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My Mother's Hometown 2: My Mother And My Aunt


This is the story of my mother and my aunt pertaining to the incident of a big black dog when they were young. My mother was the eldest of 10 children of my grandparents. Let's call my mom A and my aunt B because she was the second in the 10 siblings.

My grandmother at mother side was a boiled peanut vendor at that time. My grandfather was a farmer and one of his crops was peanuts. They used to wake up early dawn to prepare. Washed peanuts, put fire on wood stove and boiled the peanuts.

One time, A and B were instructed to do the preparation because my grandmother was not feeling well at that time. A and B were the eldest so they needed to follow even though they were scared because it was dark outside. That time electricity hadn't reached their area so they were using lamp.

The old house of my grandparents had two balcony, one was at the front used for receiving area if there's a visitor and the other one at the back as their way to the water pump, bathroom and toilet. The old house was a huge nipa hut and no cover of the basement. The bathroom and toilet were located at the opposite of the second balcony so when you get down from the balcony, you can walked straight to the bathroom. At the back of the bathroom had trees few steps from it. There were bamboo, star apple tree, mango tree and I don't know the other one. They have dogs that time but I don't know if how many.

B was at the balcony at the back holding the lamp to light A. A was at the water pump and she was washing the peanut to get rid of some soil from the fresh harvest. A was sitting beside the pump holding the big pot used for boiling peanuts. Then suddenly their dogs were barking at the back part of the bathroom. A stopped what she was doing and B tried to move her hand with the lamp to reached the light to where their dogs barking were at. Then suddenly a big black dog showed up. They could tell that it was like a wolf in a movie with height like a near adult horse. The dog had red eyes glowing in the dark.

A and B freaked out and shouted to my grandparents for help. Because of fear, A didn't stand and didn't moved an inch so the dog can't recognized her. Because of the help of their dogs by barking, the big dog was busy dealing with them and A was ignored by the big dog. To avoid encountering the barking dogs, the big dog jumped over A and landed between the stairs of the balcony and the bathroom and ran to the right side of the bathroom straight to the corn fields. Their dogs followed the big dog but they stop at the right side of the bathroom and they were still barking.

My grandfather then shown with his bolo and ran to where their dogs were barking at, but the entity had no trace at all. He tried to look at the back of the bathroom and walked until he reached the mango tree but he saw nothing. And when he returned, A and B told to him what they saw so my grandfather decided to watch over them.

Thanks for reading.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-01)
Correction, I mean "How tall was the corn?" instead of "How told was the corn?"
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-01)
No offence intended but, what makes you think that this wasn't a real dog?

To begin with, I would like to ask what kind of horse are you talking about. There's a big height difference between a miniature horse and a Clydesdale. Add to that the fact that your mother was seating and that would have made the dog look taller.

The red glowing eyes? Let's not forget that B was holding a lantern and the redness might have been the dog's eyes reflecting the light.

What you describe in your narrative seems to me just a case of the family dogs protecting their turf from a canine stranger that, though large in size, was acting like a sissy or like a dog trying to avoid the larger pack. Perhaps some irresponsible owner abandoned the poor thing on the street after realizing that it wasn't easy to take care of such a large animal.

" landed between the stairs of the balcony and the bathroom and ran to the right side of the bathroom straight to the corn fields."

How told was the corn? Was it tall and close enough as to cover the dog in the dark?

This is just my opinion but, I think calling the dog an "entity" is too premature giving the fact that no one tried to look for any logical explanation/s to the events.

Please do not take it the wrong way and I apologize beforehand if my comments on your stories always seem to be critical. I understand if you want to share in this forum any and all of the 'unexplained' events 'experienced' by you and your family members but I feel my moral duty to suggest for you to think about the contents of your submissions before posting them.
I'm not implying nor saying that your stories are made up but, for the most part, they lack the details as to consider them paranormal, to the point that I wonder if you and your family have subjected yourselves to a lifetime of apprehension instead of daring to find any mundane explanations to the experiences you have shared.

I guess I could stop reading and commenting on your stories but, in my opinion, there's always something to learn from other people's experience.

I hope that, if there are more "My Mother's Hometown (3,4,5,6,7,8,9): My mother and sibling C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J", stories to these series, any future narrative is better organized.

Thanks for bearing with me.

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