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Haunting Sounds. True Rumors?


This Story didn't actually happen to me personally, it really happened to my mother. It happened when my mother was in her 20's and she had gone to stay with her father and step-mother for a few days to celebrate their moving into their new house. The house itself was a simple terrace house it wasn't too big, nor was it too small. The house itself was situated in the older industrial areas of London, and was at least built in the Victorian era.

On its own the house itself wasn't very special but according to the local rumours it was said that the whole area had been built on the site of a mass grave from the time of the great plague. People also said that later on, there was a church built there, that had fallen to ruin when a elderly monk, who was 'allegedly' practicing witchcraft to raise the dead bodies of the plague victims buried there was hanged. However my Grandparents hadn't heard these rumours, and, as they were rumours they weren't on any records of the house.

All they saw was a comfortable albeit small house in a great area for commuting to work each day. So they had no way of knowing what the history of the house they had just bought was.

My mother was the first of the people to encounter the spectre; she was staying downstairs on a pull-out sofa, as with the house being so small there was only one bedroom that was being used by my Grandparents. Quite late at night nearing the witching hour my mother decided to get up in order to get herself a glass of water. It wasn't until she had actually returned to her room however that she heard a strange moaning sound, accompanied by the sound of clanking chains. Due to my mother being incredibly superstitious she was terrified of these noises and, knowing the age of the house, decided not to check out what was making them.

In the morning she told my Grandparents of the encounter. However they didn't believe her and when she told them the time that she had been up they insisted that she must have been dreaming.

It was only later, when my Grandmother Barbara, on realising that she had forgotten to take her contact lenses out, went to the bathroom to remove them. On her way back she heard the same noises that my mother had done. A strange combination of moaning and clanking chains. However unlike my mother she also caught a glimpse of the spectre itself. Cloaked the face was perpetually in shadow and as such she couldn't see the gender of the Ghost. The ghost had long chains fastened to its wrists and to its ankles and there was a feeling of resignation in the air. My grandmother stayed petrified where she was on the landing and could only watch as the spectre slowly faded into nothingness.

The next morning she told my Grandfather that there was no way they were staying in that house any longer, and she that she didn't want to live in a house that held the possibility of vengeful spirits.

As such, nearing their fifth month of their stay in the house they moved away, and it was only when they checked the houses records that they found that the house had never been lived in for a period longer than six months, and it was only later that my Grandmother admitted that the spirit hadn't seemed vengeful at all, rather resigned as though at one point during their life, they had been sentenced to the ultimate price.

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Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-05)
Dragonstorm of course you are right on that one. It was so archetypal I thought immediately of a created entity, but as you say it could be a tormented soul. Most chain dragging ghosts are thought to have been people who died literally in chains, maybe there was a prison on the site at one time. And I suppose the dead are as susceptible as the living to symbolic thinking. Perhaps a deceased soul is dragging spectral chains of guilt or remorse.
DragonStorm80 (1 stories) (440 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-05)
Nysa ~ It could well be a collection of energy from the rumours and stories that created enough for something to manifest sure, on the other hand maybe there was a poor little lost soul that no one really knows about that came to a terrible fate somewhere in history?

What a shame there is nothing in the history books to explain what was happening here.
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-04)
Moaning & chains, you know those are elements present in what many consider the first modern style (true) ghost story which is an account recorded by Livy. Of course Dickens put them to their most famous use in A Christmas Carol. Such a stereotypical haunting suggests to me, not the presence of a true ghost, but a manifestation of the energies created by the legends that grew up around the area. You know how these things happen, an area is so unpleasant, probably due to bad working conditions & poverty since it was an industrial area, so people start to speculate about a dark history. Even if the area improves the legends stick to it. I believe that eventually all of those beliefs, unfounded or not, can coalesce into a "haunting."

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