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Possible Haunting In Family Members' Home


This is not a personal experience but that of my girlfriends cousin and his family who have given me permission to post details of strange incidents that have happened in their flat in the hope of getting some advice.

(Lee's girlfriend posted some of this on the site back in November but I can't find it so thought it would be best to start from the beginning, apologies if some of you have already read some of this)

Lee (my girlfriend's cousin), Hayley (Lee's girlfriend) and their daughter Mia moved into a ground floor flat around 18 months ago with the first series of incidents beginning a few months after they had moved in. Hayley told us that on numerous occasions there would be a very strong smell of tobacco in the flat, Lee and Hayley are both smokers however neither of them will smoke inside due to their little girl. As a smoker myself I know how the smell can sometimes linger on you however when I suggested this Hayley stated that the smell was 'fresher', as if someone was in the flat smoking right there and then. She also mentioned that the smell would appear at random times throughout the day and not just after they themselves had come back in from having a cigarette.

The temperature of their fridge was constantly being tampered with and up until then the strangest thing to have happened was on one occasion Hayley went to the fridge to get some milk and the milk bottle was completely crushed.

Towards the end of November last year Hayley told us that it was as if Mia had been engaging with someone (pointing at, smiling at, talking to, waving to etc) who Hayley couldn't see. It would mainly happen in the front room or if she was stood in the hallway looking into the front room and had been going on for a few weeks. Hayley attempted to take pictures and also video Mia doing this using her digital camera however as she tried to do this the camera kept turning off. She replaced the batteries however the camera would still turn off every time she tried to photograph or video Mia. I mentioned that the camera could be faulty however Hayley said that when she took pictures of anything else in the flat the camera worked but would then turn off again when she went to photograph Mia.

Mia was around 18 months old when this happened so when I say 'talk' it was more along the lines of one or two word sentences and unfortunately nothing that could provide Hayley with concrete evidence of whom, if anyone, she was conversing with.

Hayley did think there was the possibility that it could be Lee's Nan, Mia's great Nan, who had passed away a few months earlier. She had a few reasons for believing this. On the first occasion she asked Mia what she waving and laughing at and she apparently walked over to and pointed at the picture of her great Nan which they have on the TV stand next to the TV. Lee's Mum and Dad were babysitting one evening and witnessed Mia standing in the door way looking into the front room and waving, they too asked Mia what she was waving at and she apparently went to the same picture, picked it up and kissed and cuddled it. Also Hayley said that Mia was acting like she knew the 'person' she was conversing with, Mia wasn't frightened or wary and when she was finished would go straight to the picture that sat beside the TV of her Nan and pick it up and cuddle it.

Hayley visits a medium from time to time and did so shortly after the thing with Mia began. The medium told Hayley that Lee's Nan was looking over the family and would do so until the problems they were having were sorted out which would be within the year. This confirmed for Hayley that Mia was seeing her Great Nan and that there was nothing to worry about.

Everything seemed to die down for a while. Mia was still doing her 'thing' although not as often and due to the reasons above Hayley didn't see any reason to be concerned when she did. The smell of tobacco would still appear randomly but this wasn't exactly frightening, more strange and slightly frustrating that they had no conclusive answer as to what could be the cause.

This changed recently with three new and separate incidents within the space of two weeks.

Thursday 29th March, Jo, my girlfriend, forwarded on to me an email which Hayley had sent her. Hayley emailed Jo asking if she could explain any of the following.

Around two weeks prior to the email Hayley sent to Jo Mia's Minnie Mouse cutlery set went missing. Hayley searched high and low for them but to no avail. A couple of days later, believing they had been lost, she went to the Disney store to buy Mia a new set but they had sold out. When she got home the knife and fork were sitting in the sink and the spoon was in the cutlery drawer.

The second thing happened a few days later. Lee had already left for work. Hayley had gotten herself ready for work and Mia ready to go to the childminders. Mia was watching cartoons on BBC 2 while Hayley got everything together that Mia needed for the day. Hayley switched the TV off, it was still on BBC 2 and they left the flat. When they got home later that day and Hayley turned the TV on the channel had been switched to the Disney channel. They were the last ones to leave the flat that morning and the first to return that afternoon.

Wednesday 28th March Hayley got up to get ready for work, she was the first one up, Lee and Mia was still asleep. When she went to the kitchen there was milk all over the kitchen sides and milk had been splattered up the cupboards and over the kettle.

Jo and Hayley have done some research on the history of the property and the land. The flats are relatively new, the majority of them built within the last twenty years. The land the flats are built on was part of the site of The Joyce Green Hospital although at the moment they are unsure as to whether the land the flat stands on was just part of the grounds or used to be where one the hospital buildings once stood. There is also a cemetery/burial ground around about a mile from the flat, now called the Enchanted Woodland and looked after by Temple Hill Trust, which once belonged to the hospital. This area was the hospital cemetery from around 1901 - 1951 when the hospital stopped using this area of the land. 80% of the burials between 1901 and 1951 took place in 1902 when London and the surrounding areas were hit by a severe smallpox epidemic.

I don't know if this is or should be of any significance however it has gone a long way to convincing the others that they are dealing with a haunting.

I don't believe in ghosts myself and personally believe that they are yet to exhaust all natural explanations (however am struggling to think of natural causes for all the incidents which weakens my argument somewhat when we discuss this).

I would be grateful to hear others thoughts and opinions on what has been happening, hopefully ways to debunk some of the occurrences or measures they can take if this truly is a haunting.

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littlelady25 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-02)
Just randomly searching for some info on joyce green hauntings as I have been speaking to an ex boss who has been telling me about some more spooky goings on since I left (there were some before but nothing concrete), it has got to the point now where people have left their jobs because of it and many sceptcs have agreed that there is something going on, the incidents are too many to list right now but will gather my thoughts and update over the weekend, the point is that all this is going on... At the Bridge development... Built right on top of the Joyce green site. The situation is now that they are getting the church in to help. When I have more time I will update on the details of the incidents (there are many and thigs that could not be explained away)
Laney82 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-17)
Hi guys, sorry about the late reply, only noticed last week that the account had been posted and then I was away at a festival last weekend. This week has been a case of slowly dragging myself out of festival life and easing back into the real world lol.

Firstly, Rookdygin and Isandhu, thank you for the comments, especially the non paranormal explanations for some of the incidents in the post. It was getting quite frustrating when trying to offer alternative explanations to 'oh my god it's a ghost' and getting ignored. Luckily I don't have much of an ego, it would have taken quite a knock to have been ignored for weeks on end only for suggestions from a third party to be instantly taken on board. Again thank you, the comments have helped a lot and gone some way to putting minds at ease.

I do have a small update. I asked Hayley how things were at the flat and she said that she had 'spoken' to the spirit. A couple of weeks back when she was in the house alone she spoke out loud asking the spirit to stop what it was doing, that she didn't mind it being there but that she didn't appreciate the house being messed up or things being hidden. Apparently since then things have died down, almost completely stopped actually. There have been no more sightings or instances with the fridge and belongings have stopped going missing. There is still the occasional smell of smoke and things have been moved although this has only happened once or twice since then.

I believe a massive coincidence, especially, and as any parent I am sure will testify, toddlers are renown for moving object that dare sit still for longer than a few minutes to a new location.

I will make sure I keep you guys updated

caitlinmooneyx (2 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-08)
This sounds incredibly cool, I would love to visit this house!
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-07)
The tobacco could be from a neighbour smoking. Smoke, like water, will find its way through even the smallest cracks and crannies that you might not even know exist. Also, regarding the alleged identification of Nan, I'm not even sure it's possible for a child that young to make the connection between a photograph and a person or object, although I'm not sure at what age that develops. I remember seeing a study that compared the ability of dogs and infants to connect pictures of 3 dimensional objects with the objects themselves. I don't recall how old the children were, although they would have been between 1 and 2. The dogs were adults. The dogs did much better than the infants at retrieving a specific toy after being shown a picture of it. Therefore, Mia's apparent identification of Nan is suspect. She may just be waving at dust motes and have a fondness for the frame for some reason.
The sightings of the girl are harder to explain away, assuming that everyone's accounts are accurate and independent. However, if it is a "residual" haunt (i.e. Just energy left behind from a previous occupant of the property that is manifesting itself), then the explanation is not, strictly speaking, "paranormal". Residual energy is energy from events that have occurred and are natural in that sense. We just don't happen to know the mechanism whereby this energy is stored and replayed (although it must have something to do with electromagnetic fields).
The Disney channel thing could be chaulked up to the vagaries of technology. I don't really have enough info to comment on the milk thing (e.g. Whether a container was left out on the counter, how full the container was, what material it was made of, what the weather and temperature conditions were, etc.). I imagine if a container were left out and it was very hot it could possible burst, although not likely with enough force to spread the milk very far).
Hope this helps you to figure out what's going on.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-07)
While I can not verify everything going on in the house... The smell of smoke... In random places at random times may be due to Weather Conditions... If previous owners / renters smoked in the 'Flat' and did so on a regular basis then any wood work or possible 'sheet rock' may release the the aroma of any smoke it may have absorbed if the Temperature and Humidity conditions are 'just right'.

It's only a possibility, but it is a 'Natural One' for them to consider.

3-4 People seeing and describing the same little girl...that's a wee bit harder to explain. There is a chance that she was treated at the old Hospital, to no avail. Does she seem to interact with the individuals who have seen her, or is she seen doing the same things over and over again? (This will help establish if she is a Residual or Intelligent Haunting.

Please keep us updated and ask any questions you or your friends may have.



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