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The Famous Cat Named Spaulding


If the title puzzles you it is a Groucho Marx reference, if that doesn't help catch the movie Animal Crackers (1930).

In our soon to be 28 years of marriage we have shared our lives with a dozen furry roommates. Only two of them were "only children" and for both of them it only lasted a very short time. Something like twenty years ago we picked up Spaulding at the local animal shelter; he was two days away from termination. Spaulding joined a family of four much older pets and over time he became the last pet. He also developed what our vet referred to as epilepsy (though the vet continued to maintain that cats don't get epilepsy). He went a daily medication to prevent seizures, that medication in turn damaged his liver and the medication to remedy that added to his arthritis. Because of this we could not leave Spaulding alone overnight, the result was that Spaulding would go RVing with us (we have a trailer which is currently parked on a permanent site on Hatteras Island).

While Spaulding was young enough we added a dog and two more cats to our family. He got along with them well enough. The dog and he would join us in the trailer when we went down for weekends. One interesting thing was that Spaulding would not allow the other cats on our bed. We found this odd especially since he had shared the bed with a variety of the older cats. When we came back from the trailer we would know that the newer cats had been on our bed, but they never got on the bed when Spaulding was in the house. Other than that the family seemed to get along pretty well.

About seven years ago Spaulding passed away. For the next two or three years the two remaining cats never got on the bed. From time to time my wife would think we were joined, but there never was a cat. Whether this was her imagination or a manifestation of Spaulding (or one of our other cats) I can not with confidence say. The Cuddlewife was always of the opinion that Spaulding was keeping his sisters off the bed, I have never been able to pin her down on this other than "It's a feeling I have...".

Because of Spaulding we got in the habit of taking a cat with us to our trailer. The bigger more adventurous cat now has this duty. The weekend prior to American Thanksgiving we spent our last weekend of the year at our trailer. Due to some odd logistics we could not take the cat with us. On both Friday and Saturday nights The Cuddlewife believes we were joined by Spaulding in our bed in the trailer. Our dog is just too darn large to be confused with a cat. Had this happened one night I could easily write it off as imagination, but two nights in a row - a tad harder.

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Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-12)
Jubeele ~ Great news about Rex-T I hope all continues to go well.

Spaulding was clearly the dominant pet as he gained sisters (including the dog I might add). We were always pretty sure that the younger cats got on the bed when we took Spaulding with us, patches of fur and indentations on the bed are a pretty certain give away. So I don't think it was his scent that kept the other cats off the bed. It took them between two and three years before the younger cats would get on the bed.

Oddly, in retrospect, Mrs. Emma Peel (the cat who now travels with us to Hatteras) has never shown any hesitancy to get on the bed in the trailer, or any of his favourite spots. Not sure what to make of that.

If any of our furkiddies are visiting us in our home I doubt we would know, the living pets would get the credit...

Again the Cuddlewife and I are wishing you and Rex-t the very best.
Jubeele (25 stories) (885 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-11)
Hi Cuddlebear,

I think Spaulding must have been a "dominant" - that's why he kept the younger cats off the bed. It seems as if he continues to make his dominance felt. It's unusual that the other cats wouldn't get onto the bed after he was gone. From experience, cats love to cuddle. Our bed is the best spot for them. Warm, comfy and full of nice smells (our scent). Perhaps they detect a lingering sign of Spaulding around your bed if he had scent-marked it in the past.

But your Cuddlewife (love that name too) could be right in her gut feeling that Spaulding is still around. Love knows no boundaries. It's comforting to think that our furry loved ones visit us now and then to keep us company. ❤
Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-10)
Melda Thanks for your kind words. We have been fortunate to have shared our lives with the furballs we have had. Whether they visit us or not I really can't say, but Cuddlewife is sure they do.

As for The Famous Cat Named Spaulding, if he is in our trailer, he's likely watching the cardinals that nest next to our galley. That thought warms my heart
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-10)
Cuddlebear - I have no doubts at all that your cats were around in spirit.

In time Spaulding obviously became "top cat" and kept the others in line. Animals do this, I think dogs have that tendency more often than cats.

Your other cats would have been aware of Spaulding around the house when she decided to come visiting and probably still retained that respect, which meant no sleeping on the bed 😊

I'm sure Spaulding decided to visit the trailer with you that weekend and where else to rest her feline self but on the bed, which is her usual place?

You and Cuddlewife are fortunate that your animals come back to visit (love the name Cuddlewife!)

Regards, Melda

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