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The Abandoned Bungalow


It was the end of the year of 1966. My family was moved to a village like place, just 50km away from Calcutta, after retirement of my father. The place is called as Lalnagar. It was not so crowd area, but all lifestyle facilities were available there.

We hired a bungalow which was 2 minutes to go by walk from the main road. An abandoned bungalow was also there just beside of our bungalow. Nobody lived there and we heard from our landlord that bungalow has been abandoned during past 20 Years. Nobody does not care it. It was 2 storied, a wide area garden that was then filled with bushes and rubbishes. All the doors and windows were locked from outside.

From first day it caused an uncanny feeling and uncomfortableness of my mother, that such kind of abandoned bungalow located at just beside of our house. But on the other sides, no more houses, because that the area is not very crowd. We were spending our first two days very nicely in our new home, but sometimes I had been seeing that my elder brother's face very serious, it seemed to me that he was thinking something very seriously, firstly I thought that he was thinking something about his studies and coming exam. But one day it's proved a great mistake for me. After 1 week he asked me a very peculiar question "Kamala, have you seen someone in that closed house?"

I didn't understand the question at first. I told him-"which house? About which you are talking?"

He said- that house which is just beside our house

I astonished to hear this and said no, I did not. But that house has long been abandoned, whom you have seen there?

He said "But I think someone still been living there, coz, during last week every afternoon I had been seeing an unknown woman with red sari was standing in front of the closed window and weeping, staring at me. It seemed to me that she wants to say something to me. But at night I couldn't see anything, but you know my study room is just beside of that house's window, so every night I heard an weeping sound of an woman that disturbs to my attention in studies. So, I'm very disturbed and I'm thinking that I would now change my study room."

To hear this from my brother I really very shocked and astonished and rushed to the window, tried to see something inside through the closed window of that house, but I couldn't see anything at first, but after long effort I heard a low noisy weeping sound of a woman. There were no houses here and there except our house and that abandoned house, but who's weeping then? And it clearly seemed that the sound was coming from the deserted house. Then I complained to my parents about this, but they laughed and said that it's result of our mind disturbances. I also left this case.

But one night a serious accident occurred in our house. That was Saturday night, new moon. Moreover drizzling too. I was sleeping in my bedroom alone, my brother was in his study room, where he used to sleep from first day and my parents were in another room. Suddenly I woke up with a weeping sound, in female voice, it seemed to me that any female is weeping in this house, yes inside of our house. I left my bedroom to investigate it and after sometimes I understood that the sound is coming from my brother's study room. Slowly slowly I entered there and saw that my brother sat on his bed and weeping by covering his face with his hands so I couldn't see his face. I was wondered that my brother is weeping but how his voice turned into a female voice?" I asked him- What happened?

But he didn't reply even he didn't looked at me. I thought that he couldn't listen me. So I neared to him and asked the same question, and also put down my hand on his shoulder. In this suddenly he looked at me and seeing his face I screamed so loudly that made my parents to wake up. I saw that my brother's whole face is pale just like a dead man, his eyes turned into red. Suddenly he started to laugh wildly at me in woman voice and got down of the bed and was coming towards me. I cried at that time again and I don't know until now that what might be happen at that time if my parents had not been present there. As they caught him tightly, my brother fainted.

He had fever for next two days and sometimes he cried that -I will not forgive you, I will not forgive you, you have burnt me, I will kill you, I will kill you. Surprisingly his voice was almost just like a woman.

All treatments were failed, perhaps he might be dead but as we had given him a holy tabiz by the name of Hanuman (Hindu god), at that time he became normal. Completely normal. In this case we were astonished again and understood the cause of the whole matter.

After his cured we left the place and hired a flat in Calcutta. But the incident will still remain in our memory until our death.

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kamala662001 (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-15)
No sanjeevgeorge, we really had no intention to verify about that. We really got very upset and that time we had only intention to save our family as soon as possible.So,we needed to leave the place, as soon as possible. That area was not crowd, so nobody asked us the reason for leaving the house, even our landlord,too.
sanjeevgeorge (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-26)
Hmmm...didnt you find out who that lady was and what EXACTLY happened in that house?
kamala662001 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-12)
Yes, I agree with you all, but in that incident we were terrible upset and seeking for any good residence in another place. We just discussed about the possible matter, later.
Sidharth_XX (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-09)
Hmm a Horrifying Story! But I think You should've Inquired some about the place... I mean About the women and the house... But Neverthless it was a nice story! 🤔
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-27)
First of all, thank you Javelina, for have such faith in me, but I do sometimes make mistakes and like others here, I'm still learning a lot about the paranormal.

Secondly, I may lose some karma points here because some people may not agree with me. But I think your brother should have worn the tabiz, even if he didn't believe in it. The reason I'm saying this is because when it comes to religion, it's not cut in stone; many people interpret differently. Before this incident your brother may have not believed in God or ghost/spirits/demons but even if he didn't believe, he should have put the tabiz on to please the rest of the family (again, he didn't have to believe in it). Even though, I was born as a Hindu, I believe in spiritualism but at the same time I respect my mother wishes and believes. If she thinks that doing a pooja (blessing) in her methods will keep the bad away, then I will do it for her. With that being said, I don't know if it's the love for mother or it's the faith speaking. Again, I don't mean to offend anyone but if I did I'm really sorry. I'm just stating what I believe would have happened if your brother had put on the tabiz.
kamala662001 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-27)
Yes, MissyM, my parents did see the same as I saw to my brother and when they hold him tightly they told me later my brother had so strength in his body, it seemed just like demon.
kamala662001 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-27)
in response of Geetha's askings, I'll say at frst that we did worship when we moved to that bungalow, and the haunted bungalow was just beside of our house. There had been no evils in our house, only at that house which was just beside of our bungalow. Each of us usually worship our god in new home and each of us had tabiz by the name of god, except my brother, because he had no believe in god or ghost/spirits. It's all ridiculous to him. He was so courageous boy. I think after hearing the weeping sound my brother went to the window and saw the woman and got possessed. Anyway after the incident we did worship again and left the house and had no intention to verify anything. We then moved to Calcutta within few days as soon as possible, though we never faced any uncanny incident again in those few days, but my parents didn't agree to stay still there anyhow. Till now my brother has the Tabiz, he's too older now, but still he has that tabiz, he is now great believer of god. But Geetha is right that we thought also that may be any woman have been burnt to death there.
And the main point that I'm mentioning here that landlord didn't know anything. He got the possession of the house from previous landlord.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-26)
I'm very interested in hearing the answers to the questions Geetha has posed. Her advice has always been sound and very sensible. I am going to follow her lead here. Missy also.
This sounds like a frightening experience for anyone to have gone through. I'll be waiting to hear your replies to what Geetha has asked.
Thank you for sharing.

geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-26)
Did you parents put the tabiz on your brother or did a priest come to do that? Was there a poojas done or did your brother just get better getting the tabiz?

The way your brother was screaming those things, I think the spirit might have been burnt to death in the house. But were you able to investigate about what happened in that house?

Like MissyM asked, what did your parents see when they caught your brother? Also, what did they say about this incident? As a Hindu, we always bless the house we are about to move into (even if it's a rental), did your family do that?

You also mentioned that the landlord was the one who told you that the house was abandoned for some 20 years, did you get more information from him or from people in the area? You mentioned that although there were no neighbours to the either side of you, the area that you and your family lived in was like a small village. Last time, I checked, many of these villagers would have knowledge of the history of their area, including an abandoned house. Were you able to ask these people? Many of the older generation people should have known what happened in that house.
MissyM (2 stories) (152 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-26)
When you mentioned that your brother was weeping in his hands and you couldn't see his face but it sounded like the elderly women I knew when he looked up his face would be like the women's or not right. Like a movie I saw it coming and like a movie I still got scared even though I saw it coming... Lol

Quick question... When your parents came into the room after you screamed and your brother was coming at you did they see the same thing that you did?
ngute80 (220 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-25)
I always enjoy reading stories from India. They always fascinate me. Thank you for sharing.
Mountaineer (4 stories) (176 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-25)
At first I thought you were making a good effort with the English, considering where you're from. Then that "coz" in the middle of the story threw me. You don't quite grasp English grammar yet, but are using English text talk? Just makes me a little suspicious.

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