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A Ghost Named 'david'


I just moved to Saint Louis from Louisiana (where I grew up) to go to graduate school at the University of Missouri/Saint Louis. I bought a very small brick 'bungalow' for a ridiculously low price. The lady who lived here had a stroke and is now in assisted living. Luckily, she left almost everything, including furniture and all the appliances.

My house was built in 1884. It has the original grill work, light figures, claw foot bathtub, fireplace and even 9 foot pocket doors. It is a study in the early architecture of that time. I LOVE IT! However, the first day moving in, I felt someone or 'something', come up next to me and say 'My name is David'. There was an open Bible on a table the previous owner left, and it was open to Chapter 29: King David. Okay, I thought. "Hello, David." was all I said. I am not freaked out by things like this and never have been. I know spirits exist and I did not feel threatened or afraid.

Since then, I have been here almost 9 months. I've had electrical problems since day one. Lights flickering or turning on or off by themselves. I've heard people talking in the middle of the night. I've had things disappear and reappear in places I KNOW I did not put them. I also have pictures that are always crooked, even after I straighten them. When I started rehabbing, the activity really increased. I kept telling David to trust me, and that his house would look great after I was finished. I really did feel as if the house was truly his and that I was only there to take care of it.

So, long story short, I finally contacted a medium in the area, only because I wanted to know what David wanted and why he was still here. She told me that David was from the middle 1800's. She said he felt like the house was HIS house and that's why he wasn't leaving. This was not a surprise. Then she floored me by saying, he likes what you've done to the basement. He said you fixed up the basement and made it really nice. NO ONE knew this but me. She also said that he did not realize he was dead, and was VERY sad all this family and friends were gone.

This I had sensed for a long time. That David was 'stuck' and just wanted to go home to his family and friends. She told me a ritual to perform and I kid you not, as soon as I did it, I felt a tremendous difference. My house had this 'empty' feeling to it that it never had before. I also didn't feel as if I was being watched all the time.

In a strange way, I think David picked me to help him, because he knew I could sort of hear him and, at least, would acknowledge that he was there. And in a funny sort of way, I miss him, because he was a 'good ghost'. I always felt like he was watching over me and I was never afraid to leave my cat alone, because I knew he would be there to take care of him.

So that's my story. You can choose to believe it or not. And one last thing that REALLY convinced me the medium had connected with David, was that she said he mostly stayed in the basement, but when I used my electric shaver, he always came up stairs to watch me. She said they didn't have this device when he was alive, and he was truly fascinated by it.

I almost crapped myself, because every morning, when I used my electric shaver, I would have electrical problems in the bathroom. Those completely stopped after David left. Figure that...

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Experience-PaS (3 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-03)
This story was great, thank you for sharing!

I always like the "companion" ghost stories and I'm glad he caused you and your cat no harm.

spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-01)

Thank you for sharing this. Of all the experiences on here, its always nice to read of a more kinder gentler one.

This gave me a great smile after a long days work.

Thank You!

Argette (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-31)
Have you looked into the history of the house's ownership? It might help you understand why David lingers.
agatha23 (1 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-31)
Very sad. He sounds like a lost and gentle soul. I really hope he tries to go to the light and maybe he will find his lost loved ones.
mythem (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-31)
I really like this! I've always loved the way "nice ghosts" seem to be there to take care of us. You could say I have a soft spot for them.
It's great that David was able to move on. I know the happy/sad feeling that comes with it.

At least no more electrical problems, right?

You said you heard people talking in the night? Was one of them David? Hopefully, the other one was able to move on as well. It could have been just a visitor though. Or maybe an 'echo' of a past conversation. Once again, I really liked your story.

Best of luck,
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-31)
I really like your account and I am glad David was able to find his way home. I know what you mean about missing his presence in the house - sometimes the right thing can be tough ❤

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