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First off this is a story from my mom's point of view. She did give me permission to tell it and swears it is all true. My whole family eventually came to believe her (I have 3 brothers, family of 5). And we all experienced something in this house over the 20 plus years it has been lived in.

Late in the night (1030 that's late for them, my brothers and I were in bed by 9) During a silence in the show they were watching my dad see what looks like my face peaking out from behind the doorway in the kitchen, so he poked my mom and pointed to the kitchen. "What do you think you are doing!" she exclaims. And the Face dips back out of the door way.

Thinking it was me my mom sneaks downstairs to my brother and my shared bedroom in the basement. Expecting the whole time to hear the sound of me thundering down the stairs to get back to my room. I was only 8 and had a history of staying up past my bedtime; however, tonight this was not the case we had just had a soccer game that day and I was in my bed sleeping hard. Now I'm not a light sleeper at all and when my mom tried to wake me up gently, thinking I was faking it, it was just not happening.

The next morning when she said something about me staying in my bed all night I was confused. Afterward my mom just dropped the subject and we went on with our lives. During the time she kept this experience secret my mom and dad would see what she calls little girl (what can I say I was a cute kid, but I'm male by the way... Weird I know...) from time to time always peaking out from a doorway. She says she tried talking with her but would never get out but a word or two before the visage would disappear again.

It wasn't until a few years later that I actually heard this story. I was talking with some of my friends one day in the basement about my house being haunted by a little girl that liked to play tricks. Just at that moment my mom happened to walk by and over hear my telling. She stopped me and described the girl and it matched what I saw (little blonde girl with short pigtails and pale what I called a tea party dress). That was enough for me to know it wasn't just my imagination. This is what I think basically opened the door for me into the "paranormal". After that I would see things that there was no other way of explaining that no one else would see, but that's a story for a different time. We stopped seeing the girl a few years later when I learned some "tricks" of ghost hunting and helped the girl move on. She never "said" a word or made a sound at all but I remember the smile on her face that last time I saw her, I knew that I had helped.

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reptilian (45 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-09)
Just when you think you've seen it all something new comes along. How truly unusual. I'm glad you helped her.

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