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The Barn Ghost


This is a real story told by a trusted friend at work. I do not have proof, but the story is just spooky. He knows this guy, and very much believes him. We will call him Jim and he has never been a believer in the paranormal, or anything of the unknown nature. He is a skeptic. My co-worker and I are fans of Ghost Hunters and like to hunt some on our own. We have open minds and had experiences of our own. Jim has scoff at anything ever told to him. We live in Southern Minnesota close by the Iowa boarder. Our town is small, but where Jim lives is a small community just outside of our town. He just bought the farm where he raises dairy cattle. I have driven by the house myself on a road by the towns only bar and the golf course. Jim lives somewhere in between, with more than one barn or buildings. Realize now, he had just bought the place for a very reasonable price, perhaps because of the economy, or maybe because the old owners were too frightened to live there.

I am placing this late summer of 2009, when this night occurred. My facts may not be precise, but I am remembering this from what I was told. It was a calm, warm night and Jim went into the barn where the cows where, to work on a project. Not sure what he was working on, but he had his work shop and tools in there. I am telling this the way he told me. So he was working away in the quiet, in the barn, with the exception of the cows scuttling around and chewing hay. Jim was alone that night with no visitors, or anything unusual happening before.

Suddenly, it got deathly quiet. The cows stopped and were frozen still. Jim had noticed this and looked up at them as he was standing close by. They stopped dead in their tracks, no movement, no eating. They acted as if they were spooked by something and aware of it. What happened next seemed unreal. All the cows at the same precise time turned their heads in the same motion and the same direction and looked behind them just off to the right, away from Jim, facing the other side. Then Jim said, he felt weird, and looked at what they were looking at. At first it seemed like a small dark mist forming and soon it expanded to a big dark cloudy mist and then it started to develop in to a human form. Jim was to say the least shocked, and dropped his jaw. He stood there shaking, but stood still. He saw this form develop more into a shape of a man, but could now make out his clothing. He was wearing overalls over a flannel shirt. The face was starting to form, when Jim could not handle it anymore. He ran for the door never looking back for the night. He left the lights on and the cows with the misty stranger.

The next day he talked to my co-worker and told him the story. He stated that he did not know what the hell he just experienced, but it was unreal, and he believed it could be something for you guys to check out. He did not want anything to do with it. Everything was normal the next day and the cows were fine.

Then he told my friend that it all seems to fit. There was more to the story. He said that before the event, he was working on his project, and was taking tools off the peg board where every thing had its place marked out by a marker. He placed the tool on the bench for he was going to use it again. When he came back it was not there, it was hanging up in its spot. He thought he must have done it and forgot about it. But then it happened again. He then thought it was someone playing a prank, but no one was around. He then purposely misplaced a hammer and acknowledged it and then went back to work. When he came back it was hanging up. Soon after the man appeared. He ran out too fast to see what might have expired. But he believes it may have been a past farmer that was particular with his tools, and maybe more.

That was the story I was told. I do not have an update, maybe another day I will find out more. But this story even spooked me.

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looney85 (3 stories) (188 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-31)
Wow! Awesome story! The way you describe the cows reactions, gave me chills 😨
I would of run out just as he did!

Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted!

Looney ❤
Nighthingale23 (60 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
ooooh 😲 spooky... I too would have ran faster than a olympic runner had I seen that. &believe me I've seen some things. Theres just something about the setting of an old dark barn... *shivers*.
Thank you for the story, keep us apdated please.:]
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
A great story it does seem like the spirit was particular with his tools, I wonder if Jim had any other experiences?

Thank you for sharing

JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
Yup, a classic. If Jim is a skeptic but was truly frightened by this collection of phenomena, it's quite likely the barn bears an investigation with various recording devices.
As Pete says, keep us updated.
Pete16 (2 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
Perfect, classic ghost story. I enjoyed it, and I hope you will keep us updated. I hope you and your friend are able to check it out.

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