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My grandpa Edward Olivas died in 1996. He was a painter. I never got to meet him because he died two years before I was born. I really wanted to meet him and still would love to. I heard very good things about him and sometimes I feel sad about the fact that I can't meet him anymore.

When I was younger, I remember my auntie, Diana and I were resting on top of a trampoline. We were looking up at the beautiful, bright sky. She told me that before grandpa eddie died he said he would be in the brightest star in the sky. Since that day, I would look up into the sky and believe he is somewhere out there watching me from above.

A couple years before that, when I was about one year old or younger. My auntie (Diana) took me to grandpa's cemetery. She was about ten feet away from me and I was in the car sitting in my car seat. She left to put flowers at my Grandpa's grave. Then suddenly, she heard someone talking. She began to feel frightened and her stomach felt as if it was tied into a huge knot she could have not undone. She would not have reacted if it was not so quiet. The laughter penetrated her silence.

She was surprised to find me speaking to the blank atmosphere. I was a child with a big imagination but I never talked to any imaginary friends that I created. She said that I was laughing and smiling to the blank space right in front of me. I was also having a conversion with what we believe was Grandpa Eddie. She could not understand me because I was a child and didn't speak fluently but she had a great feeling that it was him. When she told me this, she was crying I could tell that she missed him very much and I felt sorry that I couldn't do anything about it. What I did do was feel her pain and tell her that I understood what she was going through.

To this day, I still am not completely sure about that person I spoke to but all I could do is hope that it was my grandpa and appreciate this phenomenal experience!

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Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-12)
Just from my personal experience I can say that you were talking to your grandpa. That's basically how it works out the majority of the times that these things occur. Your Aunt said she knew it was him, she knows what it felt like to have him arouhd and that's not something you forget. I'm sure he's watching over you now, and I'll be he's proud too.
😊 ❤ 😊
DerekBernard23 (5 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-11)
that's really cool. My gram pa died in 94 two years b4 I was born but anyways. I had a basketball game and I missed the winning shot so we didn't go to the championship and for weeks I was not my self and I was always mad at my mom for no good reason and being a jerk to every one, so I was going two sleep and all of a sudden I herd so one open my door and say DEREK! Wake up we gotta talk, I opened my eyes and my gram pa Bernard was standing at the end of my bed, he told me to change my mood because if he comes back down it won't be good... And I stoped being a jerk and he came back down and said he loved me the very next week

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