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I have had stories on here before on titles I call The whistler. You can look them up, but this is not of that ghost series. Not much has happened in the last year, but we caught something the other night. June 3rd 2011, was a hot June night here in southern Minnesota. I was ready to mow the yard before the sun was to set. We live in the country and our next door neighbors have a barn that blown down, and they have disassembled the rest of it. So what remains is rubble and the peak of the barns roof. This happened just this spring with high winds here. My wife and her daughter have been there a few times taking our dog out for a walk, but I have never gone along. So this night she asked if I wanted to go before I mowed. I agreed because I have not been up close and I wanted to get some pics on my digital camera.

So we walked the dog up there. It is an abandoned property where its just land the owners keep up. The house there was torn down a few years back. What remains is a couple of sheds and the rubble of the barn. We got there and walked around the barn and I started snapping off some shots with my camera in a full circle. Then my wife with the dog, snapped off some pics with her phone camera. We spent a small amount of time up there and admired the property and what it could offer, and then went back home. My wife went in and I started to mow the yard. When I got done, I sat in the garage enjoying a beer, as the sun was setting.

Suddenly my wife came out with her phone and said to me "You have to see this" I looked at her picture on her phone and she explained to me that this shot was the original. It was a shot of the peak the the roof top. It was like looking into a triangle that was hollow mostly. But there was something small that looked like it was illuminating in there. She then said that's what caught my attention, that's when she zoomed in on it. One step at a time and when it was enlarged, I gasped. "Are you kidding",I said. I was looking at a young women or girl standing there, looking at my wife. There is no way you could stand in that spot, but it clearly showed an out line of a head and hair. You could not see facial features, but an outline and then her body and arms that looked like maybe she was holding something in front of her. It looked like she was wearing a short skirt and could see her legs and knee caps. The more we looked at it the more real it looked. Many who have seen the photos say she may be pregnant and holding her baby. Very possible. I want to check the history of this house. But I told my wife for it was dark out now that we have to go back tomorrow and look again to see if there is anything that looked that is there that looked similar.

The next day we and a friend of my wife's went back up there about the same time to see what we can find. We looked at the same spot and saw nothing that could have made that figure. We took more shots of that spot and area and came up with nothing. I went back through all my shots and found nothing unusual. So I told my wife I believe you may actually have something there. Sorry I do not have a photo to show you. We don't know how to get her photos downloaded off her phone. So we will see if Walmart will. We don't want to lose that. And when we do we will post's pretty cool. Thanks for reading.

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Fay (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-07)
I really would want to see the picture someday. Make sure you post it up!
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-14)
When you get it figured out be sure to post it. I'd really be interested in seeing it too.

otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-13)
Great story! I didn't know how to get the pictures off my phone either cause I didn't save the manual, lol, typical of me. I went to my provider online and got the manual from them, online. Mine was even a prepaid, net10, and they were able to provide me with this old phones manual!

Good luck, sounds like a great picture! ❤
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-13)
Wow! That's a great story. A small suggestion for the picture. I don't know how your wife's phone is setup but I have a data plan on my phone and one of the options on my phone is that I can email the pictures also. If you or wife doesn't have the option, you can sent the picture to a friend of yours who has the data plan on their phone and they can do it. Once it's emailed to your email, you can post it. I think posting on this story would be to email it to the postmaster when he sent an email confirming this story.

Second suggestion would be to put it on the micro SD card if your wife's phone has the slot for it. Then if you don't have the slot on your computer, you can bring it to Walmart or some photo shop for them to put it on a CD or an USB pen.

Hope to see that picture soon.

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