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(To understand this story I'm going to tell you that, in addition to me, there were Jasper and AJ. Jasper was my best friend for several years, and I usually refer to him as my childhood best friend. We split because he was inviting a lot of negative energies into his life, and I felt like we were no longer compatible--but at this time AJ was his fiance. Both are male. Once AJ and I stopped associating with Jasper, we became best friends. I hope that's not too confusing.)

AJ and his family now live in Colorado, but less than a year ago they lived in a house that was something of a hot spot for paranormal activity (although, I personally believe that it was more about the land than the house itself). When he was a teenager and was dabbling with things he shouldn't have been dabbling with, AJ would feel watched, and sometimes smelled rotten eggs.

A few years back, when the house was very crowded, he set up his bedroom in the garage, but quickly found that he would hear footsteps from the room above it quite often. Shadow people were in abundance, and strange dreams that were sometimes bordering on the paranormal were scattered all throughout the time he spent there. Just a year or so ago he watched what appeared to be the spirit of his father (who had died in that house) walk around.

Now, you have to understand that by the time the two of them met, Jasper was already surrounded by a great deal of paranormal activity. When they moved in together at that house, the experiences only intensified. (Quick side note: If you're interested in reading a story related to Jasper that took place towards the beginning of his experiences, you can read Evil in the Corner.)

I believe that it all started a few years before that, when he found a blue stone that he was very attached to. Jasper always told me that some part of him felt something was "off" about the stone, but at the same time he couldn't get himself to leave it alone. I remember one time I did try to take it away from him, very casually. That night he hadn't been paying attention to it at all, and I remember being a bit creeped out when I slipped it in my pocket. As soon as he came back to the room he realized that the stone was gone, and accused me of hiding it. He hadn't been angry, exactly, but more hopeful that it would be that simple, and vaguely agitated. I did give it back to him.

After that I didn't think too much about the stone until after he moved in with AJ. He had sworn up and down, left and right, that he left the stone in Mississippi when he was packing, but found that it was there in Tennessee. I assumed he was either pulling my leg or had been mistaken, and AJ (who is fairly sensitive to energies) didn't pick anything up from it, so I wasn't very concerned.

It was spring break, and I was all set up to spend the week with the two of them. Within the first couple days, I woke up to find that Jasper was already awake, and staring at one of the windows. When I asked him what he was doing, he said that "it" was there, and described "its" presence as a swirling, shadowy orb. I remember that he said he felt as if though it was waiting to be invited inside.

That wasn't the first time "it" had made an appearance. It had a short history of essentially disguising itself as me (mostly by using my voice) around him, and at least from my own research into demonology that's never exactly a good sign.

That week was something of a ride. I think I remember only once or twice when AJ said that he could feel something, and I don't remember myself experiencing anything until it was closer to the end of the week. But Jasper was seeing the shadow fairly often, feeling chills, and feeling angry at completely random times.

By the end of the week, we noticed that, out of all the places, the garage seemed to be the most attractive to things that were paranormal. We decided to take a camera one night, sit in the garage, and essentially do an amateur's version of a paranormal investigation. If I'm being honest, I don't think I expected much, if anything, to happen.

We sat down at a table. I remember that AJ cast a circle around us, sprinkled salt, and told us that we were not to move outside of the circle until he removed it. I also remember that Jasper was being a bit of a douche and did, in fact, move outside of the circle once or twice.

We were sure to be as quiet as possible between questions. We asked things like "What is your name?" "What are you?" "What do you want?"

I want to be clear here and say that we didn't catch ANYTHING, and I honestly believe that that thing was doing whatever it could to ensure that we didn't get any "proof."

There were times when the camera would randomly go black, and then after a few moments the vision would come back on. It never, ever did anything like that prior to our visit to the garage, and it didn't do anything like that afterwards, either. I remember feeling so cold the entire time, and especially around Jasper's area. I remember hearing loud bangs and knocks that would sometimes come from corners, and other times come from outside of the garage [that said, we weren't able to tell if something mundane was causing it or not, which, though I consider that to be really possible, I also want to note that we never heard any sounds quite like that before or after that "investigation"]. There was one point where he pointed to an area that was between he and I and told us that it was there. I snapped around about seven or eight pictures of that area, but later on, when I went to look at the pictures, ALL of them had malfunctioned to where there appeared to be nothing but green lines. Once again, my camera NEVER did that before or after that point.

[I don't know a great deal about electronics, and don't know anything about how certain fields can mess with images / audio / video, but I've heard that this is possible. If you do know something about it, please feel free to comment! I will say that even going back to that garage, and snapping pictures in the same spot with the same camera, I still didn't get the same result.]

Once we were thoroughly freaked out, we decided to go back to the main house and try to go to bed. AJ closed the circle, and perhaps it was just my imagination, but as soon as he did I felt about three times as uneasy. We all joined hands and hurried back to the room. Jasper, who was always the most sensitive to that thing, said that he could feel it behind us--said that he could even hear it WALKING behind us. I know that I didn't hear anything, so I can't attest to that. It might have been his imagination, or he might have really been hearing it.

I don't remember anything happening that week after that, aside from perhaps creepy dreams.

The day after I left for home, Jasper told me that he chunked the stone into a neighbor's yard. He said that he felt a bit better afterwards, but within a few days the thing returned. So did the stone. As in, it was back to the exact same place it was before he threw it, as if he had never even moved it.

When he told me that I was very skeptical--but A.J., who is very possibly the most honest person I have ever even heard of, swore up and down that he seen Jasper get rid of it, and that Jasper would have had NO way of going out to get it between the times of when it was "gone" and the time when they re-discovered it.

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DeliverDawn (5 stories) (45 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-09)
Hi Vinayak16 - This particular story took place almost ten years ago, when I was around thirteen or fourteen. AJ is a witch and tried cleansing the garage and the house multiple times, but the problem was that, because Jasper was more or less actively inviting that entity into his life, it didn't matter how many times a cleansing was done--it always came back (plus I think that that particular energy was attached to Jasper, not to the garage / house--he was cleansed too, by the way).

But AJ doesn't live there anymore, and I cut Jasper out of my life around two years ago, for a number of reasons that do include him ultimately "befriending" and "working with" the entity that followed him around. 😕

Anyway, I no longer have any of the pictures that I took with my camera, and the video was taken with Jasper's camera--so I'm not able to share those, either, though I really wish that I could.:/

As for what I meant by "malfunctioned"--I'm not quite sure how best to describe it. Perhaps imagine taking a picture in an area, but when you go back to look at the pictures all you see are lines such as what appear in this thumbnail (except they were green): circuit-chip-power-science-tech- lines-grid-abstract-future-matrix-dots-art-particle-background-5632-4k I'm not sure if there is a logical explanation for that or not? Which, anything is possible.

By the way, that's quite creepy about the doll! I hope you have a good day as well. ❤

(Also, sorry about the link--I had to separate it.)
DeliverDawn (5 stories) (45 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-09)
CuriousDee - That's what I'm thinking, but I wanted to include that detail for the sake of completeness. He was very sensitive to energies, and maybe especially to that energy, but I have my doubts that he really heard it "walking." But, like I said, I wanted to include it anyway.

And yes, I know. It's a shame and I do hope that one day he will change, but as of right now it's for the best for us to be separated.
Vinayak16 (1 stories) (14 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-09)

Can I see any of those pictures you took that day? And what exactly do you mean by MALFUNCTIONED?

And I guess the stone has some sort of demonic spirit attached to it. One of my relative had a doll which I heard was demonic. They tried to burn it but even that didn't work.

Try cleansing the garage. It might help. And better still stay away from Jasper.

Have a great day
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-06)

It does sound as if Jasper was paranoid and in turn, caused you and AJ to become paranoid as well. I know you mentioned Jasper seemed to have negative energy around him, so I can understand why he would feel that way.

It's probably for the best that you are no longer friends. It sounds like it would be difficult to maintain a friendship with someone like that.


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