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The Computer Lady


If you read my story "White Lady on the Refrigerator", this story took place in the same house, in Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Before we proceed, I just want you to bear with me because I'm not that good in English. Thanks.:)

I was a kid when I experience this spooky thing.

I'll just give you some background about my computer.

My computer is placed on our small bedroom. It is near the window and in our air-conditioner (since our air-conditioner is placed in the window.) Our computer is actually a Desktop/Personal Computer. The Windows of our computer that time is Windows XP. At the back of my computer is a double-decked bed.

Our room is small so even when you are in our computer, you can still reach the door easily.

I love to use my computer day and night, I use it after school and spending time with it when I was on our vacation.

One day, it's noontime or after lunch (Take note: It's in the daytime) when this spooky thing happen.

Of course, the computer screen is "black" when turn off, right? And you can see your reflection and things in your back.

As I turn on the computer, when I looked at the computer screen which is still color "black" and you can still see your reflection and the things at your back, I noticed this lady, she looks like she is looking that at computer screen with me, she is just simply looking at the computer screen. Her hair is short, it's a little wavy. But, what I noticed is she doesn't have any body at all, as if floating head! I don't know if she does not have any body or I just didn't noticed it. But when I looked back, I saw nothing but our double-decked bed with pillows. The door is closed at that time.

I didn't mind it at first since I'm excited in playing my computer games, though I already feel scared at that time. She didn't showed up for the second time. But later, I told my mom about it and we discussed about it. My mom also told that there are ghost roaming around our house.

That lady never showed up again in my computer screen, and that lady is different from the white lady I saw (the one I mentioned in my story "White Lady on the Refrigerator")

Thanks for reading my story. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Expect for more stories from me.

Thanks and God bless!:)

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bettinawesome (29 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-31)
Dude your house is kind of haunted, I think. In your first story, you mentioned something 'bout your paranormal experience in Pampanga. Mind posting it or just send it in my twitter if you want ( [at] wackynme). Ok thanks!:)
magneto095 (3 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-15)

Yeah, I hope it's the reason why she showed up, just to look at my computer and not to scare me, hehe...


At that time, I sleep with my mom. So, I'm not really afraid, hehe... And one thing, if there is really a ghost in our home, we can't "escape" them, they are anywhere, so it's better to sleep in my room, anyway that's just my opinion, hehe...:D


Hehe... I just don't want to mind her, especially I want to play my computer games, hehe...


Thanks for your comments. God bless us all!:)
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-12)
I have to agree with taz here, it does sound as if she were just curious about the computer. Maybe she was wondering why you liked to spend so much time on it. Either way, she seems pretty harmless. 😊

taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-12)
sounds like she was just interested in what you were doing on your computer.
At least she has not shown herself again.

[at] amibear welcome back! You have been quiet of late!
Amibear (3 stories) (62 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-12)
I would of refused to sleep in there. Do you share the room or do you have to sleep in there alone, I'm only asking because I used to have a bunk bed, and I was in my room alone. I only had it so my friends could have the bottom bunk when they slept over. So if I was you and alone, I would have got in bed with my mum... But that's just me:)
Shaw (guest)
12 years ago (2011-06-12)
lol you are smiling. I would have died if I would have seen that stuff lol

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