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The Banging Spirit


I grew-up in an environment of being introduced to many different religions. My mother is an Atheist, my grandmother, godmother and father, who played a large part in my childhood, were Catholic, and most of our family friends were Protestant. When I was younger I followed my mother's skeptic point of view towards religion and do not believe in a god, but ever since I was young I have always seen flashes of people that disappeared as soon as I looked closer and places, that are now different, in their former glory. I would also get "feelings" about certain areas that I now know tell me if something supernatural is there. I paid little thought to these events and always put them off as sleep deprivation and imagination because they always disappeared until my first true encounter which woke me up to my ability as a medium.

My mother owns an adult foster care home and the local union holds an annual barbeque for its members and clients. My mom took me and our clients to this barbeque in the summer of 2007. There was only one other person there close to my age, the rest being all either middle ages owners or elderly clients, we shall call her Stephanie. She and I started talking out of boredom. The more we talked, the more we found we have in common and we quickly became friends. Naturally we set-up a sleep over to hang-out more for the next day.

The next day my mother drove me to her house so that I may spend the night. Stephanie had a large obsession with the supernatural and claimed her house was haunted. She told me of things she'd done to communicate and excite the dead. She and her friends used Ouija boards as well as other methods and knew how to do so safely, so we decided to try a few. After some discussion we agreed that we will use a ouiji board in the camper, incidentally where we were going to sleep, that was located in her backyard.

Before then however we decided to try another method that Stephanie has found to work before, writing on a mirror in either black eyeliner or blood. We used some of her eye liner to write hi on the mirror. We then went off and watched some movies for a few hours before coming back and checking the mirror. When we did we found scratched faintly into the inside of the mirror, between the plastic backing and the glass at the front, the phrase "what do you want?" backwards as if someone in the mirror had written it. This was a solid mirror with a plastic backing which would have to be broken off the mirror in pieces to be remove and could not easily be replaced, but it was undamaged and the glass in front was also whole. We were really curious about this and eager to find out more so we wrote "we want to meet you" on the mirror in the same black eyeliner. We did not think much of it and were giggling at the prospect of what he/she will answer.

Afterward we went and had dinner and then amused ourselves with other things of no importance. Every once in a while checking the mirror for any reply, but there was none. At 11 PM we decided to get ready for bed, in other words dress up in our pajamas, set up our beds and stay-up all night playing with the Ouija board and talking. Stephanie lived with her mother and two dogs, so her mother saw us out. She opened the door and called the dogs inside, we saw both the dogs go inside the house, and she watched us walk across the yard and get into the camper before she turned off the porch light. It was a clear night where you can see the moon and stars, but it was still dark because I live in a rural city where there is a lot of nature and very little artificial light at night. There were no street lamps around Stephanie's house so you got the effect of sleeping the only lights being the moon, the stars, and the light from her TV which silhouetted her mother, sitting on the couch. I remember thinking of how pretty the night was and looking at the moon for a few minutes. Once inside the camper we turned on the lights, which were dim but lit up the entire place.

At the back of the camper were two beds in which we were planning to spend the night. I took the one on the left side of the camper and Stephanie took the one on the right. I took with me a few pencils and my sketch pad into the camper in order to make the Ouija board. I ripped out a piece and handed it to Stephanie. She drew an Ouija board on it while telling me about how whenever she and her friends sleep out here, something always taps on the window right next to me. After she finished telling me we both became silent waiting to see if we could hear the tapping. The atmosphere in the camper slowly turned ominous. There was no tapping, no, it was worse. It sounded as if someone pounded with all of their strength against the window. It shook the entire trailer, which didn't even move when we climbed into it. This really freaked me out and I chickened out of doing the Ouija board. Stephanie readily agreed because she never had heard the entity pounding before. Stephanie cleansed the Ouija board and ripped it up into pieces.

Afterward we started talking about random things and drawing. I kept getting and image of a creepy bunny which I then drew to show Stephanie. After word Stephanie started seeing a pair of red, blood shot eyes staring into the camper. I was too scared to look. A moment later the banging on the window next to me happened again, this time it seemed to have been hit even harder. After finally working up the courage, I finally looked at the front window, I could only see the silhouette of her mother on the couch in front of the flashing TV. Upon my request, Stephanie drew the eyes that she was seeing in my sketch book. A few minutes after she was done, the entity banged a third time. This time I quickly looked out through the front window and saw a head floating in midair in front of the window. It was a man with long pointed face. He had sand color, dirty blond hair and a hair style similar to Leonardo Dicaprio' style in Titanic, at this time I had not seen Titanic and had no idea of this resemblance. He had those red blood shot eyes, which were glaring at us. I saw him for only a flash but I still remember his face as if I had just seen it seconds ago instead of years ago.

A few moments later Stephanie stopped seeing the eyes. Stephanie by this point needed to use the bathroom and the one in the camper was broken. I was scared out of my wits and blatantly refused to exit the trailer. The ominous feeling was still there. After much prodding and convincing I finally agreed to exit the camper and make a run towards the house. We gathered up all of our belongings and exited the camper. We sprinted across the yard, me clinging to Stephanie's arm the entire time, stopping only briefly to close the camper door. Inside we found her mother sitting on the couch and the dogs laying on the floor surrounding the coffee table. We did not go back to the camper that night. Instead we both crashed on her twin bed. The next morning we check the mirror, which still had nothing new, and the backyard, in which we could not find anything which could have made the banging happen.

After I left I have talked to Stephanie several times. She told me that after that night the banging never happened again, and even the tapping had stopped. We went to different schools and soon drifted apart. I never saw or sensed that entity again, even though I have seen others. I still have the sketch pad with all three drawings and I still get an ominous feeling looking at them. I do not know what we saw and what made that banging sound, but I am certain it was a ghost. I also not know if we saw the regular ghost that Stephanie claims is haunting her house or if we called some demon to us by writing on the mirror. All I know is that this experience made me believe in ghosts and started me on my journey to acknowledge and learn how to use my abilities as a medium.

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Kieako (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-03)
I don't think that was the case. What we sensed from the spirit was more of contempt and desire to hurt us for the mere fun of it. Also we did not actually do the ouiji board. I chickened out before we accuatlly used it.
TheLurkingUnknown (1 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-03)
creepy, I think this was a lost soul and it seems like it did not want to be bothered and when you fooled around with the mirror and the Ouija borad might have made the lost soul a bit angry and it wanted to make its point known and after that I probably just cut of connection with 'Stephanie'.
mysticalme (1 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-02)
This experiene is really very scary. Thank you for sharing:)

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