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My Experiences So Far Of The Unexplained


So I'll begin from when it started, at the age of around 3. I was an only child up until the age of 11 and quite enjoyed my own company, so I'd often play upstairs on the landing (as my bedroom then was very small) and my mum would find me talking, as she assumed, to myself. But the strange thing about it was that I was three years old and talking about things a 3 year old would probably not even think about let alone be able to say and answering questions to someone/thing. As my vocabulary improved as I got older, I would be sitting downstairs and I'd say "I'm going to talk to the lady on the landing now" and I'd go upstairs and talk to the wall. From then on, I would refer to her as the lady on the landing and continue to talk to her everyday. I then told my mum that she was a teacher who works there.

This seemed to be fairly friendly (but stern, I quite vividly remember liking her but also slightly scared of annoying her) anyway, this seemed to disappear and become forgotten about until I reached the age of about six. Although I never knew why but I could never walk down the stairs without having my back to the wall. I always felt as though something was there, as was the case when sitting on the toilet - this may have something to do with the bathroom and the stairs come off of the landing, and this seemed to be the place where I felt uneasy. There was also a light hanging from the ceiling there which never worked the whole time we lived there (10 years) even with a new bulb, an electrician came over several times and said there was no reason it shouldn't work.

Following on from this, at the age of 8 my grandfather became very ill with lung cancer and was hospitalised for a long time before he died, at the same time my dad came down with a really bad case of salmonella but didn't want to go to hospital because he didn't want to worry the family whilst my grandad was ill. So he stayed at home in my bedroom, and I shared my parents room with my mum. From the very first night I began sleeping in her room I woke up at exactly 3:32 am on a monday morning to a severe chill, I don't think I've ever felt that chilled to the bone in my life since, but I was aware of a presence on the landing.

I could also hear a heavy breathing, but I'm still not sure whether that was my dad, but it was the breathing that made me feel most uneasy so much so that I sat up in bed and was fixated by the bedroom door. As I stared at it a black figured appeared in the doorway, I tried to tell myself that it was a dressing gown hanging from the door, but as I looked I could see it separately to the things that were hanging, and it seemed as though it was levitating/floating, it was bobbing up and down lightly anyway.

As I got more scared I hid underneath my duvet and tried to be quiet as to not wake up my mum as she was fast asleep, but I felt the figure moving towards me. It walked across the room and around the bed and eventually, I felt it sitting on the bottom part of my legs. No matter how hard I tried I could not push against it. Eventually it stood up and remained next to my head. I felt as though it was staring at me. By this point I managed to free my body and because it was such a force I kicked my mum in her back really quite hard and she woke up. The very moment she woke up, rather than yelling at me for kicking her, she turned and said to me "is there someone in the room?" before I could answer, she felt my heart was pounding to the point where it was moving the bed slightly and instantly knew that there was "something" present, we both were too scared to get out of the duvet to see, but I briefly saw it at the door, and it had these bright orange circles for eyes. There were no features, not even an obvious body shape, just a long black figure (it was taller than the door)

Every sunday from then on, for the remainder of my stay in my parents bedroom, which I think was about 6 or 7 weeks, the same thing would happen every monday morning at the exact same time. Now, I do remember it happening in my own bedroom one time, but I was so scared that I really tried to block it out and I completely hid under my duvet, I didn't see it, I just knew it was there and I woke up in the night (which was very unusual for me then)

I don't know whether both of these experiences were related, but the house in general has many stories to be told by nearly every family member and friend of the family! People have heard crying in the house thinking it was my mum and gone up to console her and no ones been there. On one occasion my mum was putting on her make up in the bathroom whilst my dad dropped me at my grans as they were going out for the night, and my mum thought there was a burglar on the landing so she locked herself in the bathroom until my dad came home. Also a year or so after the bedroom experience I was sitting on my bed playing with a toy when I heard and saw the bathroom light switch on, and the cord for the switch was swinging and banging against the wall and I then heard like a shuffling of feet, kind of like when you have socks on a slippery or tiled floor and you drag your feet along, I screamed down to my mum and she ran up with a fire poker as she had also heard something else in the house.

After we moved from this house (pretty soon after all this, it got too much for me and my mum, so many more stories than I could write in here!) I didn't really feel like I had to always look behind me anymore, I felt fairly safe and nothing to this extent ever happened again.

But now, recently over the past year, I've started to feel like I'm being watched again and some strange things have been happening. I'm now I'm my final year at uni, and I have the typical body clock of a student, basically nocturnal, so I'm up at all hours and mostly when everyone else is asleep. But its been common for me to wake up at 3am again and go downstairs to get a drink. I only go into the kitchen and go straight back upstairs, I don't go anywhere near the lounge. We have a glass door between the hall and the lounge so I can see in there, on my way downstairs its always pitch black, but as I've been coming back through to go upstairs again, the tv has been on a black glowing screen for a few minutes and I stand and watch it, then it turns off again.

What I find most strange about it is that the tv makes a start up sound when it comes on, but when its been doing this, it doesn't make a sound at all. I have talked to people about it, and they've said its quite common for some tv's to do this for updates and things, but I don't go downstairs at exactly the same time and it is always only when I'm on my way back upstairs and its never happened to anyone else in the house, and sometimes its even the kitchen tv as well as the one in the lounge.

I've also started to have an experience with lights too, only when I'm alone... If I switch on the light in the kitchen, hallway or landing when I'm home alone, more often than not it blows the whole fuse for the lights, which I'm guessing is a pretty hard task to do?! No one else in the house has ever done this either, its only ever happened to me. I just generally feel uneasy again, and lots of little things keep happening that make me feel really uncomfortable.

Today, I guess that made me want to write this was I was sitting on the front door step smoking, when I had this overwhelming feeling take over me, I've never had anything like it and I don't really remember it, but I felt like everything was just terrible and if I continued to feel that way then I didn't want to live anymore (I'm not usually a thinker of such things, I'm usually quite happy!) and my body froze and I couldn't breathe and I suddenly just vomitted, I could see things in my mind that I remember were absolutely horrible, but I can't remember them now and I couldn't as soon as the feeling left me.

I don't know whether I'm thinking too in depth or irrationally about this now, but as I was writing this my younger brother came into my room and presented a selection of cards to me (he's always doing card tricks and magic, but usually with real cards, I've never seen these before) and asked me to pick a card, and then choose top or bottom, I said top, and he read out the words on the top of the card "You're in danger, excess and solitude"

Now I know this all sounds silly, but my 11 year old brother isn't usually one for having things like this and I've never seen him have anything similar. I'm beginning to really worry about all this now. I'm sorry I'm not the greatest story teller, there's an endless amount of experiences I could put in here, but I'd really like to know what other people think about this!

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anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-17)
It sounds as if that lady was still there in the house, even when you stopped seeing her (talked to her). Could be her switching on the lights, etc.
As for the bad feelings you had recently, and then vomited... Could be something that is trying to enter your mind. So you can feel it's thoughts. Do not that he gets the better of you!
Stezz (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-16)
I think it's your grandfather trying to tell you to stop smoking. I'm no expert but I read stories on here most nights before I sleep and to me I think it might seem like you are being haunted by more than one spirit, one that may be out to harm you and one that is protecting you. Try talking to your grandfather when these things happen like you would pray. If you feel threatened find someone who knows more about these things x
Bonnie_13 (2 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-15)
Very interesting, many thiings like this have happened to me, infact just the other night I turned the lounge room light off and 5 minutes later it was on again, this continued 4 or 5 times. Now, you mention a number of times thet the presence makes you feel uneasy, you need to figure out whether this is just you reacting to the fact that something is there or whether the presence is causing that feeling from perhaps strong energy. Many of them are usually just trying to make contact, but not trying to harm you. Also it's not unusual for people to experience what the presence has when it was alive, I often refer to them as echo's because we are replaying or re- experiencing what they did. 😊

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