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Hello Pa


Recently, my grandfather passed away. The loss has been devastating, as he was one of my favourite people on the world. We are blessed to have our grandparents as adults, and my grandfather, or Pa, was very close to me in my life.

The only thing that brings me some comfort is having had the chance to say goodbye. We are family that have all had some sort of experience with the supernatural, and so we do believe in the afterlife, the ability of loved ones to visit us when passed over etc.

A well known family story (to be shared another time) is my Mum feeling her grandfather sit on her bed the night he passed away when she was a child, and this scaring her, as she ran out of her room to go find him only to be informed by her father (my Pa) that he had passed away that night. Pa was aware of this story, and so, as a joke, while he was very ill I told him he could come back and visit me, but no sitting on the end of the bed! He had always laughed about my ability to be bossy, and so I told him if he was a ghost he could come and visit me as a yellow light- I'd know it was him as he is the only person I know who loved yellow.

Well, it has been a few months now since he passed, and last night I was laying in bed, staring at the roof, cuddled up with my cat. It wasn't totally dark as a little moonlight was streaming in. Then I noticed a small light spot on the roof, that started to expand until it was a bright yellow orb, that stayed a few moments and then faded away. My cat saw it too, she turned to look at me for reassurance, but I felt happy and peaceful. I said "hello Pa" and knew he had come to pay me that visit.

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Rajine (14 stories) (772 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-18)
Hi BiancaB

Condolences on the passing of your grandfather, losing a loved one is never easy but I believe that they are always around us and will give us little signs each time just to let us know that they are here.

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