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Hey guys its been awhile when I submitted my first story so I hope you like this next one.

I was working for the night shift for a call center agency here in Baguio. It happened on the 3rd quarter of 2008. I was on my way out of the house and headed to work when it happened. Let me describe the scenario first, My house is basically on top of the mountain side and it is far from any other houses. Getting a cab is really hard since you have to walk though the mountainous terrain and go down or up the unlit mountain path to get one and it is one heck of a hike. The shortest path was going down the mountain side and the longest hike would be the one going up.

There was no moon out and it was a cold night. My shift started at 2 am so I had to wake up at mid night and get dressed and be ready by 1 am. I was still a little sleepy but the cold shower I had woke my nerves up to get moving. As I was going out I felt a little uneasy chill but I thought I would have just been the wind or the cold shower I had. I was going out to the path where I could either go up or down the mountain to get a cab. My house has a wooden gate that you had to swing hard for it to close properly. I was almost out the gate when I saw it. It came from the path going down the mountain. It was all white and hunched forward like the hunch back of Notre Dame with its head down and it was dragging and its left arm and it had a limp leg but its moving towards me so fast that I just stood there frozen as I watched it get close then it suddenly dissapeared when it was almost near our wooden gate where I was still standing.

It freaked me out that when I got my body moving again that I jumped back in towards the gate where my dogs were lying. My dogs were all cowardly looking when I jumped in. I had a cold chill climb up my back that it woke up all my senses. I really didn't want to go to work after that but I had to go.

I took the long path going up the mountain and ran as fast as I could because I really didn't want to see it but I could feel that there was still something watching me. I was so freaked out that I was still feeling that cold chill running through my spine until the end of my shift.

Well that's my story for now I hope you enjoyed it and its all true.

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Marine (6 stories) (42 posts)
8 years ago (2013-08-13)
WOW! That must have been a sight to behold. I have been to Baguio on numerous occasions and find the place quite creepy. More so at night when the fog starts to roll in...
beer_DC_NugZ (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-14)
I work night shift (zombie shift) also and I know if I seen something like that right before work I probably would call in sick... But then again whose to say it want hedin that way to go to your house? Dunn Dunn Dunn 😲
Elgin (5 stories) (35 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-05)
Have you ever tried having a cold shower right after you wake up in the middle of the night? If not then surely you have no idea what it really feels like and besides I woke up at 12 took a shower get ready for work which means I get dressed, eat my dinner/breakfast, and also get my self a steamy hot coffee. I work the night shift, I sleep during the day and wake at night and I've done it for a couple of years so it couldn't have been my imagination.

My dogs were inside the house. And our house is far from the closest road and the front is facing away from the mountain and we have to walk through a dirt path just to get to the closest road. So there would be no light to guide you. You have to use a flashlight to walk through that path. If you go up the mountain where there isn't any houses and a lot of trees and no moon so its pitch black and seeing a white figure that looked like a hunched back come at you while your directly staring right at it is no joke.

But in any case thanks for commenting.
out2getu (14 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-02)
you said you had to get up a midnight right well the cold shower obviously didn't wake you up proparly then and the whole thing was your imaginaition and thing that was watching you was your dogs they wanted to see if you were ok no need to be afraid xxxxx

From out2getu xxxxxx

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