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Thank God We Left When We Did


My husband and I were married April 2012, and are expecting our first child, a boy, next month, September 2012. Just to brush up on my life, thought I would share that! Oh yeah, and this story is long, but this story is true, and if you like true stories, then please continue to read!

Around June 2012, after learning our baby was a boy, we decided to convert the room attached to our bedroom to our child's nursery. If you read in my previous stories, you will know that this particular room is what my little brother, Ben, refers to as the "demon" or "bad" room. But it is an attachment onto our bedroom, so it is the closest and seemingly safest place for a baby to be. I decided one day to start cleaning that room up and painting it. So I went to the local hardware store and bought acrylic forest green and sandy brown paint. We were doing a safari theme for our son's nursery! So, I painted the walls and trim. I had planned to draw a tree on the biggest wall and put monkey sticker decals as though they were swinging from the tree. We got all of everything ready that could be ready at that time. My baby shower was July 7th. I was just shy of 30 weeks pregnant.

We got a pretty heavy rainfall one week and Florida can be pretty unpredictable. My husband and I were asleep one early morning. It must have been before 6 am because the sun doesn't rise until after 6 am. We were awoken by a very loud bang. It sounded like a car crashed into the side of the house. He and I both jumped up. We were awoken and very startled. He and I looked at each other like, "What the hell was that?" My dog started really barking.

So I jumped out of bed and looked around the house. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Until I walked into the kitchen. The floor was littered in debris and water. It was still raining heavily outside. I call for Charles, and he comes running in. "OH MY GOD, what the hell happened?" I said the ceiling fell in. Look. All the particle board that made up the ceiling was caved in, and now all over my kitchen floor. It was a mess. It wasn't like we could look up and see the sky. The ceiling fell in, not the roof! He and I were very upset. I just told him, "Look, we cannot stay here any longer." We knew we had to move. But when the roof came in, we saw the mold and knew a baby would be very sick in this environment! That day I started looking for places to rent. It took us about 2-1/2 weeks to find a place. And in that two weeks, the following happened.

As my husband started cleaning the kitchen little by little... We started to also pack. But whatever was in the house was making it very difficult to do so. Charles would bring home boxes and packing tape. Even bought a big permanent marker for marking boxes. He would mostly work during the day, and I would pack what I could. One day I woke up kind of late. Not feeling too grand, for this pregnancy hasn't been the easiest one, I put a box on my kitchen table and next to pair of scissors and a roll of packing tape. I went to the bathroom and then back to kitchen and started packing all my kitchen utensils and plates and pans and what not. I got that box fully packed. I went to grab the packing tape, that I knew I had sat right beside the box... And even if wasn't beside the box, I knew it was on the kitchen table. And I am not supposed to lift heavy things, so while packing that box I had sat it on the floor, so I could just scoot it across the floor and out of my way. But where in the heck was my tape? I couldn't find it, I couldn't see it. I ran around the house searching for my tape. Looking in places that I knew it would never have ended up. I gave up on that roll and just got another roll from the package of tape my husband had bought. I taped the box up and went on with it.

Then for some odd reason, I felt the need to pack what little bit of baby items I had. A few outfits, bottles, wipes... Just small stuff. So I grabbed another box and folded it together and went into my son's would-be nursery. I looked around the room, quite sad. I had spent so much time painting that room and I was beginning to love it. I put so much effort and hours into that room. And now I had to leave it. I had great visions of painting the big tree on the wall, with the monkeys and his name in the middle of it. I had bought some decorative vine from the dollar store to look like vines going up the wall. I had already put safari decal stickers on the wall. And I had painted the changing table and designed it to look part in a safari. So yeah, I was a little depressed that my son would never sleep in this amazing room that I had designed.

But now, I'm sure glad he isn't. As I started packing up baby boy's items, I reached in the closet to get hanging clothes. And that's where I found a roll of a tape. It was just sitting there on the shelf. And I knew it was the roll I had put on the kitchen table. It was the only other roll of tape open besides the brand new one I had just opened. "Hmm, this is quite odd. How did the tape get all the way in here? I don't know, but I do know that's not where I put it. Ok, so that was weird. But I'm not going to let it affect me." I continue to do what I had been doing. Strange, little things like that happened over the course of 2 weeks until we finally moved out and into an apartment. Things like flickering lights, foul smells, and no, not the smell from the mold in the kitchen. These smells popped up randomly and sometimes smelled extremely bad, sometimes really good. The water heater would have to be turned back on, on a daily basis. Because it would sometimes flip it's switch off. And Charles would have to go out there and turn it back on. He checked it. He's the type that has to get down to the bottom of things and he'll sometimes even spend hours working on one thing, but he didn't find anything wrong with the water heater.

On a few occasions the toilet flushed by itself, and then would randomly get clogged without a moment's notice. Just a few weird things like that. It's like if it could go wrong, it would. Our central air even went out. But before it did it started dripping. It has its own lock away hide closet, the A/C does. And one day, I started hearing drip... Drip... Drip! I located it to the air. I told Charles about it when he got home and he tried to fix it. He said the pipe was clogged in the A/C and he unclogged it. The air stopped dripping after that, but like 3 days later it just stopped working. The refrigerator in the kitchen started leaking and we woke up one day to a big puddle surrounding it on the kitchen floor. The breakers would blow and we would have to go outside and flip them.

I wouldn't blame all this on the paranormal, if it had been happening the whole time we lived there. Or not even that, but if it didn't all happen at once. But if wasn't the toilet, it was the A/C. If it wasn't that, it was the fridge, and if not that it was something to do with the plumbing, or the electrical or something was heard, or moved or smelled. But it was kind of like a Murphy's Law effect. If it wasn't one thing, it was another.

We finally got our bed to the new apartment. At least, we can sleep in a clean, mold free place. Still going back to the old house to pack things and move them, one Sunday after my husband got off work, we went out to Chinese restaurant and then back to the old house. It was night-time, around 8 pm. Charles went to the bathroom but before he did, I asked him to find me a small box so I can put knick-knacks and such things in it. On the refrigerator I had a bunch of magnets and pictures displayed. So Charles found me a shoe box to put it all in. He put the shoe box on the stove. The stove was about 5 feet from the fridge so I went over and moved the box to the table and started loading the magnets and pictures into it.

Next to stove we had a toaster oven. Now, Charles and I haven't cooked or really lived in this house for almost a week now, so he had everything unplugged including the stove, the microwave and the toaster oven. Charles comes out of the bathroom and I can hear him making a sniffing sound with his nose. He walks into the kitchen, "Uhm... Jessica, uh..." he's waving his arms for me to look behind myself. I thought he was trying to be funny, so I just looked at him like, yeah... What do you want? Then he pointed with his finger so I finally looked behind me, and there was a bellow of smoke just steaming from the toaster oven. "OH MY GOD!" How did that happen? From the time I took the shoe box from the stove and placed it on the table, my toaster oven had gotten plugged in, and turned on 450 degrees, max heat. How? I have no idea. But it ruined my toaster oven. It hasn't worked since then and we had to throw it out.

Our friend has been staying in the old house since we've left. We signed the lease to our apartment on July 6th, the day before my baby shower. And since my husband has his own computer business, he has been keeping his computers at the old house. Our friend is a residential contractor, so he has sealed up the kitchen roof temporarily, making it somewhat livable. He patched the roof and fixed what he could and just pretty much has been sleeping there since he works all day long. He is off on Saturdays and Sundays, and has been helping my husband with his computer business on the weekends.

Well one weekend, a Saturday, he was called into work. He keeps his clothes and wardrobe in the room that would have been our nursery. His dresser and all his clothes are in there, and he uses it as his closet. So this Saturday morning comes and he gets ready for work. He has to go into that back room to get dressed for work. Well, when he came home that night, he flipped the light on and hundreds of dead bees were all over the place. Not throughout the house, just in that back room. Which is now why I thank God I never had my son in that room. If he would have been stung, especially by the number of bees in there, he most certainly would have died. What baffles me is how did the bees get in there? There are 2 windows in the room, one of which is an old crank-style window that never properly closed right, so my husband sealed that window up with caulk, sealing foam and screws months ago, pretty much right after we moved in. The other window is a pull up window with a lock on top. It's a fairly new window, and our friend claims it was indeed shut and locked.

He said he had the window open the other week, but since all this rain has been coming in with the Hurricane Isaac, he had to seal it shut. This happened just a few days ago. There are no cracks in the ceiling and there is no air vent in the room. We had bought a humidifier with a fan for the baby and when you leave the door open to that room from ours, it gets pretty comfortable in that room. Weird thing about the bees is, where did they come from? How did they get in there? How did 200+ bees get in there and every single one be flat dead as a dodo bird in less than 9 hours? From the time our friend went to work, until when he got home, which was about 8-9 hours. And why just that room?

Our friend had said that that room door was open along with the bedroom door! So why weren't they in any other part of the house besides there? When my husband and I talk about it, we like to believe it was the house saying it was angry. Some say that structures and homes themselves can harvest energy. And can, to say the least, "Have Feelings!" Like my brother said when we moved into the house, the house was asleep and nothing happened to the house or to the people who lived there... The house stayed silent, quiet, asleep, until we moved in. And for those who don't know about my brother Ben, he is a sensitive to the energy of the paranormal. He can see, hear and communicate with spirits, he can astral project, and go back in time with his mind to see events that took place. Like a paranormal medium can do. He is 12 years old.

Charles and I determined that the house is angry with us for leaving. And no one believes that the house is haunted or not even that, but that it is surrounded with its own energy. Every time I try to talk to anyone about it, even the owner of the home, they think I am crazy. And the owner is my husband's best friend so I feel I can say anything to him, but apparently not! My husband still goes there at least 3 times a week to do his computer work and sometimes he'd even tell me not to bother picking him up, he'd stay there with our friend and do extra work.

I personally think he just likes to get out and our friend always cooks and provides the beer. Lol! Until the bees. After the incident with the bees happened, my husband has not slept over there since. And I personally don't think he will again. I am 37 weeks pregnant now, and he needs to be home with me anyways, just in case. This baby can come at anytime.

Thank you for reading my story. And I would love personal insight, or advice... Or if you think you can debunk any of this, please do so. Because that house has me scared.

Even in our new place, which is a brand new never lived in before apartment... Strange things have happened here. Like our fire alarm deciding to go off at 3 o'clock in the morning 2 nights in a row. Or like when I was washing a load of baby clothes, our washer decided to stop working, but started working again for the next "test" load and has been working like a champ ever since.

I have lived in several places my whole life. And as far as I can recall, only one of those places, an apartment in Winter Garden that I lived in with my mother and 2 brothers when I was 16, was the only place I had ever lived where no paranormal or scary experience, per se, ever happened.

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JessicaWishon1989 (6 stories) (57 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-10)
Miracles51031: I was going to make that room my sons room because, It is attached to our bedroom. I could literally be asleep at night and wake up and look over about 5 feet and be looking at my son. It is an additional room that was added onto the house. Attached by a door way to master bedroom, where my husband and I slept. The second bedroom to the house was 3 rooms away, including a family room, living room and bathroom. I would have to get up, walk through the entire house just to get to that room. Plus the second bedroom is where my husband kept all his computers. He used it as his office. And after the "cleansing" of the house back in December, we never really had any other bad experiences in that room anyways. So I thought the room was safe. Even my brother said the room was safe, but he was apparently mistaken himself. I do not understand that house. I do not understand that room. But every time I go there, I always can't wait to leave. My husband still goes these maybe once or two times a week. But he has told me that he is going to take the rest of his computers and inventory from the house and store them in a storage shed or at his Booth at the local flea mkt. He has an inside booth with a storage unit behind it.

Night_Vampire: Thank You! I am glad you enjoy my stories. I only post true accounts, so when more stories make present to me, I will surely post them. I could ask my family members about their paranormal experiences and write about them. My grandmother, whom is a bible hugging, do good, church going, not going to believe unless I see with my own two eyes, kind of woman actually has a lot of stories of her own from back when my mom was just a kid. I'd love to ask my grandpa again about his encounters, But he passed away back in April 2011. Boy he had some great stories!

Sywren: I do not know of anyone who wishes ill upon me. Or anyone whom has died that would want to do harm to me or my child. I have had 3 miscarriages over a 4 year period. My ex fiance, of 2 1/2 years lost 3 pregnancies. One at 6 weeks, one at 9 weeks and I knew about the third one for just a week before I lost it. It could be possible that those baby's souls could be jealous. But then again I don't believe in that sort of thing. I believe if a child dies in the womb, no matter how far along you are... It just goes straight to Heaven and becomes angels. But as far as I know, every body that I know are very happy that Charles and I are about to have a baby. Wish he would come already, lol... I'm about done being pregnant.

BadJuuJuu: Thank you for the kind words on our upcoming arrival. And yes it is true, Sometimes you just know. As weird as it is for me to say now, I wouldn't have said this then... But I thank God the roof caved in when it did. I think that was someone or something looking out for me. Telling me to get out now before this baby came. Because I swear I would never be able to live with myself if My baby had gotten hurt by anything that could've happened in that house. I believe it was a sign from someone telling me that now was the time to leave. Because if the roof never would have gave, we would still be living there!

27flowers: Yes, it is very strange... Very alarming! It's weird how these things make their way into an location! I wonder why and how those bee's got in there. They were just regular honey bees. Not wasps or anything. And how did they all die in such short time? They weren't there in the morning, and by the time our friend got home they were all dead. It's very strange. That is a question that may forever go unanswered!

JayGamer: yes! We do need to get from that place. My husband and closing up shop from there. Relocating all his computers and software and every thing that is his to his other location. Our friend is already planning on moving out, hopefully by the end of this week. We are done with that place. Since I have posted this story, more things have happened. Mostly home repair problems. Our friend shuts all the breakers off before he leaves for work to save on electricity. Only leaving the one to the kitchen on for the refrigerator. Because my husband still is running somewhat of a business out of that place, he pays half the electric bill. But the electric bill is in my name So I make it very clear how I don't want my credit messed up because they can't afford the bill, you do have to remember that we also have the bills at our new apartment. So that is why they do this. But our friend is moving out, Not quite sure why. He just came to us one day and said, hey I found another place to live... I'll be moving out by such and such date. So we're like ok, cool... Means I can cut electric and get my deposit back. LOL
JayGamer (31 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-05)
Hi Jessica thanks for replying and I think that when you guys called it a prankster it could've gotten angry that that's why things became violent well I think you should distance yourself from that house that would be good for you and your family.
27flowers (2 stories) (25 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-04)
Hmm something really jumped out at me then, the dead bees... Some people may read that and find it unbelievable but I lived in a house that I'm convinced is haunted and in one unused room there were constantly dead bees and wasps. We had searched the room completely for anywhere they could be getting in but never found so much as a crack, the window was never open as the room was unused and the door was always shut. I'd get rid of the dead ones and then a day or two later when I'd go in to use a large mirror we had in there I would notice them scattered all over the floor-never alive though. Horrible. Never found out why, there were no nests anywhere near or on the property and I've known both tenants after and they never had the same problem, but have had other problems with that room in particular- will write that up soon. Thanks for sharing anyway has got me thinking!

Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-09-02)
Jessica - If you believe in your brother's gifts, and it sounds to me from reading all your other stories that you do, why would you have made that room your son's nursery? I understand wanting to have a beautiful nursery for your son, I really do, but I don't understand using that room at all.

I'm not criticizing or judging you. I'm just curious. I'm also not trying to start any drama by any means. I wasn't going to comment at all, but I figured someone eventually will ask, so I thought I may as well bring the question out in the open.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2012-09-02)
We had a similar situation when we were getting ready to move out of our old place. "Thank god we left when we did" just about sums up how we felt after moving as well. You just know when a place is no longer even remotely safe.
Congrats on the baby, and the new apartment. 😊
Sywren (29 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-02)
It almost sounds to me like the closer you are to be due, the crazier the events. Is there any chance you could have some kind of spirit linked to you that's jealous of the coming baby? That probably sounds really creepy, but I don't mean it in the way that any harm should come to you or him. I think the intentions here are mean, but not evil. It's like something a small child would do who's jealous of their mother being pregnant and not being the center of attention anymore. I honestly hope this doesn't offend you or scare you, just typing the impression that comes to the top of my head - and I'm trying to be as neutral as possible.
Is there anyone in your life that has negative feelings towards you?
Or have you been feeling particularly angry or strained or super upset? With your brother being very sensitive, it may be that you have the ability to harness energies as well, specially when you are pregnant.
Has your brother felt anything more about these events? Can he attempt to "feel" out what this energy is or where it's coming from?
I whole heartedly wish you, the baby and your family all the best and hope that everything is calm and happy very soon!
Night_Vampire (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-02)
Hi... Dear Jessica your stories are awesome & intresting as well... Very neatly written...
I hope more stories from you. Your way of telling the story is just mindblowing...
Keep up the good work 😊 ❤

Night vampire
JessicaWishon1989 (6 stories) (57 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-02)
Hi Jay,
We actually did a cleansing Back in December. It was calm and quiet until about ehh, maybe march. But when we thought the "spirit" was back... It wasn't nearly as bad as before. So we mainly just lived with it. And every knock or bang we heard... My husband and I would just say, yupp, the prankster must be back. But it wasn't until after we had found this apartment and moved our bed over, did things start to get (violent) so to speak. No one believes me about the toaster oven. My husband and I were clearly not near it, thinking of using it or planning to use it. I wouldn't prepare not one more meal in that house. And besides, why would we need it when we just had come back from a big Chinese dinner?

Charles' friend, the landlord of the place, actually got in my face and told me... If I were going to talk about ghost stuff again... To just get out of his house. But when the swarm of Bee's all came in and died within that amount of time span... Even He did not have a valid explanation. He is the kind to believe if you let the paranormal into your home or into your mind... Then your asking for it. And no I am not asking for any of it. It just sorta happens.

Anyways, to say the least... My son is Due September 20, and I am just thankful to God that we got out of that house when we did. Because if my son were in that room and that Bee stuff were to happen again. I know my son would have died from it! And I would have died myself. Knowing that as a parent, I didn't give my child the best safe haven possible. But I don't have to worry about that, thank the Lord!
JayGamer (31 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-02)
Hi Jessica I read your experience and it's pretty weird about the things that are happening in your old house do you know about the history of your old house because it perhaps could be an angry spirit wrecking that house and and specifically that old nursery of yours I think you should do a cleansing maybe it could help and thanks for sharing your experience.


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