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A Mysterious Sound


Namste readers.

I've been an avid visitor of this site and this is the third story I'm about to share. Just like the previous ones, this is not a personal experience, but something witnessed by my parents.

We live in Jodhpur, Rajasthan (many of you must have heard about it because of the recent wedding of Priyanka and Nick). We often travel to a nearby city, Udaipur, to celebrate my birthday. It's a drive of about 3-4 hours. The incident which I'm about to narrate, dates back to 2016, my 17th birthday.

Coming back to story, my dad is an Indian railway employee and we are eligible for holiday homes by the government in different cities. The one in Udaipur, is a beautiful, double storeyed building, with a campus and a stretch of land behind it covered with trees and outgrowths. We are well acquainted with the place and have never witnessed anything remotely scary there. Until 2016.

This was the first time we were allocated rooms on the first floor (I'm considering lowest level as ground floor). The description of the floor is pretty generic, it was a corridor with rooms next to each other. There were two rooms, room #13 for my parents and room #14 for me and my brother. Post dinner we decided to retire to our respective rooms.

Me and my brother were up, watching television and using our phones, while my parents were asleep. Suddenly my dad (accounts from his narration), heard the sound of 'ghungroo', an ornament worn by classical dancers in India made of bells, just outside their room. As if someone is taking a stroll wearing a ghungroo. He was tired so dismissed it at first. The sound was constant and it was bothering him. He decided to get up and check, if this is some sort of prank. He went out, did a little inspection but there wasn't a soul in sight. Mind you the corridor was big enough for a person to cross it this quickly. He would have caught the culprit as the staircase was on the opposite side of corridor and the person needed to cross our rooms to get to the staircase. He waited for some time and then went back to the room. As soon as he closed his eyes, he started to hear the sounds again. This time he ran outside in hope to catch him/her red handedly, as the sound was just outside the room. Nevertheless, he failed again.

This time he decided to check on us. He came in our room, and asked us if we heard something. We were up the whole time and didn't hear a thing. The volume of television was not too loud. We denied it and my dad told us to come to his room. We went there and he didn't say anything about the anklet sound. He was just constantly asking us if we heard something. Me and my brother were startled. We were standing near the window and could see the scenery around. We asked him, are we supposed to hear something, to which he just shook his head and told us to go back. My mom woke up due to the disturbances we made. It was around 1:30. Now, as my parents were drifting off to sleep again, they both heard the same noise. As if someone wearing ghungroo is walking next to their bed. This time, the 'thing' was inside their room. The sound was changing its source time to time. One second it seems to be coming from next to their bed and in split seconds it was in the corridor. The sound used to stop as soon as they open their eyes. It couldn't be a hallucination as two people were experiencing it at the same time and my dad hadn't discussed it with anyone until that point.

My mom dad were trying desperately to sleep but things got intensified. They heard some kind of banging on the grills of window (as if someone was hitting the grills with a stick, the thing you'd expect from watchmen during their night patrols). My dad was scared at this point as the room was on first floor and it was impossible for a human to bang grills like that. No, it couldn't have been any tree branches as there were no trees just outside the window and the banging seemed as if someone has deliberately did it to wake up my parents.

Somehow they managed to fall asleep in that nuisance, chanting prayers.

In the morning while having our tea, they finally spoke about it. They asked us if we heard something last night, to which we denied. We told them we were up until 3 or 4 but didn't hear anything strange (television was switched off after 2am and we both were on our phones), so we could have heard anything easily.

Their faces went pale and then they narrated us the whole incident.

We were in disbelief initially but the seriousness of my parents tone made us believe it. Well, the night was over and we checked out in the morning.

Later, my dad discussed this thing with one of his colleagues (let's call him Mr N), who is a native of Udaipur. He mentioned the strange noise and the strange series of events to Mr N. The latter was shocked. He asked my dad why and how was he alloted rooms on the first floor. The floor is allegedly haunted and that my family wasn't the first one to experience anything abnormal there. He told us that police had found a dead body of a female in the stranded land behind the building some years back, and that people have witnessed things on first floor.

We were shocked upon knowing this.

We went there again next year, in 2017, and this time our rooms were on the ground floor. Everything was normal during this trip, like it had been always, except for that one.

Now, there are few things I wanted to know:

1. Why is the first floor, the spot for such activities? Why isn't the entire building plagued by that 'thing'. The body was found behind the building and NOT in the building. There were no murders or ill activities inside the building. Was it because of the number "13" as many have suggested?

2. Why didn't we experience anything, despite the fact that we were in the next room.?

My explanation is, maybe because my parent's aura is weaker than ours. I've heard that people with weaker auras are prone to paranormal activities. This isn't the first time my parents have experienced such abnormalities though.

Well, any suggestions and advices are welcomed.

Sorry for the length, I just wanted to curate a proper narration.:)

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Aprajita (3 stories) (53 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-17)
Hi augusta, thank you for taking your time out and giving such deep insight. Much appreciated:). I'm sorry I don't know much about the tragic murder. I am not even sure if the spirit was of the victim or something else. I never said it was of the murdered person, I've just mentioned it to provide every aspect of the incident.
Regarding the 'number 13', personally I don't believe it or more like I'm confused. It doesn't hold any significance in our culture though.
Yes, the place where they found the body is kind of visible from that floor.

Well I thought the word 'stranded' means "remote" or "secluded", sorry english isn't my first language. But no it's not a peninsula.
Aprajita (3 stories) (53 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-17)
Hi majarlika, I have mentioned it because there's a difference between what people at different places consider it to be. In UK the bottom most level is considered to be "ground floor" while in USA its called "first floor" and first as second and so on.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-17)
As the narrator explained - yes, they are different. What is referred to here as the first floor would be considered the second floor in the US. In many places around the world, it is common to refer to the level above the ground floor as the first floor.

I wonder if the perceived significance of a number within a culture would give it significance in the "other side". I rather think so. Though I am at a loss to explain just how I think this works, I believe that cultural beliefs in many ways create the realities of the paranormal world. So perhaps if the culture to which the deceased ascribed placed a significance on the number 13, that's why the spirit was attracted to it. Could the place where her body was found or the approach to it be seen from the first floor? If so, perhaps there had been wittnesses there on the night of her death and this is all she can do in a hope of compelling their testimony - but given the nature of the building, they are long gone. Do they know how she died? If it was sudden, some believe that the spirit may linger on roaming the immediate vicinity of their death in confusion not understanding that they are dead.

Just a quick question - what do you mean by stranded land? Is it a peninsula of some sort?
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-17)

Is the 'first floor' and the 'ground floor' different with each other? 'coz from what I know, the ground floor is the same as the first floor.

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