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My Aunt's Ghost


I am going to tell you happened to me when I was around 10 or 11. I am much older then that now. To give you some back story, this happened at my aunt and uncles house. We loved going there since our cousins were similar in age to us.

My younger sister and I were playing original Nintendo with my cousin in her room with all the lights and sound off. She had one of those talking troll dolls in the corner that used to light up and really say a few phrases in this muffled squeaky voice if you squeezed it; 90's technology wasn't that great when it came to talking dolls.

The doll was on the other side of the room and the three of us were curled up together at the end of her bed. Then the troll lit up and started talking in a mans deep voice, clear, like he was standing in the room. "Who's there? Who are you?" then just started laughing. Needless to say we screamed and ran down the stairs. You could still hear the troll doll laughing as we ran away.

After that happened my aunt started to tell us how she sees a man often. He is usually in the living room (the room right under my cousins bedroom). She said she talks to him about her problems and her life but he has never said anything back. She said if he ever did she would be out of the house so fast!

I also used to get these vivid dreams when I slept there of their bathroom. I would be in their bathtub filled with warm water and I would then slit my wrists and watch the tub fill up with blood. I would actually see myself doing this like I was floating and couldn't stop it. I could feel the wounds that didn't hurt but could feel the water in them and the steam of the bath. Although I was never really scared in those dreams. I would have that lucid dream for years until they moved.

They also had a 5 point star spray-painted on their basement wall which is concrete. The star was usually seen on the back wall behind the stairs. Except when you would find the star on a different wall or just not there at all. Which isn't possible since its painted on the wall.

There were other things like voices, or feeling watched, or glasses breaking. But those didn't stay with me as much since I would shrug them off.

So I don't have a long story about one particular encounter since I would run away if one presented itself. I don't feel the ghost was mean just enjoyed scaring us a little for fun.

Thank you

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Nicole141983 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-27)

Yea that is probably a good explanation to the troll doll. Try explaining that to 10 year old me? That house was very eerie and weird. Good thing I never felt threatened just terrified of something unexplainable.


Thanks for reading. If it was a ghost he was just trying to get a rise out of us. Who wouldn't want to make three girls run screaming out of a room.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-02)
Welcome to YGS Nicole141983, and thank you for sharing.
I have another possible explanation for the Troll Doll incident. You had stated:
"She had one of those talking troll dolls in the corner that used to light up and really say a few phrases in this muffled squeaky voice"
I'm assuming by your use of the past tense when speaking of the doll that it was no longer working as well as it had when new. And going by the fact that it was able to light up previously, I have to believe the doll was equipped with batteries. As with so many other battery operated toys, eventually the batteries die out. Not realizing the batteries could/should be replaced, the toy is now just thought to have worn out. BUT, sometimes there will be a small, weak surge from the batteries. Not much, just a weak push of sorts. That would cause the voice to be slowed down far enough to give it a male tenor and spooky laugh.

However, that does not explain the painted star on the wall being able to reposition itself at will. That's too freaky! 😲
The atmosphere of the house does sound somewhat oppressive though. Especially if you were experiencing vivid/lucid dreams only while sleeping there and not anywhere else.

Good and scary, just like I like 'em!

Jav 😊
stephyw2001 (guest)
11 years ago (2011-09-02)
hahaha 😆 I agree with you, Nichole. I think he was having a little fun at your expense. I mean, if I had to sit around and listen to a lady tell me all about her problems, I'd probably scare her friends and family too. (Hense why he laughed). 😜
That's weird about the painted star though. Hmmmm. 😕

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