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I believe it's time for me to start sharing my experiences and I will start with the trip to England.

I went there in 2007 (I was 22 years old) and I had some scary experiences of my life! I will try to keep it short and stick to the point... Feel free to ask questions after.

Went there with my mom and stayed at one of her friend's house which was a boarding house and my mom and I shared a room. Well the first night I slept there I was too tired from the traveling and I slept like a baby, the second night I remember getting nightmares and this continued for days. Thing is in all my dreams I would see an old lady with gray messy hair and long pointy nails but I was unable to see her face properly until one night when I suddenly woke up and was startled to see the same old woman from my dreams over me! She was doing some strange things with her hands and when she saw me awake she pulled her hands from over me and looked surprised and then I would say blinked from near me to the other end of the room and faded away. The room was very dark because I can not sleep with lights on and so as she faded you can see the outline in the darkness. I sat up in bed thinking to myself "that was so cool"... But the dreams were not.

I finally had it when one night I dream her trying to drown my little brother and one of my little female cousins, I woke up almost crying and my mom was up and asked me what's wrong and that's when I told her I had nightmares every night since I got there. She was upset I didn't tell her and prayed for me and then had me repeat a prayer and then I went back to sleep and had one of the best dreams I ever had but she tried to enter my dream again when I told her (in my dream) to get lost and she did! The morning I got up my mom told me that one of the girls (can't remember from which country, there were teens from all over the world staying there) was trying to tell another girl in English (they go to England to learn English) she had nightmares all night! So I guess she went upstairs to continue her terror.

Another day as I was going to take a shower in the bathroom I would normally use when all the kids were gone (to school) when all of a sudden I heard voices and it sound like it was coming from the other bathroom (there were 2 bathrooms next to each other on the first floor) and I found myself trying to make out what they were saying and couldn't when "the voices" suddenly switched to the bathroom I was in! I was confused to be hearing voices not far away from me and seeing no one and could not make sense of what I was hearing when all of a sudden the voices rushed up to me and I fell back onto the toilet (lid was down) and I started to pray and then it faded away quickly. I remember reading stories about people hearing voices and thought they were lying until that happened.

Another day I was the only one in the house and I was being useful by doing some stuff in the kitchen (making shakes preparing stuff for dinner) when one of the guys from Russia came home early and he came in the kitchen and we were gaffing and then he had to go get ready to go somewhere and said he will be back before he leave but before he came back I was finished with the kitchen and went to my room to watch tv. While watching tv I heard heavy footsteps moving quickly up and down the stairs between the second floor and first floor where the bathrooms are (we stayed in one of the rooms on the ground floor), so I thought it was him and shook my head. Then there was a knock on my door so I went to open the door thinking he wanted to say he was going and no one was there, I thought how strange and then went back to watching tv when I heard the knock again but from the door outside, so I thought maybe one of them forgot their key and went to open the door but froze because I didn't see anyone there (middle of the door was glass). So I was spooked and went in my room and said I am not getting back up when I heard the knock on my door again but louder! Got up and open the door, no one was there, so I said you are not welcome in here and that was the last time that happened. By the way, I heard someone leaving shortly after in a hurry slamming the door and I never saw that guy again... Guess it happened to him too.

A lot of children came and went quickly. There were 3 girls who came from Italy and they spent only 2 nights there when they were to spend one month, we woke up and found a letter from them which I handed to my mom's friend. They left 3 am that morning! Other weird things happened like me feeling really depressed if I stayed in that place 2 days straight and I would be fine the second I go outside... I became very depressed and angry for no reason until I go out then I would be fine. The longest I stayed in was for 4 days and I felt like killing myself and I didn't want to go out anywhere and my mother noticed this, I was loud and yelling at her for nonsense. *I watched Amittyville horror the other day and I thought that's what happened to the guy in there and I laughed*

I am not easily scared and I like things paranormal but this scared me. I got up one night to go the washroom (powder room downstairs near dinning room) when I was coming out my room in the corner by the chair I saw something I thought people lied about, I saw a pitch black figure stooping by a chair with red eyes! I use to think a dark figure with red eyes, oh please... It looked like a big frog, the shape of it and I was amazed not scared, I closed the door and when I turned back around it was gone so I continue to go the washroom and went in there and saw a spider and bolted out (hate spiders) and thought of using one upstairs when I froze. I stood there staring into the dark hall with the feeling of something evil watching me and moving towards me but I saw nothing and the feeling I got scared me, I was surprised I didn't wet myself and then I could move again I hurried into my room and jumped into bed.

As I lay there thinking I then heard heavy foot steps on the stairs and in the hall and my mother moved in bed and so I asked her "did the lady stay here tonight"? (my mom's friend stays at her other home 2 streets away) and mom said "no, go to sleep" in a tone and so I did. When the lady came the morning my mom decided to ask her if she knew what goes on in the house and she did! My mother told her about my nightmares etc and the night before she saw a pink spider floating towards her and she command it in Jesus name to go back where it came from and it disappeared! Turns out the lady use to burn incense in the house cause a friend told her to and all sorts of craziness.

We spent our last week at a family friend's home and didn't go back there but I would love to stay there again and experience more stuff... Other odd things happened like hearing my mom calling me when she didn't and things moving from it's place. It scared me as it happen but cool when I think bout it after.

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anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
13 years ago (2012-01-13)
I heard and read a lot about England's ghosts. Very intriguing.
jewelre (3 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-19)
Thanks for the comments... Unfortunately I never got to speak to any of the kids about it, apparently they scare easy and would leave soon after. I only know about the girl that started having nightmares after I got rid of the old hag. I tried searching the net for stories from that location but nothing and guess what, the house is currently up for sale. Slow business.
And all I can remember my mom's friend saying is that the girls complained about being bothered during the night.
😕 😐
ngute80 (220 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-18)
I really liked your story. The part where you woke up and found the old lady standing over you was scary. Its interesting that she seemed surprised when you saw her. I wonder what the other guests experienced. Thank you for sharing
pinkparrot6202 (41 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-18)
see the girls that were supposed to stay one month did they tell you what happened?

😢 😐
pinkparrot6202 (41 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-18)
i really love this story. I hope there is more about this story 😁 ❤

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