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Mist-like Light


So, this story is set when I was about 7 or 8. My Grandmother, in Wales, used to live in an apartment. It was quite spacey and old-fashioned. Anyway, on one certain day, at our house in England, my parents decided to accept a job offer and travel to Greece. Of course, I wasn't allowed to go. And my parents thought it's best if I stay with Grandmother for about 4 days. They phone-called my Grandmother and arranged the event fully.

After a day later, I was ready and I had already packed everything I needed. Then, my parents dropped me off; it was approximately a 4 hour ride to Wales. My Grandmother greeted me at the front of the tall stone-built apartment building. It had a small car-park besides it, and a park about 2 minutes away. We went inside; there were lots of stairs, and doors on each side of the walls. Spider-webs dangled in every corner; also it was very dusty and gave me a chill down my back bone. Grandmother's apartment was on the 3rd floor, and on the left side. Inside, it looked bright and cosy. Grandmother helped me to unpack, gave me lunch, and so on. I remember taking a nap on the couch. When I woke up, there was a medium-sized dog with white and black fur, with a hint of grey showing how old the dog is. Grandmother came in and told me that the dog is hers and that its name is Aries. (Horoscope name)

A few hours later, I was asleep in my bed. My grandmother's room was next-door to mine, and Aries usually sleeps on the couch in the drawing room. I heard a sudden car beeping, and it woke me up. Lights flickered on; I could see it clearly from the gap underneath my door. I exited my room, only to find Aries barking furiously and wagging his tail and glaring through a wide window in the kitchen. The beeping stopped. Grandmother was near the light switch, with a slightly concerned look on her face. She wondered over the window, and I followed her. Through the window, I saw absolutely nothing, just the car-park. I was very puzzled, and a bit scared. A certain light flicked on. The light was the type that senses anything or anyone nearby and turns on automatically.

Suddenly, there it was. An odd, deformed mist-like light was flying around through-out the car-park. I was still puzzled, and so was Grandmother. Aries still continued barking. The light hurriedly hid under one of the cars, and the light flicked off. Now, I was quite scared. However, Grandmother told me to go back to bed and that she will help me fall asleep. Ever since that night, I had nightmares of what that 'thing' really was. It never happened again. However, I wonder, what really was that light?

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raggedwolf (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-07)
Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Where abouts in Wales?
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-09)
I don't suppose that you've talked with your Grandmother concerning said mist? I get the impression that she has encountered such before. And if not her, then her neighbors in the area of whatever city her house was, did as well. I'd suggest contacting some of them if you could.

And I apologise profusely for the following, but I simply cannot resist:

Perhaps a call to Torchwood, would be in order? 😜

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