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It was May of '09. My grandmother has diabetes and her blood sugar went so high, she went into shock. The night she went into the hospital, my mother, my brother and our dog stayed in the house. That night we heard voices. Like clear talking and walking right outside the door. We were all in mom's room. It was so clear, and we all three heard it! So it wasn't our imaginations! We also heard a car door shut. And mom went out to see who it was and she saw nothing and we don't have many neighbors. It freaked me out. My mom had a ghost who lived here a long time ago, but that followed my mom to her friends mom house. So that's my story. And ever since this experience I haven't experienced anything else. But I think my mom had.

One time at my Nana's house (nana and grandma are different people) I was brushing my teeth and I heard dog foot steps and my nana doesn't have a dog! Her house had always creeped me out! Especially with her pictures on the wall. I always had a bad vibe in her guest bedroom, but I haven't ever experienced anything since the dog.

I never experienced anything with mirrors but always afraid of them and experiencing something with them, I hope I don't ever see a ghost, but I live in woods and afraid I will look out my bedroom window and see a white glow.

There is a lot of things I'm afraid of. Do you think bloody mary is real? Or the boogey man? Or candy man? These are some things I wouldn't mess with! It freaks me out to read about this but so addicting. Ha. I still have many years and many houses to go but I hope I don't experience ghosts ever again!

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MissyM (2 stories) (152 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-25)
oops spelling error!... Creature not Creator!...
MissyM (2 stories) (152 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-25)
I'm scared of mirrors too... Ie... Like when I wake up in the morning and look into my bathroom mirror (or any mirror after I wake up) the reflection I get is appalling. It's the scariest creature thing ever with messy hair, no make-up, and puffy sleep dust eyes. Lol 😆 Crazy morning mirrors never doing me any justice... Lol 😜 Oh and sometimes I get attacked by another mirror creator in shopping malls while trying on swim suits only this creator looks mis-shapen and unflattering with every suit I try on... Loll stupid mirrors! Lmao
PrettyInPain (3 stories) (153 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-24)

I think the O/P meant that she has not experienced anything with mirrors, but has always been afraid of mirrors and additionally has been afraid of having a bad experience with mirrors.
baensidhe (guest)
12 years ago (2011-08-24)
"I never experienced anything with mirrors but always afraid of them and experiencing something with them,"
I have no idea what you are saying here. Could you clarify? Have you had experiences with mirrors, or not?
MissyM (2 stories) (152 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-24)
Bloody Mary is a ghost or witch featured in English folklore. She is said to appear in a mirror when her name is called three times or sometimes more while in a dark room, depending upon the version of the story, often as part of a game or dare. Folklore - Not Real

The bogeyman (also spelled bogieman, boogeyman or boogieman) is an amorphous imaginary being used by adults to frighten children into behaving. - Not Real

Candyman is a 1992 horror film starring Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd and Xander Berkeley. It was directed by Bernard Rose and is based on the short story "The Forbidden" by Clive Barker, though the film's scenario is switched from England to Chicago. The film was scored by Philip Glass. The film was met with critical acclaim and was a box office success. Candyman is the first film in a trilogy which includes Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman 3: Day of the Dead. - Not Real
red00292000 (2 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-24)
I think if it's not only you who experienced something weird from your house, then I guess there is really something there... But dogs are great protector, they said animals could easily sense if anything unfamiliar is in your house. Keep your dog next to you bed... It might help you 😁
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-22)
aurora has your nana ever had a dog?
As for the other things well nothing to worry about honestly.
Candy man is a movie.
Boogy man is a story to keep kids in there beds.
Bloody mary is a urban legend.
All 3 are fake and there just to frighten people.
When I was a kid my mum used to tell us about the
"9 oclock horses" she would say that naught boys (there were 6 boys in my family) who were still awake at 9pm would be taken away by the 9 oclock horses.

Of course being kids we trusted mum and were asleep by 9pm
Until one summers night it was hot and I could not sleep, 9pm was comming round fast...
And passed with nothing happening.
The 9 oclock horses were our boogy man.
All the best
zeldaxlove64 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-08-22)
Wow...I mean... That wouldn't be as scary if you weren't afraid. 😢 But just believe that they can't hurt you. Come on now. Boogey Man. Bloody Mary. Gosh even Candy Man? Those are just Urban Legends so no one really knows if they ARE Real...

Sorry... This may be Some bad advice! 😊
hippiechick83 (5 stories) (112 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-22)
I have to concur with bacchaegrl and DeviousAngel... Sometimes your imagination can run wild and make you jump at every little thing that goes bump in the night. It doesn't necessarily mean it's paranormal. A lot of weird phenomena can be explained scientifically. I did Bloody Mary as a kid and swore my reflection in the mirror changed. There is a thing called matrixing that happens when your eyes play tricks on you which I didn't know about at 12 or 13 years old, but once I learned about it, I'm positive it wasn't a ghost that I saw in the mirror. Matrixing happens when your brain tries to make sense of what you're looking at by using familiar "memories" that's already stored in your brain. That's why people see smiley faces in the weirdest things or Jesus in a tortilla. 😆
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-22)
I agree with bacchaegirl. And what exactly do dog footsteps sound like? Usually when you hear a dog you know it is one because you hear panting, a collar rattle, etc. Something other than just steps. I think you are just paranoid.
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-22)
I think you'll be okay. Why do you think you'll see a white glow in your mirror if you've never seen anything like that before? Are you basing this off of something someone told you? I think these fictional characters can become a reality of you go out of your way to envoke something that you shouldn't. As long as you don't call upon the other side, or play those silly ghost provoking games, you really should be okay.
p-a-s-d-e-c-h-e-v-a-l (22 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-22)
I'm on the exact same boat as you, about being scared of paranormal encounters, only to be still interested by the supernatural nature. Personally, I believe that bloody Mary is a true story, however, the bogey man and candy man were made up to scare little children. I gathered here thou shalt not show fear, as entities are fuelled by fear and other related emotions.

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