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A Spirit Named Anima


You, I'll stand by your side. I'll be there for you (You passed me by).

The lyrics of this Japanese song run through my mind as I write these words. After reading some of these stories, I remembered a few events in my life and I believe I may have to share them if I want some answers. Right now, I have 22 years and I live in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico.

First of all, I apologize of I have grammatical errors while writing this, since English is my second language (being Spanish my first). Second, since I have not confirmed what this "spirit" really is, and since my investigation has made little progress, I would be grateful to anyone who helps me find some answers. Finally, if for some reason, any of this sounds offensive in any way, I apologize in advance. I can be a bit blunt sometimes, but I try my best to be careful with my words.

I can't recall the exact time of these events, but most of these events happened during my teenage years (if I recall correctly, the experiences began after my grandmother died. I was 15 at that time).

Among many of the dreams I have had, I recall a few of them being somewhat impressive in my life. One of them was a typical college dream where the girl ended up kissing me. However, just as I woke up of my dream, I felt my lips a bit wet. When I moved my tongue through them, I felt some kind of strawberry flavored substance in my lips. I became a bit startled, considering that the dinner from that night was pasta and I washed my mouth with strong mint flavored toothpaste.

Another memory was of a girl pretty similar to the one in the previous dream (one characteristic that defines the girl in my dreams is here shiny black hair and her "Japanese" eyes). This dream was a bit more romantic, but just as it was about to end, I asked her for her name. As she said her name, her reflected a sad expression: "Anima."

During the course of the next day, I went ahead and searched for the term "anima". Of course, I found Jung's theory about the archetypes and his definition of anima. But what captivates my curiosity of this dream is that I didn't knew that term (or name) until she told me in that dream. In fact, I'm pretty certain that after that dream, I took interest in dreams and spiritual beings.

The third dream was a bit more intense, to say it like that. Again, a girl with black hair and Japanese eyes had sexual intercourse with me. But this one was peculiar, since when I reached the climax, I woke up. And in the process of waking up, I sensed my body moving on its own as I reached the climax. If there was someone there, I can't tell since my eyes did not "see" anything.

This one happened a bit more frequent than dreams. In some days, I could feel someone touching me and even hugging me. It could be while I was taking a bath or just before going to sleep. The only thing I knew is that whatever it was, it gave the resemblance of a woman mainly because of a certain characteristic: I felt two round shaped warm spots in my back and a "pair of arms" (if the feeling can be described that way) surrounding the part just below my chest. I'm not sure if everything is connected, but most of the contacts with the spirit in real life have happened whenever I was depressed (which could make me a bit more sensitive to these events).

With all these events and a few other dreams which I cannot remember completely, but that the girl in question has appeared, I went ahead and named the possible spirit "Anima" (The name comes from the dream spoken of earlier). Could these events (both dreams and real life experiences) be connected with the spirit? And if they are, how can I manage to establish communication with "her"?

I have discussed this with two of my friends who have told me that they have also experienced different situations with spirits. One of them told me that "Animas" are spirits of women and that the possibility of this spirit falling for me is possible. The other told me that it is unlikely that this spirit is a succubus due to the fact that I have not been harmed; but it could be some sort of guardian spirit.

If this also helps, I have to say that some of my family members have felt different beings in the house. Both my sisters said that when they were in the bedroom I am currently sleeping, they felt something that could be best described as someone pulling chains. I'm not sure about my brothers, since they might have kept the info to themselves. As for my father, he told me about an experience about a kid who appeared to him when he was little. My dad had a high fever and after seeing this child appear in his room and disappear moments later, his fever also disappeared. However, this experience happened when he was a teenager (it happened in my grandma's house).

Another piece of information is that, just where the kitchen is now, in the past, there was a small hut where it was said that someone practiced witchcraft. My room and the bathroom are just beside the kitchen.

Thanks in advance for the help.

PS: Since this is all of the information I possess, and since my English vocabulary is rather... Simple, my story ended up being shorter than it is supposed to (1500 are the minimum words and I could only do 900). Plus I fear that if I add too many words, the details could become dramatic and the essence of the story (finding out what exactly is) would be lost. I apologize on the matter, as I can't think of any more details.

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crecentblue03 (151 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-15)
Well I never had this happen to me it is interesting, but as for these encounters with this being which may be a type of jinn spirit I say this because they have their own will much like us humans, and it seems her will is to be with you. Be careful because it my not seem harmful now but, can become that way, you don't know really what its real intention is. My advise is go to your religious leader and ask what you can do to protect yourself and your soul. I hope I have been of help.
Bluerose19 (3 stories) (164 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-14)
What could I say if you are 'enjoying' the physical 'pleasures' with 'her'! And if you are not, then you should simply tell her that she should leave you alone. Thats simple. I have heard some spirits do have extreme physical desires even after death. That might be in your case.

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