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New Apartment In The Country


Brian again, I'm back with some interesting new stuff that has been happening to me. Now in my first couple stories I've written its mostly involved my kid but this one just happened to me. Ever since that has happened to my son it seems I'm having strange encounters.

So, on with what happened to me two nights ago. I recently as of a few months ago have moved to a new apartment in the country out in Amelia which is just east of Cincinnati. I, up until a week ago, had an elderly women living in the apartment below me. From what I heard from the manager she left due to her at home assisted living getting expensive so she moved into a nursing home.

Well the other night I'm just at the apartment alone watching tv and I decide to go outside and smoke one more cigarette before I hit the sack, while out on my patio (on the 3rd floor) I hear the patio door open below me in that empty apartment. I look over curious to who/what it could be and I see nothing. Lights are all out and I don't hear another noise. I was kind of freaked out but played it off as one of the maintenance guys having a key and just hanging out in there or something.

The next morning around 9am or so I'm downstairs on the very bottom level in the buildings laundry room cleaning some clothes and I hear that door fling open and close, I instantly pop my head in the hallway to see anyone exit that apartment but nope. Not a peep or didn't see anyone. At this point I'm going to clear this and hopefully get this issue looked into just in case it is someone that's not suppose to be.

I call the manager and ask her if anyone has a key to that place or if anyone is suppose to be there. She informs me that she's the only one that has the new key and that nobody is suppose to be in there now. I tell her my two experience's and then wait by that door while looking outside to make sure nobody exits, she arrives with the key and we enter and look around and nothing... Not a person.

So now I'm pickled again. Is it something with her and that apartment or do I have something getting my attention?

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LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-09)
Clear something up for me, please... You live on the 3rd floor, the lady and her apartment are just below you on the second. But you said you were doing laundry on the very bottom level, which implies the basement, but at least means the first floor... And you could see the hallway with the apartment the woman lived in and it's door on the second floor, from the laundry room?
Does this apartment building have glass floors? If not, you either miss spoke or...something?

Bbrave (1 stories) (131 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-08)
I'd say something is trying to get your attention from what I've read. I can't be sure though since I've not read your other stories. But that's what it sounds like to me
Qua (39 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-08)
Likely that the spirit is trying to communicate with you. Try contacting that old lady to see whether she knows the history of that place. Also, it may help that you air your apartment. Draw back all the curtains and open the windows to let in sunlight. Invite guests to your apartment to let in the human aura in it. This is to overcome the spirit aura.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-08)
Cincinnatian - hey, Brian, just a couple of questions. You said you live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building and have twice heard the sliding glass door on the apartment below you open and shut. Have you seen the door open and shut? Is it possible that it could be a different apartment and it just sounds like the apartment under you?

Also, when the apartment manager went into the vacant apartment, did she check the sliding glass door to make sure it was locked and that the lock wasn't broken? I lived in an apartment complex when I was 19 that had a defective sliding glass door and we had to "bar" the door closed because it would open on its own. I can't explain the closing part, but maybe "pressure" from wind or the heating or a/c in the apartment? Just some guesses here.

And then my last... Maybe someone is trying to get your attention. You've had another experience, so it really wouldn't be that far-fetched to think someone realizes you might know they are there.

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