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Entity Haunting Me And My Children


I have decided to post this story because I have a serious issue that my children and I have been experiencing and I'm out of options. I never have had anything like this happen before and I know absolutely nothing about the spirit world.

There is I guess a spirit who literally follows me around everywhere I go... It all started with music playing at night (music playing at night has been going on for quite some time but never thought anything about it) to movement on my bed like footsteps and touching my feet etc. To my blankets literally shaking in front of my face... (Lights coming on, door opening and closing on their own. I was able to catch the blankets moving on video and in the video you actually see faces forming in my blanket... Then to my shirt being what felt like tugged and so I got my phone and started recording that as well and you see my shirt like bunching up in the back and a face of a man forms on the back of my shirt. And now it feels as though this entity is or trying to have sex with me. I don't feel anything like sexual arousal yet it feels like something is pressing on my bladder then I felt that deep electric sensation on the back of my upper legs and bottom in a rhythmic motion. I jumped up, very upset at what I thought was happening left out of the room got about half way through my living room and then began to feel weighed down. It then dawned on me what was happening and I yelled out "you're not stronger than me" then it stopped.

I went back and reviewed the video and you see me get up and leave out the room and then you see a bright white ball like object come out from my bed and zoomed out of my room. I know how crazy this all sounds and I have prayed and asked it to leave. I have had our Bishop come in and do different blessings. I have talked to it about the light, about leaving my house about how he is scaring me and yet it does not leave. I don't sense it rather I feel a deep vibration that's feels like electricity, what I believe to be where he is touching me or sitting next to me or something. It tries to communicate back to me through fans and the radio (and sometimes I just hear a deep ringing in my ear) etc. But I won't listen to it any more... I did this trying to figure out what was going on initially and that's when things escalated so I stopped doing that.

I'm looking for someone who can maybe talk to this entity and see if we can't get it to leave or if there's more than one and if so all of them to leave... I feel like I'm going crazy and the only reason I don't go see a Dr is because I do have the videos that reminds me that there is something going on... It's not shy either he will do things in front of the kids, guests anyone! It feels like sometimes he is trying to possess me or like its sitting in my lap, when that happens I get very nauseated and agitated... This has been so scary for the kids that we packed up one night last week and went to a hotel and sure enough it come with me.

I'm just a normal mother of six, I am RN and have worked in the ICU for years nothing special, I don't use drugs or drink. I just cannot figure out what to do and it's so hard to find any help. I'm exhausted and my kids are constantly scared to go bed... It's just a nightmare. I can show you the videos the pictures anything you need to show you this is really going on and I do not mind paying for help I just do not know who to trust with this. I already paid one lady 100 dollars and she wasn't able to do anything but speak to what she called her own spirit guides.

I really am desperate for help at this point... I don't know anything about psychics and there's just no one else to call for help with something like this.

Please let me know if you think you can help me... Thank You in advance for your time.

Thanks for reading my story hopefully someone can help us!

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IHATEOHIO (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-20)
I would very much like to see this video. Would you minding sharing?
josh1226 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-23)
Really sorry for what's happening, but if you want to hire psychic get one that doesn't charge anything! A lot of psychics are fakes, the best ones don't charge money.
Stay strong and God bless you! ❤
Meeko (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-08)
A lot of people have already said it but I believe you are dealing with an "Incubus". See the movie "Paranormal Entity". Its about an Incubus that haunts a women. Also research Incubus... I did research on thm... Don't partially go for God. Go full force. Do not FEAR the entity and don't try to communicate with it. That opens the doors to it. They feed off of fear as well. I know it's easier said then done tho. But be strong. Pray every night for protection for God to protect you each and every night. Pray for God to cleanse your entire house. Grab your kids and pray for jesus christ to come into your house and cleanse you heart, mind, body, soul, children, your entire house, each and every room in your house... To deliver you from this evil spirit, this entity that stalks you and seeks to take you... Pray each and everyday, with all your heart.
Bibijustin (guest)
13 years ago (2011-10-03)
Mam, I feel sad for you and your family. I'm just a stranger to you but I could feel your pain and sorrow... If you are reading this please close your eyes and accept God truly exist, now I'll pray for you and your family... Dear God please bless this family, they are going through a hard times, let your angels guide them from the evil. Show them your love and mercy for they will know that you are loving and caring God, and I believe you'll help this family. Let the happiness return in their life. I pray this in the name of Jesus Amen.
Jitow (362 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-17)
Hi Miss, I am g;ad that you are turning back to God, He truly is the only One with dominion over these spirits. They are not human, so it is normal that as humans we have little useful advice, most of it speculation. Again, being close to God daily in a loving is the key. I am not downing the LDS but they do have some doctrine that can complicate the issues. Maybe try a non denominatioal Christian church that stick to non confrontational doctrine to work out your own faith with God the Father. Just a soggestion from someone who loves you as God commads us.
Scbsd (guest)
13 years ago (2011-07-22)
Static989, your information comes from wither a website or a book or a TV show. Whatever your source, it comes from myth, written by people who never actually experienced an encounter with an Incubus or a Succubus. There has to my knowledge never been a single case of a Human Being getting pregnant from an Incubus, or any other kind of Spirit (unless you count the Virgin Mary/Holy Spirit thing).

Misska, having thought about it, I believe that I was in error to comment on your story, since I have no experience with whatever this Being is that has been harassing you. I thought because of the sexual element that it might be an Incubus, but on further reflection, the fact that you feel no arousal when this thing attempts to have sex with you makes me think otherwise.

I have been in contact with quite a few women who have been in contact with an Incubus, and an equal amount of men who experience contact with the female version (Succubus), including myself, and one of the most striking and most constant aspects of contact with one of these Beings is a feeling of extreme arousal.

I do think that it would help if you try to pay as little attention as possible to this Being, but I was mistaken in saying that other methods of ridding yourself of its presence would not work.

I am sure that there is something that will work, and I think that you will know what to do. I wish you success.
static989 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-20)
you could be dealing with a incubus I did research and it says an incubus performs sexual intercourse with a woman in order to father a child and it usually performs this while the female is sleeping just a possibility
misskas6 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-19)
I just wanted to say something real quick! I have not read all the comments but I'm truly blown away with all the nice comments thus far and how many people responded and cared enough to put their thoughts down and advice. I think I have the solution based on the information I was given by some of you and my own personal feelings. Things have escalated more and I believe I know why. It was certainly not on purpose and once I get things back to normal for the sake of my children I want to share this experience with others and maybe help others so they don't make the same mistakes I have. I believe in God, we are of the LDS faith, but I will say we have not been as active in church as I would like to be but that's going to change because with this experience I have also a new understanding of God and I want to get know him better... I believe there is so much that I don't know and understand. For the people that are worried about my children, first let me say thank you! That was also my main concern, the three older ones are staying with friends as much as possible and the three younger ones are sleeping with their momma every night. They have been effected by this, they seem to be more open to it then I and that's good and bad... They're scared of course so until I get things back to normal I'm letting them go to friend's house where they can go and just enjoy themselves. The younger ones do not seem to notice anything and are happy and active per usual. I'm going to get a friend to help me with sharing the videos and pictures, I tried and I got an error message saying the video is too large but when I do get the videos up please forgive me in the video, I look like a mess and got very upset (freaking out and a few bad words) so let me apologize in advance... Please keep the prayers coming, I believe strength are in numbers and thank you for the prayers.
supernaturalservices (86 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-19)
I can help if you want. First I recommend saying prayers of protection before going to bed. Psalm 91 and 71 work well out of the king james version. I also recommend making manifestation difficult for the entity. One easy way to do this is sleep with a bowl of white vinegar mixed with sea salt in your room. When that substance evaporates in the air it makes it very difficult for them to manifest.

If you need more direct help than that pm me
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-19)
pure evil? Come on. It is nice of you to offer your advice here, but that comment immediately makes you sound a I guess you could say.
BooDoll (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-18)
hey I may know what seems to be the problem althought I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure your dealing with an Incubus (sex demon) they don't leave that easily and they are pure evil so don't trust them if your able to communicate. And for help I know a meduim but I'm not sure if she can help you would have to talk to her in person, so if your interested in me helping you reply back
Ps I'm not expecting anything in exchange I only look out for others especially if you have kids
dywongsty (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-18)
Hi, would you mind forwarding the video clips so that I can take a look? Thanks 😲
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-17)
hi there misskas6 this sounds awful a do hope you get the help you need as soon as possible.
There is some very good advice here and I would like to throw in my tiny bit too, when looking into getting a paranormal group or medium in to see if they can help please make sure you check there background first. These are people that might be able to help but their still stangers to you.

And if anyone askes for payment then forget them they are not going to help just rip you off.

Will say contact rookgin he has helpped a few on here before.
TanyaMarieRodgers (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-16)
hi Misskas6,

Reading your story I couldn't believe what was happening in your family home. I'm not a psychic nor a medium iam just a sensitive and I myself couldn't imagine how hard it must be. You need to seek perfesstional help from someone who knows what there doing and what there dealing with. You need a medium to come and clense your house it may or may not work but it wil help! I know there's a lot of fake mediums claiming to speak to the dead for money so do your research first. Go for mediums that you have heard of or you know of there work. Bringing cameras and recording equipmnt into your home is going to make things worse your going to provoke this what sounds like a demon but we'll say spirit, that for some reasons doesn't want you to leave them and there for follows you. A medium will be able to clense your house with sage and try guide the spirit into the light! Dont do this on your own you need someone that no's who or what they are dealing with! This spirit is to strong

I wish you the best luck,
Scbsd (guest)
13 years ago (2011-07-15)
misska, I wish I had something more substantial to offer you than to try to ignore it, but that's all I've got.

It's my belief that Beings from the other side of the Veil are attracted to us when we notice them, and when we notice them we attract their notice as well.

I too have heard voices in the sound of a fan, and I think that you taking notice of the things you heard have, as you noticed, allowed this Being to gain greater access to you.

I don't believe that any religious practice will help you. I believe that if you conduct any rituals to rid yourself of this thing it will only gain access to you by your focus on its existence. What I think you can do to reduce this Being's contact with you is to ignore it. Don't talk about it, if you hear a noise, don't pay attention to it, and don't mention any of its activities to your loved ones.

Act like nothing is happening.

I only have experience with one kind of otherworldly Being, but from what she has told me, they thrive and are irresistibly attracted to us Humans paying attention to them.

I don't have anything to offer you in the way of advice than this, but it might work. Deny this being the flavor of your notice, and maybe he might leave.

I wish you success.
jzinck (4 stories) (54 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-15)
Hey. It took me a few days to click on this story because I knew it would scare me knowing there are children involved. If you are religious please rely on your faith to help you out first anf for most. If not then I believe this thing may be around for a long time. You mentioned bringing a Bishop into your home so the thought of a higher power than our own must exist in your world. Believe it to your fullest power and surround yourself with people and things who will bring a positive energy. Storys like these always scare me because with an energy this strong I believe could turn into something more than just a haunting. Maybe a possible posession and with kids in the home it makes me very fearful. We can give you all the advice and suggestions in the world but you yourself will know the best route to take. Confide in a priest! And don't read into everything you hear. With continuous help from a man/woman of true faith I believe god willing you will be safe! Much respect for your story! And good luck
abc (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-15)
Poor you and your kids. I feel horrible when kids are haunted. 😭
Paranormalmccutie (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-15)
You said you worked in the icu, maybe one of the patients became sexually attracted to you and now his spirit is following you? My best guess would be to ask a priest to bless your house.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-15)

I am not sure I understand how a Blessing on an home can 'leave' when the person who preformed it leaves.

The person did not bless themselves, but a place and that blessing will remain in place as long as the individuals that reside there 'hold faith' in the blessing. In this case the O/P may not be a 'Church goer' and may even be a non-believer...but this would effect how long the blessing is able to 'keep things out' and not cause it to instantly 'vanish' when the person who preformed it leaves the home.

Unless the person who preformed the Blessing has question about their own Faith... But that is a whole different kettle of fish... 😉


zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-07-14)
"This site offers discussions on the topic of ghost experiences, with people coming from various cultures, so please avoid proselytizing or preaching, unless the author of a story specifically asks to receive feedback from that religious perspective. This site is not about religious beliefs, it is about actual personal paranormal experiences and exploring reality with an open and investigative mind so we can actually learn more about the paranormal, with the same empirical mind set that made science so successful in other fields. Religions have a lot of wisdom to offer in terms of personal spirituality, but they can also limit our knowledge of the world with old superstitions and unproven dogmas. It's fine to share what your religion has to offer as a possible explanation, but everyone has their own, they certainly don't come here to be converted, so please, don't push it on others as irrefutable fact."

From the "Comments Guidelines" at the bottom of the page...Jus' sayin'...Again 😐

This comment from Jitow is hidden due to low rating. Show comment

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-14)

I have read your experience (experiences) and as I read I was going to say that it may be a loved one (family member) that had passed away... Had crossed over... And was choosing to return, and what it was doing was just to let you know they were 'around'. That all changes when I read...

"And now it feels as though this entity is or trying to have sex with me."

A loved one who's passed would not do this.

I post this as an offer of help, please check my profile and if you are comfortable with what you see there then post here or e-mail me via my addie (on my profile) and let me know if you think I can help. I need your permission before I will do 'anything' and that is all I will ask of you... Your permission. I do not want, nor ask for anything in return except thanks if I am able to aid you. Well that and I would prefer to post our 'experience' here in the comments section so that others may benefit from whatever happens. If you prefer privacy that's fine as well, the choice is yours.

I live in the Austin Texas area so I'm even local (kinda). 😁


redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-13)
wow he came with you. Then that means he doesn't want you out of the house. This one really likes you. I think you need to go see a medium or a psycic. I would be very curious as to what they say.
aiafaith1 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-07-13)
So sorry that this horrible entity is bothering you and your family. I'm surprised that it hasn't left even though you've done a lot to get rid of it. It's good that you told it that you're stronger. Never let it think that it can have control over you. You ARE the stronger one. Like the others have mentioned, try to get some paranormal investigators in your house. Maybe that will help. God bless you.

AF1 ❤
Vincent (10 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-13)
Hey again,

All of the comments since mine have pretty much been spot on, especially about paying for help.
Paying for help, with something this serious, is wrong and likely a scam like someone said below. True help is offered for the "right" reasons, not for cash, and it generally does help you, not waste your time and money.

Enough chattering about that, anyway. I look forward to your reply, and I'll keep checking back until then~

Take care~
BadJuuJuu (guest)
13 years ago (2011-07-12)
I don't know what part of Texas you are in, but San Antonio Ghost Hunters ( looks like a good group. They are a part of the TAPS family so I would definitely give them a try. Even if you aren't close them, they should be able to come to you or refer you to a good team closer to your home.
Ninjasaurus (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-12)
Would you mind providing the video you were talking about in your story?
jesuis88 (1 stories) (23 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-12)
I can't agree more with Vincent. Definitely seek some outside help, if even just to vent and share. This seems to me it could be an incubus/succubus since you mention that it tried to have sex with you.

I have a few questions and your answers will only help us understand more. About when did this start? To most people, paranormal activities usually start after a clear, definitive change, such as moving houses or a death/accident. Have your kids ever experienced anything? You say the spirit follows you around, but does it follow you only in your house, or outside of your home too?

Lastly, sorry to say, but I believed you got scammed by the lady who you paid $100. There are many paranormal groups in most states who will come do investigations for free. Simply do a google search for "[your state]" and "paranormal investigation".

Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope you find some help. Please keep us updated.
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-12)
It seems that prayer isn't really working for you. I'm sorry you're going through such a hard time. People will tell you that there are certain rituals to perform, such as sage burning and stuff. What really concerns me, though, is that you are paying people to try to get rid of this entity. If someone really wanted to help you, they wouldn't charge a dime. That's how I gauge the genuine nature of spiritualists and ghost hunters; by their willingness to charge. I'm sure you can find a group or person out there that can come into your house and give you the right advice. From what I've seen and read about, the Catholic way is a good way to start, though it isn't the only way. I bet some people on this site will offer healthy advice. I just want to say, I'm glad you jump out of bed when it tries to have sex with you. You are not allowing it to overpower you in that way. Just stay strong, look for true help, listen to some of the people on this site. Some people are plagued with such things. I know it's really hard, but you have to keep standing up for yourself.
luckkyme (6 stories) (63 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-12)
Hello MissKas, I don't have much experiance with the paranormal, but after I read your story a thought occured to me. You said you've tried having a bishop come and perform blessings and you've tried talking to it about going into the light? My thought was what if you continued to have the bishop or a preist come and perform blessings a few times? Or learn how to do them yourself, and do them when your scared, and put sage in your room.

My thought was that maybe each time a blessing is performed the spirit is weakened a little bit more? Again, it's just a thought I had and I could be completely wrong but I thought I would share it with you. Good luck to you and your family.

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