due to heat, I was standing by 'Michaels' little doorway and a vague icy cold air kept coming to my face, almost in an effort to soothe me.

My main concern was on my last day of work when I was chasing a group of people to the next room I looked behind me and I saw a HUUUUUUUGE, looming shadow figure. I guess around 6'8-7'0. I got scared, and felt intimidated by this shadow figure. I wanted to not cause alarm to my group so I ignored it and remained professional but I looked back and it was gone. Not an hour later my friend Brian was going through my exit, where I saw the Shadow figure, and he jumped. Mind you... Brian is a big guy both in stature and weight. I hadn't told anyone about the shadow figure but Brian out right and said, "I just saw a shadow pass by and it was huge, and it stopped and looked at me... And he seemed so mad!" There were two other ghosts that were spotted by my co-workers but I never saw them because of my location. My question is what's up with that shadow figure and what could have possibly attracted Michael to Brian, Rachel and I?

A few extra details: In my location there is an emergency exit that frequently would come open and I would hear a lot of stuff but there is a lot of electric stuff back there so... It is possible those noises were that angry shadow man, and...What's going to happen to Michael? Brian had been working at the field for 3 years and this was his first time seeing Michael. Michael would also physically push customers who were mean to Brian, or trip them or... If Brian was gone... He would open the door for people. It was the craziest thing. What do you think? I mean I thought I was the creepy thing in the dark...apparently, not so.

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Dameon (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-28)
Sounds to me its your mind and your co workers playing tricks, Never know though.
Good luck with it
Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-03)
Bryan = Big Guy
Ghost #2 a.k.a Shadow = Big Guy
^o^ michael maybe bullied by ghost #2 and he saw the resemblance of Bryan and Ghost #2 so he try to get his revenge through Bryan... What a lame theory... 😆 thanks for sharing your story, it was interesting... <3

-AYA is reading a novel of Susan Elizabeth Philipps

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