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Grandma Sees The Grim Reaper


So I have posted a story here recently and I had another more recent one come up into my thoughts. My family seems to be sensitive to the paranormal/spiritual. I cannot say that we all believe but we have all had some kind of odd occurrence happen to us. The original super sensitive person was my grandmother, she had more stories than I could remember. I will be telling of one particular story which happened some time before she passed away. My closest cousin that I talk to everyday was actually a witness to these events as were a couple of other cousins to which I contact directly and have known my whole life.

My grandmother was diagnosed with Lupus which runs in our family. This was around 2010, and the Lupus was pretty advanced because at this time my grandmother was in another country and hadn't been able to get a clear answer of the disease she had. Once she came back to the US it had advanced so far that she went into intense care and pretty intense medicine. This weakened her so much that she was bedridden for all of her last days.

The family decided to keep her in the hospital for a few months but once we saw she had no chance we decided to care for her at home until the end. During her stay at the hospital is when the weird goings on really got our attention, and they continued on into everyone's homes that she stayed in as we all took turns of caring for her, those are some later stories. In the hospital the nurses would be checking on my grandmother all night and day with various tests and administering various medicines. The problem was that she spoke no English, so my family members would take turns staying the nights with her when there were no translators around.

The first to stay was my cousin D. He said the hospital looked creepy as it was at night, they would dim most of the hallways lights and it would get very cold in there, and there was no space in the room so you had to sit in a small waiting area outside of her room. From this particular sitting area you had a clear view of my grandmother's room and they would leave the door open so that we could keep watch on her in case she (as mentioned above) needed something and couldn't speak English. On this night D said he felt uneasy because my grandmother kept moving as if she was in pain or uncomfortable but when he'd go over to check on her she was sound asleep, so he put it off as tossing and turning in her sleep. This sounded like a plausible explanation until she also started sitting up and talking at random, waking up as the night grew later.

D would go over and ask if she was okay to check if she was actually awake and not having some kind of episodes, she clearly turned to look at him wide awake and said she was okay but just talking to the lady that has been visiting more often than usual. Of course my cousin D gets freaked out and tried to brush it off and helped her lay down and go back outside to the waiting area. To give a bit of perspective the hallway was narrow and it led to a single elevator that took you down to the lobby, they were on the sixth floor, the hallway was also lined with the long 2x4 light fixtures. D said that around 1AM-2AM random light fixtures would flicker on and off in a pattern and it randomly got ice cold. D was totally freaked out and just sat in shock.

D said he looked over to see if he needed to get up to place a cover over my grandma because it was so cold. When he looked over my grandma was sitting up in her bed and talking in a worried voice to a corner in the room which you couldn't see from where he was sitting in the waiting area since the door did not open all the way. He got some courage and stood up to see what was going on, once he walked over my grandma stopped talking but looked very worried and was breathing pretty hard. He looked into the corner she was talking to and it was empty.

He turned back to my grandmother in disbelief and asked her if she was okay, to see if shes actually awake and responding, as I said we thought she was having little episode of sleep talking and moving. She then grabs his hand and points to the corner behind him and tells him t to worry because shes gone, and she told her she can stay longer to say goodbye. Obviously my cousin D takes his hand back and moves away from the corner of the room.

D then asks my grandmother what shes talking about. My grandmother then said that a tall woman with pale skin and big black eyes that had no pupil, just all black, had appeared in front of her in the corner of the room. She said she had a long white dress and that would hang to the floor but you could not see her feet, we don't know if she was floating. She also mentioned that she was holding a long spear like item in one of her hands and a book in another. My grandmother said the book looked very old and it was only black, no letters or title. This being told my grandmother in Spanish that she was there to take her away and that it was her time, but she let my grandmother stay because she begged to say goodbye to everyone while they were all present, she had 10 children including all of their children.

D then tells me he couldn't tell what my grandmother was saying but after she explained what she say he did remember and piece together something she said, this is in Spanish. My grandmother said "Por favor no me llleves, no estoy lista, porfavor, todavia no", which roughly translates to "please don't take me, I am not ready yet, please not yet". This was all he can piece together from the actual conversation my grandma tried to explain he only understood most of the Spanish, he could not speak or write it.

Once D got her back down and to sleep he sat back down and called for another cousin J to come join as he was too scared to be left alone. As J and D stayed the rest of the night, the lights kept flickering and they kept getting cold gusts of air at random throughout the night. On that same night they both saw her get up again and to the same corner point and say in an angry voice " I told you to go away, I am not coming yet", since that moment she never mentioned it again, and my cousins proceeded to tell our whole family this who tried to deny it although they experienced far worse growing up at my grandmother house which was insanely active with the paranormal.

What confuses me is, isn't the grim reaper always described as a male with a skeletal face and limbs, this entity was a woman and looked very much almost alive.

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DanielJZ (2 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-15)
[at] LuciaJacinta
Thank you for the comment! No, she did not seem bothered by this "entity", as far as being in fear goes. She had more of an annoyed or angered tone as she did not want to "leave" yet, she was the type to not fear much. I have many stories passed down through my family of the things that happened to my grandmother and all her children, I will be posting a lot more.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-14)
I was coming back to this one to also say it might be santa muerte, but valkricry beat me to it. This saint in Mexican culture is not a scary figure but rather, holy. It would not be something to be feared. I would think perhaps in your relative's mind she may have seen her statutes or images and was thinking of her. Besides, your grandma didn't seem bothered by her, did she?
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-07-07)
I think so, Daniel. For myself I think our personal belief system plays a large role in the paranormal, and Death wears many faces.
There are a good many reports of folks near death claiming that some deceased relative is near to show them the way, and one's like your Mama's, where Death has come calling in 'person', as it were.
DanielJZ (2 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-07)
[at] Valkricry
Seems very plausible, and would make sense she would see a Mexican deity as we are Mexican. Could it be that the way we are taught to envision the grim reaper is what shall appear before us? For example in the USA they picture it as a skeleton with a scythe and that is how they shall see him, but then there is the Mexican version which is a woman and so we shall see a woman? It might all depend on how we envision it and it will appear to us as it is most familiar to us.
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-07-07)
Perhaps whom she saw was SeƱora de la Santa Muerte, or Santa Muerte.
She is a female deity of death, or a folk saint in Mexican and Mexican-American folk Catholicism. Personally, I don't know a lot about her, just what the locals here have told me.
Often she is pictured wearing a white robe or shroud, carrying a scythe (long stick thing with a curved blade on the end). Some say she carries the Book of Life, which tells her which way to escort your soul (don't know how reliable that tid-bit is, but is what I've been told.)
DanielJZ (2 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-07)
[at] Lealeigh
I also wonder who she saw, from what I know her whole family was very sensitive and she had sisters that have died before her. All in all it was creepy to hear.

Thank you for replying.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-06)
Hi DanielJZ,

I think that the spirits that come to take people to the other side can fit into an infinite amount of descriptions. There are a lot of stories that people have told that loved ones sometime return to help people pass.

"The Grim Reaper" is an entity that was thought up during the days when Bubonic Plague was sweeping through Europe and bodies piled up everywhere. He looks like that because of the dread people have of death; but, I don't believe that a real guide to the afterlife would ever come to a person in that guise.

Still, I wonder who it was that visited your Grandmother.

- Maria

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