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Ghost Playing With Garage Door


I was born and raised in the Free State - I grew up in a small white community near Bloemfontein. (I now live in Natal, near Durban) My grandparents on my father's side had lived in a house in Bloemfontein that was built in the mid 1880s or so, and my father and his siblings grew up there, (my parents continue to live there to this day) it's a beautiful property on several hectares of land. When my grandparents passed away, when I was about 9, my parents decided that they did not want to see the house go into new hands. We ultimately moved in, and while it did take getting used to, living in such an old house, I eventually got used to it, but the ideas of ghosts abounding in the house always was an idea to me, even when I would visit my grandparents.

The house was close in proximity to the site of certain Anglo-Boer war cemeteries, and my dad has discovered a photograph that showed that there once were other houses nearby, of which no traces of can be found today. But that's not all that has given me the ideas of ghosts, there were also some events that occurred when my dad was growing up.

For one, my dad was a child of 6 - the second boy born, the second youngest. My dad did, however, have an older brother. My dad's older brother was once playing in the back with his sisters (my aunts now) before a storm was going to hit. Their mother called them inside, and as they were running, there was a flash of lightning, and my dad's brother did not get back up. He was dead, at age 8. The loss struck my dad's family and the local community very hard.

When we moved into the house, I knew that things were creepy, as all houses were. But things would get even more interesting. My sister's room was in the attic, where she always said things would go missing, the doors would move by themselves, and her light bulbs would be burned out in only a matter of hours.

There was a deep cellar in the house, a very old-style cellar, the electricity down there was basic and the floor was almost dirt in some places. I never liked going down there whenever my mom would demand I get her a can of food or something of that nature. My mother also reported that her sound machine (that she would listen to at night) would go haywire on occasions and she once reported seeing a small boy run around the bed in their room.

I was always sceptical - until the other night, when I was staying with my parents, after coming back to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday. I had trouble getting to sleep during the night, especially to about 21:30 at night. There is a motion-sensor light that my dad installed that illuminates the driveway. As the house is in a semi-rural area, an occasional antelope or other large animal that tromps around at night may occasionally find its way towards our driveway and set off the light - however, this time, it was different.

I looked outside, to see if something such as a Springbok was wandering around the driveway, however instead I saw that the doors of the garage were opening and closing constantly. In the 1980s my grandparents demolished the original 19th century garage and built a new one, with automatic doors and such. The door on the leftmost side kept constantly opening and closing, and setting off the light. My parents' cat also started behaving strangely, running about and screeching. It disturbed me really bad, and I did not know what to do and I had a difficult time sleeping.

I'm really wondering about why the ghost seems to enjoy playing with electronics. I have already ruled out the possibility that the garage door malfunctioned, it has never done that before, and it doesn't happen during the day. It really disturbed me and it upset my mother when I told her about it. I'd like to know more about this, and your ideas thank you.

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Argette (guest)
12 years ago (2012-01-07)
Curious story, well told. I wonder how it was overlooked?

It's got to be a short. But the small boy running around the bed, that's another matter.
Xerxes (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-07)
Hey thanks for finally noticing my story! And yes, I've returned to my parents' house since and never saw anything, except the lights apparently have been going insane in there.
Sheldon (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-29)
It doesent really sound too serious so maybe if you ignore it it just might get bored and stop bothering you I also had some pretty hectic stuff happen to me just never really paid it any attention if it continues to disturb you keep us posted I'm from kzn aswell

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