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The Entity Recurs


This is the incident, which occurred during the duration when I was sick. So as I was diseased after that nightmare and had just recovered from it, so my Aai (mother) decided to send me to my granny's house. So I was there during this second event which took place.

Let's give you guys some idea about that previous rented house as I haven't given a proper description of that house. It was basically a two storey house. And at the basement area was for stairs, all the rooms were on upper side. Of the house as we go upside the first room which you would encounter will be hall, just beside the hall there is a corridor and at the end of the corridor on left turn was our room where all this creepy events took place, and it's just right hand side was balcony. Which faced our angan where the holy audumbar tree was placed. And connected to our room was my aunt's room. As we were a joint family and my granny and grandpa use to live in the hall. And at the top of the house was the terrace. Well sorry I should have described it in my previous post.

While I was my granny's (nani) house, my friend which I used to visit let's name him V, came to see me as how was my condition. Well I have informed him everything about this incident so he knew about that entity. I haven't told him that I was at my granny's house so to look is everything alright, he came to my house. As it was something 7pm of the eve as V was shouting my name. And calling me down side of the house as he was really frightened to enter the house. As I have narrated him that incident. As he was calling me he saw upside on my terrace.

It was pitch dark some one was standing near the balcony of the terrace as that entity resembled the same appearance as me. And that entity began to show hand signs of calling V up as V was about to enter the house suddenly my aunt came into front gallery which is downside the terrace. She told V that I am not at home and that entity which was on terrace had stop calling V, as it was dark and the entities face wasn't visible it was appearing that entity was just looking at V and he really felt a strong negative vibe in that glare. Chills ran down V's spine as he just began to run towards his house. And he just never turned back.

I myself was really terrified after hearing this incident. Our houses were near to each other, as we can see both of our respective houses right in front of each other when seen from our respective terraces. He was so frightened that he avoided even visiting his own terrace. So that was it for this incident. After that we never saw that entity nor

did I experience anything more.

May be she has gone. Maybe she had something to say which we weren't able to figure out. It seems this thing will really be a mystery for rest of my life. And don't know why I think with the course of time I have lessened my psychic ability too.

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Amchi1986 (18 stories) (71 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-26)
i think that it was an evil and harmful spirit... Thankfully your friend was saved from it, thanks to god. And yes I agree with rajine, you should enquire about that place and it's surroundings and know the history of that place or even call a priest and conduct a sacred ceremony by pleasing the god to remove any negative energy from your home, least this evil thing harms others from your family or even your friends in future. Take care. May god be with you and your closed ones always
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
3 years ago (2021-12-11)
Hello Teomniscient,

You say, 'It was pitch dark some one was standing near the balcony of the terrace as that entity resembled the same appearance as me.' Members here may ask how could V see that the entity resembled you if it was pitch black? I was about to ask that but then I realised that the streets have street lanterns Infront of the houses and perhaps that why V was able to see the entity.

Anyway, all that aside, your post was similar to some I've read here and there online. I've also read how fevers and illness occur shortly after sightings. (Usually in Asia) Did your fever last a while? Hopefully you're better now.

It's hard to say if this occurrence has ceased or not. I know you are being optimistic thinking will never happen again, I'm crossing my fingers for you.

Thank you for sharing this experience. Please keep us updated if anything else occurs.
Theomniscient (3 stories) (7 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-12)
Well we haven't shared this incident with our family members and I think that's something was just related to that place. Hope that entities soul rest in peace ✌️
Rajine (14 stories) (827 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-12)
Hi again Theomniscient

Did you or your friend talk to anyone else about this, maybe family members, I'm sure they would know more about it, perhaps whatever it was could have been attached to the house, maybe find out more on the history of the place, hopefully that should give you a answer.

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