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Red Sighting


I always see ghosts in our former house. Sometimes they just walk across, sometimes just stand somewhere. I remember, I'm always scared and can't sleep with lights out or without someone beside me. I also don't know why I had to see them. I wanted to know what they want. Are they souls? Or just bad entities that wanted me to be afraid. I'm really curious what is real. I don't know why but I never seen any ghost with face, just shadows and silhouettes, sometimes white, sometimes black. But this sighting was really unbelievable. I don't know if it is a ghost, it is not a shadow and I will never forget that day.

Me and my older sister used to play with our neighbor friends. We play piko, hide and seek, habul-habulan and other games. That day they got mad at me and I got mad at them and I forgot the reason. So I leave them and just stand at the side of the counter of my mother's shop.

Staring at the tall grasses, I saw someone suddenly walk and disappeared. It was fast and I know it was not a human because of red skin, it was a man and his wearing a sando like I don't know, it was fast but his figure is really clear unlike other shadows. He just disappeared at the grasses.

I told it to my sister and friend and they got scared. So we decided to just play again. We told it to my mother and they said it might be just a person, and I told her that it is color red. Even I can't believe if it was real, I am not color blind, it is really red. I never saw something like this again, and I don't want to. I also believe in God, whatever that was, God is protecting me.

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