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So my previous story was about my son who saw a ghost in my kitchen. Freaky but was the first time I ever had any kind of paranormal experience, until a week ago. When I posted that story about Johnny, I recently forgot that I even put a story about it on here but what happened to me last week reminded me that I even posted one ha! Ok so on to what brings me back here, a paranormal experience.

Thanksgiving 2011, I went to New York to visit my aunt and uncle. It was nice to travel and was excited to be in NYC for the holidays. They recently just remolded a huge studio loft just east of Central Park and I was eager to check the new place out and enjoy the city.

Upon arriving my lovely aunt Jodi picked me up from the airport and was telling me all about the new place. She was happy it was done but added a few details that made me even question my visit. She stated to me that the very night they got settled in that something strange happened, after hanging up all the pictures in their newborn's (Aiden) room that when she left to do the same in the kitchen, when she went back into Aidens room about an hour after she left all the pictures were taken off the wall and placed on the floor. Not broken but just sat back down so she assumed it was her other son (Jacob) who is 8. After asking him if he did he told her no so she played it off as if he was just fibbing to not upset her plus him being ADHD she kind of is used to him doing pointless irritating things.

Next she added that lights would be turned on in rooms when no one is home and when she knew they were off previously, noises in the living room at night such as creaking and what she said one night it sounded like someone was banging on the wall when the have no neighbors in that building. So after hearing all this freaky details I become hesitant to even want to stay ha!

So that very night I get to their beautiful place and mingle with my cousins and family and what not until about 11 that night. I get ready for bed and during this time is a couch because I'm sleeping in the living room for the three days I'm there. So I'm watching tv until bout 12 then out of nowhere I see the kitchen light (behind me) turn on... At first I thought ok Jodi has some sort of clap on maybe a remote to the light and is trying to mess with me. I go to the kitchen, look around and see of course nothing so I tell myself let's just walk by their room to see if they are up and or in fact messing with me.

I walked by the room and the door was wide open and they were out. I know my aunt at least was due to the wild turkey on the nightstand so I get sorta creeped out, kind of thinking Kyren (my son) brought Johnny up to the Big Apple or something. I go into my cousins room where my little guy is and snag him up because he's sleeping with my wimpy behind.

The next day (Thanksgiving) I tell my aunt about what had happened and she at first thought I was messing with her so I say on the contrary I thought you were trying to get me. The day goes on I eat like a pig see family and what not and go out and enjoy the city. That night we got home around 10 that night and get all settled in for what I'm hoping for is good sleep, I put my son to sleep and then turn on my uncles lovely PS3 on his 70" TV and started to play a bit before I try to go to bed... While playing the living room light came on but only this time I heard the switch actually flip up... Instant chills, even though I couldn't really get the previous night explained I some what kind of forced myself to assume Jodi was pulling one on me. With this I couldn't excuse due to me hearing the light being turned on...manually. I get up and I say "to whatever is hear I mean no disrespect nor to upset you, that I'm here to visit to please leave me alone"... After that I felt a peace.

I tell my aunt about it the next day and she told me she's getting a priest to cone in and bless it as soon as possible. After that I left that Saturday and didn't experience anything else but knew yet again something paranormal happened.

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enchantix12 (14 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-17)
I think your aunt's house is haunted or maybe (when you mentioned about your son seeing a ghost) that ghost might have known that you were going to travel and followed you there? Please replay and say what you think about my theory. (It's kind of wild though) 😉
Kuhlmad (3 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-17)
Very creepy, sounds to me like you had some sort of paranormal experience. The first reason I agree and think it was paranormal was because you heard the living room light switch flip on and no one was there. The second reason is because you had a few experiences in a short time frame and when you asked it to leave you alone, it did and nothing else happened. Awesome story, it is creepy when it is your own house, but it would be even worse when you are visiting at a family member's house!

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