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Now You See Me, Now You Don't


First, let me explain a certain habit I have. I pace when I'm bored, nervous, thinking, or just in general feel restless, and I always pace in circles around my kitchen table. Another thing is that during breaks and weekends I tend to stay up late.

I was pacing around my table while listening to music, when I felt like someone was behind me. This isn't really unusual for me, since I live with my mother, father, and brother, and my cat is always following me around when I'm in the kitchen. My brother was still awake too, so I start to turn around to tell him to leave me alone (he was playing video games and had come in about 500 times that day to tell me whatever he was doing and who he beat) and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a person about my age, give or take a year, wearing brown or dark red, with blond hair. I'm not exactly sure what he looked like because it was out of the corner of my eye (I wear glasses, so it was a little blurry). He was there just long enough for me to blink, but I'm sure of what I saw.

The weird thing is, things like this happen to me a lot, but it's always been a run into my room and slam the door, turn on all the lights in the house kind of thing. I'm not very brave with that sort of thing usually, but this time it was different. I didn't feel scared or anything, just kind of curious.

So, I reached out my right hand to where he had been, and it felt warm. The rest of my house is pretty cold at night, especially the kitchen. I wasn't sure whether to drag my brother in from the living room, or just stand there. When I pulled my hand away, it felt sort of tingly, like it would after you shake your hand really fast, and I just! Like whoever it was was trying to reassure me.

Like I said, I've never been good with anything supernatural related, I get scared half to death from hearing my cat in a dark room, even when I know she's there, so for me to NOT be scared, and to even try to touch him/it, is like snow in August, it just doesn't happen.

Does that mean it was just my imagination or that there is something here that apparently took a liking to me?

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Markiza (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
This can be something like a "faulty eye" experience, when we sometimes see "something" for a brief moment, then it flashes away. The most common explanation is, you must have seen the very same figures/people at least once in your life just enough for them to be imprinted on your memory. They remain in your subconscious memory without you realizing it. And then, at one time or another, they "emerge" out of nowhere, when you least expect it. This may sound ridiculous, but indeed our brain can be really tricky.
About the feelings you described, the "warmth" and "safety", they're also derived from the exact same situation as with the person you saw. Yet, the reason why you had this "flash" at the time you did, can hardly be unraveled. And supposedly, you won't happen to see that again unless you manage to recall that person by the details that have been disclosed.
crecentblue03 (151 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-07)
I think it very well could be a spirit, I think it is curious about you is all, it doesn't seem to want to hurt you. If you see it again why not ask it what it wants?. You your self said you don't seem scared of it, maybe it wants to know why you are walking around the table you mite be the first person it came across who has this habit. Thanks for sharing.

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