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It has been a few years since I've updated on the occurrences I experienced in the apartment. I have moved to a house since then, and unfortunately, this has not stopped the the shadow figures/creatures from making themselves known. We're currently living in a three bedroom home with a single hallway leading to all of the bedrooms. When we moved here, I didn't feel any negative energy or the need to run up the stairs after turning off the light behind me (if you know what I mean). It's rather peaceful. I will say, however, that I'm still plagued with these nighttime shadows.

The first thing I experienced was about a month after we moved in. Our new bed is placed against a wall, and I sleep on the outside. There's a nightstand next to the bed and a small yellow lamp that sits atop it. The shape of the lamp is quite round, and I say this for visual effect on what I'm about to tell you. I awoke in the middle of the night, around three in the morning, and focused on the outside of the bed, facing the nightstand. There is some light that leaks through into the room from the streetlight outside. After my eyes were adjusted, I noticed something moving on the nightstand. What I can only describe to be a snake was coiled around the base of the lamp and was moving out of sight as I watched it. Its tail disappeared behind the lamp just as I jumped out of bed to turn on the lights in the room. Nothing was there, as usual. This was one of the most vivid ones I'd seen, as though I could reach out and touch it. It sent me reeling for a few hours. I really don't like snakes.

The next occurrence is something I've personally experienced a few times in my life. Some years back, I awoke to the feeling of my bed shaking. As odd as it sounds, this was nothing new to me, as I'd felt the sensation before and assumed it was a part of my dream leaking into reality. It turns out that we'd had an earthquake in the middle of the night, so ever since then, I've been more aware of when this happens. Because of this, when I woke up to my bed shaking a few months ago, I made sure to really take in my surroundings, in fear of it being an earthquake again. To my confusion, I heard two male voices in the hallway outside of our bedroom speaking in such low tones that I couldn't make out what they were saying. It almost seemed like they (or whatever they are) were aware that I was listening and didn't want me to hear them. The bed stopped shaking and I turned on the nightstand light, and as I did this, the voices seized to exist. There is no one else that lives with us in the house, and my husband was sleeping next to me. I found it odd, but it didn't frighten me so much.

Around the same time, I had another nighttime occurrence. I woke up on my back facing the ceiling. When I was able to focus, I saw what appeared to be an enormous wasp or hornet bouncing against my ceiling. It was summer, and honestly, it would make logical sense for something like this to happen. I watched as it bounced a few more times and then turned on the light in order to run out of the room away from it; but when I looked up as the room was well lit, the bug was gone. I searched the entire room, because I have a huge fear of bugs that sting, but could not find it. There's no way it could have escaped that fast, so I concluded that it must have been another shadow creature.

The last and most recent thing that happened involved a snake, yet again, to my dismay. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I was facing outward towards the room. I looked at our sliding closet doors and saw something. This is a bit difficult to explain, so bear with me. The snake was caught between the two sliding doors, and was defying gravity by sticking it's body out horizontally from between them. It was hissing and moving as though it was floating in air and only its tail was attached to the doors. Even my brain couldn't make sense of it. As usual, once the light was on, the creature disappeared.

There is a large part of me that thinks this is something to do with my dreams leaking into reality still. That, or I'm haunted by creatures that frighten me, which is a nightmare in itself. Of course, I would love to hear your opinions, thoughts, and ideas down below. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to monitor the feed this time!

Thanks for reading!:)

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BeagleMom (3 stories) (84 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-21)
Perhaps you could buy a sage bundle and smudge your home saying a cleansing prayer. Couldn't hurt, and it might just help you out! I'm sure "We" would be interested in the result, if any! ❤
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-20)
Hello reneemarie29, thank you for sharing your story. Something about your encounters sparked something in me, but I wasn't sure what it was at first. Were all the creatures/figures you saw in shadow? I ask because some of them you've relayed seem pretty detailed to make out from only a shadow. The thing about the snake was what took me back.

When I was a child I wandered into an area by our garage, enclosed by a small fence in the back and one on the side and the garage on the other side, so it was pretty enclosed. There was a lot of growth, weeds, plants etc at the time and I came upon a snake, rather large and coiled up. I didn't know what kind of snake it was at the time, but I do remember some flies buzzing around it, so it might have been dead. It didn't move and I of course fled. I told my parents and my dad cautiously entered the area, but didn't find a thing. I returned as well but didn't see anything. The area was pretty enclosed and we were in the middle of a small town, but there shouldn't have been any way for that snake to have gotten away, one that size without being noticed.

For all intents and purposes, it just vanished as if it was never there. I mention it because of your encounters and because my experience was somewhat strange. I remember upon seeing the snake that it almost seemed like a dreamlike state, not quite real, yet I was wide awake, and this was in broad daylight, I don't know how to describe it any better than that, like it was surreal, something didn't add up even in my young mind. It's bothered me for years, and your story reminded me of it and may have some kind of bizarre connection.

It's possible that my dad may have found it and removed it and lied to me to protect me, but I was there the whole time and my dad was terrified of snakes. The fact he even attempted to check it out was out of character in and of itself. Years before when he was a teen, a family member had cut the head off a snake and threw it in the truck of a car, and wouldn't you know it, a tire blew out on that very car. My father refused to open the trunk to change the tire so it's unlikely he would have disposed of it, even if he had found it. My mom verified his story.

I believe like you, what I saw wasn't really there, what it was I cannot say, but my mom had told me as an adult I saw things in the dark when I was a kid, though I wouldn't elaborate and I cannot remember most of it, save for an instance or two.

Back to your story, I'm not sure what it was you experienced, maybe my story helps in the fact that you're certainly not alone. Apparently whatever it was is aware of your fears, as it appeared as a snake at least twice. Something is trying to get your attention, but to what end? Have you tried any kind of cleansing rituals? There are some on this site, maybe a personal clearing if it's attached to you? Anyways great story and good luck!
Rajine (14 stories) (776 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-14)
Hi reneemarie29

I think possibly something could be following you, maybe get someone who can do a walk through at your home and see from there, as you mentioned that in the beginning of moving to your new home you haven't experienced any paranormal activity.

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