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Whistling Dixies


This story is the most recent update of my previous whistler stories. This story is in two parts. The first happened in late 2011, and the second last month in January 2012.

Early winter here in southern Minnesota was one of the mildest and warmest we have had. My wife was redoing the breezeway as she uses for her computer room. She was painting the walls a new color and it always seemed like when we do any kind of construction or project it brings out activity. But for her she was missing items and finding them in strange places and on day she heard the famous whistlers whistling for a short time.

I was amused at this and didn't think much about it until one morning being the first to get up I turned on the breezeway light when suddenly I heard the most eery sound ever out in the garage. It sounded like a wild cat fight but somewhat muffled. But very angry and powerful sounding. I was afraid to open the door. The growl went on for close to a minute. When it stopped I just stood there staring at the door with fear.

The sound did not reoccur so I slowly opened the door with the rooms light peering in. Nothing was seen. I flicked on the garage light and saw nothing. I grabbed my shoes and closed the door. I left the house in a rush. Later that day I text my wife that something weird happened that morning and I would explain when I got home.

When I did get home my wife greeted me in the garage as we had a beer together. Not mentioning my insentient she started to tell me what happened to her daughter last night as she just learned. She said that she was on the living room couch watching TV and something growled in her ear. She quickly turned to see nothing and thought it was me, but I was in my office. When she described growl it made my skin crawl.

I then told her what happened to me in the morning and she looked shocked. We could not explain it. Then we did hear of cougar sightings in our area, but have no idea what they sound like. Perhaps there was one outside the big garage door that was upset when I turned on the light and then left. We just don't know. Then with the daughters story, just confused us more. That was all from that moment of time.

The second happening was late in January, when a friend of mine came over for some beers and fixed our smoke alarm problem. He had left after it got dark. My wife sat on the other side of our living room table/bar. I had full vision of the kitchen and we were the only ones home. No one was in the kitchen. We have a water cooler next to the kitchen wall and it has a couple of Dixie cups used and setting on the side of it.

When I tuned to look into the kitchen I saw the cup hitting the floor and bouncing and then it stood upright a few feet away in the middle of the kitchen floor. I was shocked, and my wife could not see this, but heard it and asked what was that? She saw me just staring in awe. I said that she had to see this for herself. She came around to look and gasped. There sat a Dixie cup upright smack dab in the middle of our wood kitchen floor.

We went in to investigate and I took another cup and placed it where it was. Then knocked it off with my finger ever so slightly. It just hit the ground next to the cooler on it's side. I kept trying and gave it a little more force each time and it would never leave further that one foot away and never upright. Soon I gave a lot of force and it landed at the most two feet away. The original cup was at least four feet away. I figured that would take a lot of force. It was just not normal. And after maybe around thirty times, the cup only stood upright once. What were the odds?

My stepson tried it himself the next day when he heard about it and found the same results. We think it may have been the prankster "Whistler", visiting with us again. Thus I named the tittle. "Whistling Dixie." Nothing occurred after that, but we left the cup in place that night and took a picture of it on our cell. Moments later other friends arrived and came in the door and asked "Why is there a Dixie cup laying in the middle of the floor?" We laughed and our uptight black lab walked by and picked it up.

So far nothing else has happened, but I will keep you informed of any further goings on on what I call the harmless pranks of the "Whistler". Not sure what it is really.

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LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-03)
I think you are missing the obvious. Get him some water. He just wants to wet his whistle.

DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-03)
Long time no hear mulder81 thanks for an update with things, I'm not to sure with the sounds you heard but that does sound eerie reminds of cats fighting I had a few fighting outside my window the other week and it sounded as if the was a baby crying just under my window sill, it freaked the hell out of me.
The cup I kind of of get the impression of the Whistler saying "dont forget about me I'm still here" What are your thoughts on this mate? Very intriguing indeed!

Thanks for sharing again.

mulder81 (16 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-29)
The cougar was scary but may have been. The cup was another night and I saw it whisp off the water foundtain with no visable force that we could see. Never happened before and not agian. But there was no breeze what so ever. We checked everything out.
Kryodrache (3 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-28)
Cougars have a whole lot of different kinds of sounds... I've heard stories about them sounding like a screaming woman, at times. It's possible the odd noise you heard was indeed a cougar... Felines have a wide vocal range. Kind of creepy, thinking that a predator that big was around your house! It could have been whistling wind, I suppose, my mother woke up one night to hear some odd keening sounds in her room like a beautiful singing noise only to learn it was her door.

As for the cup, it's possible it's totally random chance that it happened. Was the door open at all? Any breeze during that day? I'm not debunking the idea, it just seems a little unusual. If it is a haunting, it seems to me like quite an isolated event.

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