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I've been going to this site for a while now and just got around to publishing my story. I hope you enjoy it and can tell me what happened during this time of my life. So now, I'll begin my story.

My parents are separated. But they weren't always. They separated when I was about eight, and due to this my mother moved to a new house. My dad is still great, he always treated me nice. My mom moved to a completely new neighborhood. My dad's house was built in 1956 in a somewhat rough neighborhood, so not exactly a setting for a creepy ghost story, but something did happen here.

My experiences happened when I was young and I can still remember them very clearly. I'm not sure of my exact age, but I believe these happened from the span from when I was about three to seven. I had three experiences there, and would commonly have recurring dreams. These all happened in my bedroom. I know I wasn't dreaming.

The first was when I was laying alone in bed. It was dark and shadowy, but I was still awake. I saw something start to move on the wall and got scared. It was a shadow. The shadow of a girl. She almost have the figure of the Wendy's girl from the fast-food restaraunt. She was a girl, and had two pigtails. She would from one wall to another, ocassionaly giggling. This went on for a few minutes. Naturally, I got scared and hid under my covers. I fell asleep under them.

The next experience happened to my Shrek doll, from the movie. I had him lying right next to me, so this made it worse. I was laying in bed, and looked over at him. And what I say scared me horribly. His eyes were moving. They would look back at me, into the hallway connecting the rooms, and back at me. I screamed for mom, and she came in there to cool me down. She slept with me because I was so scared. I looked back at him and he was still looking around, but I knew mom was there.

The last experience wasn't too scary. In fact, I found it amusing. I was in bed again. I looked over at my wall, and there were tiny people on it. They children, accompanied by a teacher. They were loading onto a school bus while the teacher waited. Once everyone was on, they drove away on my wall and then they were off it. They were small and animated, with black beady eyes like a developing fetus. The teacher wore red pants and a blue polo. I was curious and amused, so I didn't intervene and was not scared.

I also had to reacurring dreams, when I stayed in another room. These happened during the same period. I would always dream about zombie-like, deformed people breaking into my room. There were always three of them all, men. They would scare me and point at me. Another was when I would be dreaming, but that I was in bed. Several animals would be watching over me, including owls and snakes, and would communicate with each other.

I asked to move rooms several times, but that was the last thing they could give me. I have several other experiences in which my mom told me about happened to me as a baby, which I will most likely share in another story. I had a few experiences afterwards in which I would be in my toy-room and sounds would be heard, including the toys shifting in the toy-box.

They all stopped after I moved, and I have been in that house again with nothing happening. I have even slept in the same room. I asked about this on an answers site with being told my perception of reality was not grasped yet, and I have also heard children are more sensitive. I would like to know more about what this was and why it happened. What was I experiencing? Why? General advice, opinions, etc. Would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading my story.

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Hellhound (2 stories) (37 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-05)
I agree with Blakebeatdown,
Although children and animals are more sensitive, your experiences don't really have the "paranormal vibe". It is very easy to mistaken dreams with reality, and reaccurring dreams are normal for any aged person.
I think this was a very interesting story.
The alive doll and the fact that the child looked like a famous icon is very much a seen it somewhere and that's how you got the image.
Does anything happen anymore?
Are there any more experiences?

Looking forward to hearing from you:)
BlakeBeatdown (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-05)
First off, I'm not going to call BS on this. But I do want to say, at that age you're still an imaginative child. Our minds will also play trick on us. I'm not saying all or none of it is fake, or otherwise dreamt, but it just isn't selling to me very well. And yes children are much more sensitive due to not being culturally "dumbed" down. As are animals with an emphasis on dogs.
Naru_117 (19 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-05)
It is true that children are more sensitive to spirit activity... And it is possible that the "wendy's girl" you saw was a spirit. However the class you saw sounds more like a hallucination or waking dream. As for you dreams I'm not a dream analyst but id be wary as snakes are typically not viewed in a good way and are often known as tricksters or temptors.
ChristineNicole (16 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-05)
I had really similar experiences when I was a child. Almost every night I would wake up and see a little village going about its business on my bedroom floor, little horse drawn wagons and old buildings like you see in an old Midwest Movie. All the village was in sepia and was pretty terrifying because it seemed very realistic and happened pretty often, sometimes I would also see a little black creature the size of a guinea pig crawling up my bed or see strange images floating about my room. There was also a stage where my brother had watched jaws and would wake up to see sharks swimming around in his bedroom. I would tell my mum and she would just say it was my imagination or my eyes playing tricks on me in the dark. I also had sleep apnea as a child and the dr said I would go through 7 stages before I woke up and the more I think it over as an adult the more likely it seems that I had just not woken up properly and I was still sought of dreaming while laying there. I don't know if that is what it was, but I don't remember experiencing things like that after I had my tonsils and adenoids removed, and my sleeping patterns improved. I'm very curious to see what other people think though because like I said I don't know if I'm correct 😊

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