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Soo, this is my first post on here. This is my only personal experience I don't doubt was paranormal.

This happened in 2007. My great grandmother Delphia had passed away from complications with alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately, I never got to know her very well. We lived very far apart, I only knew her from the occasional phone call and photographs.

My experience happened a few days after she passed away. I was in my room, sleeping. I ended up waking up, it was maybe 2:00 AM, from something. This isn't normal for me. I usually sleep like a baby through the whole night. Well, I turn over on my side and I see a figure standing next to the bed. At first I thought it was my sister coming in to use the restoom (There's one in my room), but I quickly realized it wasn't. The figure was a woman, and she was transparent but also the color white. It's hard to explain, but she wasn't a flesh and blood human. I could see through her but she had the color white on her as well. She had on a night gown. I was absolutely terrified, but I couldn't look away, it was like I was in shock. We both looked at each other for a couple of seconds before she turned away from me, and simply vanished.

Once she was gone, I screamed bloody murder for my parents. They came running in, and I told them what happened, and they were shocked. I spent the rest of the night with them.

The next day when I had calmed down, I told them I thought it was Delphia. Delphia liked to wear night gowns and she had only passed away days before. My family does believe me, but none of them saw her except for me.

Now that I think about this experience, I wish I hadn't had acted so terrified. She was probably just checking on me before she left for heaven. I wish I had said something, like 'I love you', but I didn't.

That's my experience. I might post some of my mother's, she has had many throughout her life.

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scribbl3r (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-05)
I think anyone in your position would have screamed out in fright. I know I would have! The last thing you expect to see when you turn over in bed is a friggin' ghost standing there, am I right? She knows you love her and was probably unaware that you could even see her. No worries. Maybe she'll visit again someday and you'll be more prepared. 😉
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-04)
Listen to your heart. You know it was her, I think we all have to agree with you there. And BadJuuJuu is right,
"you can still tell her that you love her. She may not be in the room with you, but she will hear you."

BadJuuJuu (guest)
11 years ago (2011-07-04)
Very sweet, and sad. It's sweet that she chose to pay you a visit, sad that you never had the chance to truly get to know her. She may not have realized she would give you such a fright. If you want, you can still tell her that you love her. She may not be in the room with you, but she will hear you.

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