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What Was In The Garage?


Just let me start off by saying this is 100% true. When I tell this story to my family, I am sure to tell them to ask my dad if it's true after I tell them the story. And my dad always agrees with me.

Anyways, my parents are divorced. In the school year, I live with my mother and stepdad in Kingwood Texas, just a few minutes away from Houston. And in the summer, I travel to Amarillo, Texas to spend time with my dad and my grandparents and my dad's girlfriend and her daughter.

Back in the day there was a military base a few miles away from our Amarillo home, and all the houses in our neighborhood were small 2 bedroom houses because they were houses for the people at the military base. In our house, there was my grandparents' room and the guest room. My dad's room was the large garage complete with a bathroom and a large closet. I was 9 at that time, and my dad had not met his current girlfriend yet, so sometimes I would sleep with him.

That night was a night that I was going to sleep with him again. So I got changed into my night gown and walked to "The Back," which is what we call the garage. Me and my dad were just getting into a really good deep sleep, when all of a sudden we heard a loud "SCREETCH, BAM!" Me and my dad sat right up! He ran to where the door of the garage was and turned on the lights, then grabbed a bat and began to check the garage. He checked everything - the bathroom, the closet, every corner of the garage. Nothing. Was. There. My dad grabbed me and ran to the back door of the house and pounded on it until my poor grandmother came running to it. She unlocked the door and we shakily explained to her what happened.

Now, keep in mind, my grandmother is a VERY religious person. So religious that she believes the children's toy Monster High Dolls are "demonized." She explained to us that we should say a prayer and then tomorrow we should place a Bible in the garage. So we said a prayer and stayed up for another hour. During that hour, I thought of something. I looked up at my dad, "Daddy, was it a demon?" I asked very scared. My dad looked at me oddly, "I... Don't know." He answered. But my grandmother said it probably was. I fell asleep very confused, but I felt safe in the house.

The next day, my father did as he was told and said a prayer in the garage then put the Bible on the shelf, then he hauled butt out of there!

Three and a half days later is when we finally started to go back into the garage for long amounts of time. I began to investigate, being my very curious self, and I checked the dressers, the tables, and the chairs. There were two metal fold-out chairs in the garage, the same ones that were there the night the event took place. I began to bang around the chair, dragging them and such. The black foldout chair was newer and had a less rusty sound than the noise we heard. So I tried the brown chair which was much older and used. I picked it up by it's back two legs, dragged it like that then smashed the back legs on the floor. Presto. That was the noise! My dad looked up, shock in his eyes. "Daddy! That was the noise, wasn't it?" I asked. He slowly nodded. That was amazing that I had actually found the source of the noise.

Surprisingly, the night it happened, my dad had a pair of work slacks hanging over that brown rusty chair. They had been untouched along with everything else. That sent chills down my spine.

To this day I wonder, was it a demon? And now every time I tell ghost stories to my friends or family, I tell that story. And my dad is my witness.

Thank you for reading this! Hope you enjoyed!

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coolkatg (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-04)
[at] ghosthunter14
LOL! Well I was a pretty un-creepy kid. I'm not the scary sixth sense type, so you have nothing to worry about! But thanks on your compliments. As I said in the comment below, I was just very curious and wanted an explanation at that age. But in all, thanks bunches! - Coolkatg ❤
coolkatg (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-04)
[at] Javelina
Thanks! I really appreciate that. At that age, I was pretty freaked out and just wanted to find a way to explain that! My dad was prett chill about it after a few days. But it's pretty much what adults do - They usually get over stuff. My dad was back to his days of going to the garage to look at the ESPN sites and such. I was still curious to see what it was! That was my only big expirience so far, but I'd I have any more I will be sure to post it! Thanks! - Coolkatg ❤
coolkatg (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-04)
[at] Mountaineer
I am sorry about those Harry Potter books! I never did read them, but I have heard they are very good. But yes, witchcraft is another one of my grandmother's big No-No's being a Jehovah's Witness and just plain spiritual!
I realize I must have freaked out maybe a little too much then, but come on. I was 9. That's part of the age of the young mind and we sort of tend to do that sometimes. And no, I'm pretty sure the garage floor isn't slanted... It's flat concrete and nothing like that has ever happened before! And even if it was slanted, I don't think a chair sliding on the floor could make such a loud noise. Me and my father had just gotten into a deep sleep - It was really loud to have waken us up so quickly! But I understand hit criticism. I will keep in mind not to be so dramatic if anything weird happens again.:) but that you for reading! - Coolkatg ❤
ghosthunter14 (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-23)
good investigation just what sherlock would've done but honestly if a little kid did what you did and said "that was a noise." it would give me the creeps. Personaly i'm not scared of much but things with kids creep me out for some reason.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-23)
I think you did a good bit of detecting work there. Finding the object that made the noise, but not being able to explain how that chair got picked up and moved is pretty much it. Once you have eliminated all other possible causes, and you still have not pinpointed how it could have been done? Then you look to the paranormal. And I agree with your findings. Good Job!

Jav 😊
Mountaineer (4 stories) (176 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-23)
You assumed that it was a demon when all it did was move a chair? A bit dramatic if you ask me. What is the floor made of? Does it have a slant? I'm thinking if it was a slick floor type and it was uneven then the chair might have slid backwards? Especially with the extra weight of the pants (granted, a pair of pants isn't all that heavy) on the back of the chair. And even if it wasn't, I don't think moving a chair is activity of demonic caliber. And I've had my own experience with super-religious people. I let one of my friends borrow one of my Harry Potter books and his grandfather burned it! 😠

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