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Something Scratched Me


This past September, I moved to New York from Michigan. About a month later, give or take, I was in my bedroom one day; it was probably around 5 o'clock in the evening.

Before I got a new bed I was using a double papasan to sleep on. Well I sat down in it, and leaned back sort of on my left side. My right arm was at my ride side, and my left arm was kind of in front of me. I sat there to relax for a few minutes and was thinking about whatever was on my mind. Suddenly that feeling came over me that I described in my other post.

I had the strongest feeling that there was a bad presence in the room with me. I tried to ignore it and thought that maybe the feeling would go away. So I stayed lying there... And I started to feel like I was getting scratched. It wasn't very painful, but it was definitely a slight stinging, and I could actually feel it as it went across, on my left arm. I didn't look down at my arm at first. It's hard to explain, but I felt focused on the wall and my eyes were looking ahead toward it, and I did not look down. This whole time, my arms were still as I said before, one at each side, so there is no way at all I could have scratched myself. Then I started to feel that burning sting you get after you've just gotten a cut. I thought that since logically there was no way I really had a scratch (you know how your mind tries to justify or come up with some explanation), that the stinging would stop, so I ignored it yet again. But it persisted and continued to burn, so I looked down at my arm and sure enough, there was a fresh cut on my arm, almost ½ inch in length. It was a minor scratch, not deep.

It looked like what you'd get if a sharp cat claw scratched you. Most of the scratch was "white", BUT there was a small speck of red where it did actually draw blood. That scared me bad enough that I actually ended up sleeping on the couch that night, and avoided being in my room as much as possible for the next few days after that. Now, again this was a minor cut by all means, so it should have healed quickly and gone away. But it is now months later and it actually left a faint scar on my arm.

As of now, for the past few weeks I have been getting an eerie feeling in my room again at night and have had to leave my door open when I go to bed, otherwise I am unable to fall asleep.

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elise24 (6 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-24)
Taz890- I think whatever it was might be "attached" to me, not the house, because of all the experiences I had in Michigan, then just shortly after I moved here this happened. I did have another experience about two weeks ago that I'll try to write in another post when the submission page is back open.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-24)
what a horrible experiance have you thought about getting help to try and get rid of this thing? You can't go on letting something harm you like that please keep us posted
erin19 (1 stories) (41 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-23)
Really scary! Hope this never happens again! Best of luck:)

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