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All The Events In My Aunts House


So, I have submitted one occasion of my own personal experience in my Aunt's house (It's called ''The door in my Cousin's room''.

My aunt lived in Stevenage in the Uk in England.

We don't know the history of the house, apart from later we found out an elderly man had died there (though how true that is I don't know).

But there was always something off with that house (and the other one she had in Stevenage). It wasn't obvious at first, but after I had the door open on me, I knew there was something in the house. We all knew it. As I said, my aunty didn't believe me until the door shut on my dad (Warren's) face on a different occasion.

The layout of the house was we always used the back gate, and you go in the back door, to the left was the front room, to the right was a connected room (like an office, and it always smelt of clove oil), then the kitchen was to the left of that room and then it went like a goldfish bowl (a circle). The hallway was as you walk through the back door and the front door was opposite with the stairs to the right and further up by the front door was the toilet on the right. I hope I explained that well?

So, one night me and my aunt were sleeping in the office room (the one that always smelt of clove oil) and the bed was facing the same direction as the front door (the kitchen was to our right and the front room door was behind us, though there were no doors). Me and Aunty C (my only Aunt) were talking before bed, and we were just laying there, then at the end of the kitchen (the doorframe linked to the hallway) - all I can describe what I saw was like there was an invisible line in the doorframe (the one at the end as you leave the kitchen into the hallway) and I saw a white skinned man in a black suit (looked like men in black). He just stepped/walked past and vanished as he passed the invisible vertical line in the middle of the doorframe. I jumped and asked Aunty C if she saw it and she said no.

Other things that happened (not to me directly) were:

Me and my only Cousin were playing PS1 in the front room and Nan come running in from the kitchen asking if my Cousin had been in there, or if I had - we hadn't. She thought we were winding her up and was quizzing us, we asked why and she said she felt something like a hand touch her shoulder...

I wasn't there this time I don't think, but Nan had locked the dogs (Max + Shady) upstairs in Aunty C's room (don't ask me why, I don't know? Maybe they were getting under her feet?) and just as Aunty C walked in, the dogs came downstairs, Nan asked Aunty C and Aunty was protesting saying ''how could I? I've just walked in?!'' Nan was baffled and continued to argue with Aunty even though it was not possible. And I will add that the handles were stiff gold ones and the dogs never jumped up.

Nan saw blue smoke from behind the TV in the front room one night.

Me, Aunty C and my Cousin would play monopoly in his room sometimes, I had my back to the door and the door would open by itself (this happened a few times). And I think this occasion was in the other house in Stevenage.

My nan heard whispering or felt things behind her in the kitchen whilst she was cooking for me and my Cousin.

And as mentioned before, Warren had one of the bedroom doors slam in his face.

That's all I can think of for now... Though I'm sure my Aunty has a few stories, I will add them if there is any more too add anyways.

Thanks for reading:)

My Aunt is has been to two places since then, and she has had things happen in both, and in her current house, that's for another post.

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silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-09)
I am particularly interested in the man in black sighting. Do you have anything more to add to that incident?
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-05)
Hi SolitudeBluebell,
Who was it that told your family that an elderly man had perhaps died in the house?
Maybe you could look up previous owners of the property. I have lately been doing that same thing for my own house. Another member of this site suggested I go to the library. I have had a number of questions answered by doing so.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤

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