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A Shadow Visitor


A few years after my experience with my Nan (as explained in my previous story) I was standing behind the counter of the clothing store where I used to work when I was 19. I was talking to one of my co-workers about how my Grandpa (my father's, father) had passed that week. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer months before and had the cancer in question removed but unfortunately it grew back and spread throughout his body. Unlike when my Nan died, I coped very well in this situation. I was very lucky to have the chance to accept the inevitable and grieve him before he passed. Highly medicated for the pain, he slowly deteriorated over three or so weeks. Over this time I took the opportunity to sit with him and talk to him, as he grew more and more frail. He was so calm it amazed me and never once lost his sense of humour, even when he lost majority of his sight. In the end, he died peacefully in his sleep.

I remember telling her that since his funeral, I still felt my grandpa hanging around - like I was going to see him walk around the corner of the shopping centre where I worked (and where he used to shop every Thursday) and how I'd get shivers and goosebumps all over my body for no reason. As I was talking to her the shivers started again, shooting up my arms and neck. It was then that I noticed out of the corner of my left eye, an oval shaped shadow about two feet from where I was standing. It was dark but slightly see-through, had a rough outline, a little peaked at the top and didn't touch the floor. I wasn't afraid of what I saw but I also didn't want to turn and face the shadow, as I was scared it would disappear. I admit now that I felt a strange connection to it. Mid conversation, I told my workmate what I saw next to me and she was a little scared at first but then we continued talking. As we continued our conversation the shadow remained next to me for around a minute before vanishing. I can't be certain, but judging from how calm I felt in its presence, I can only assume that it was my grandpa.

Note: I would also like to add that the ceiling of this store was covered in halogen lights and the area behind the shadow was full of pastel coloured sleepwear (pastel scares me more than anything!) so it was not an ideal condition for a shadow of any sort to appear.

But what does everyone else think?

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