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Hello Goodbye


Back in 2010, I was attending a university where I made several friends. I grew closer to one girl, G (first letter of her name) and naturally, we took a lot of pictures together. The numerous pictures of us saved on her phone was seen by her 5 or 6 year old nephew and he developed a curiosity towards me and wanted to meet me. G expressed this to me and thus, her family invited me to attend the nephew's birthday celebration which would be in a month and I agreed to come.

Unfortunately, before the nephew's birthday, he got ran over by a bus and died instantly. The invitation intended for his birthday became an invitation to his funeral instead. I agreed to go on one of the days of the viewing around afternoon. G, knowing my sensitivity to spiritual activities, asked me to have a "feel around" to see if I can feel her nephew around. I told her that the place felt peaceful. I stayed for a couple hours talking to her family, and also waiting to see if I would feel a presence. But as the sky indicated approaching rain and night, I decided to approach the coffin and "talk" to the nephew and head home after.

I introduced myself, said my name, and that I was the girl in his aunt's phone's pictures. I told him I was looking forward to meet him on his birthday and that I am sad that I am attending his funeral instead. I told him I wish he is happy where he is. I then said goodbye to G and her family and left.

On my way home, I was sitting at the front passenger seat of a jeepney looking absentmindedly on the rain drops falling on the windshield. The sky was dark as it is night. This next bit is hard to explain but very quickly the whole view of what I was looking at "changed" as well as my surroundings. Almost in an instant, I am standing in a paved road, each side was lined with trees. The sky was as bright as it would be in the afternoon but cloudy. I looked to my right and I saw a solid brown gate to a garage. When I looked ahead again, I saw a small boy about 5 meters away in front of me, facing me. He was wearing a white undershirt, black dress pants and black shoes, his hair neatly combed to the side. I realized that this was G's nephew in his funeral clothes (minus the barong, a traditional attire for men worn on special occasion, usually wedding). And I think he understood that I recognized him so he smiled ever so sweetly and gave me a sheepish wave. Then I got "pulled" back to the same passenger seat, looking out at the same window where I have been.

I saw G the next day and relayed everything I saw to her. She was a little bit shocked because, although she knows of my sensitivity, she didn't expect me to have an experience like that. She then says that the brown gate I saw was their neighbor's across their house. And that around the time when I was at the viewing, their house helper, who was at their home then, was feeling strange activities in the house.

I guess her nephew "pulled" me to where he was at the time I was with his body and that it felt peaceful then because he was somewhere else.

Thanks for reading.

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tigrisvpm (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-27)
[at] adina Thanks for Sharing. Really interesting. I really felt sad about "The invitation intended for his birthday became an invitation to his funeral instead" sorry for your loss

aartis (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-20)
[at] adina Extremely sad to know what the little boy had to go through. But glad to know he waved you goodbye and was at peace finally.

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