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Birthday At Rotary Park


The year was 2009. It was October 5Th, My 20Th birthday. My boyfriend (at the time) was at work, and I was at his parents house. His step-mom and I had a fun day shopping and dining out. Autumn made the scenery so beautiful that day in South East Michigan. The night was slowly approaching. Lori and I needed to get to her house quick so we could make dinner for the boys. My ex and his father arrived home almost simultaneously. Dinner was made. The food was enjoyed and the kitchen had been cleaned. It was nearing 8 o'clock at night. Yet, Lori nor myself were in no mood to turn in early. Instead, knowing that Halloween was less then a month away, we decided to go online to look for some scary haunted houses. Or maybe a ghost walk or something scary to do. It was my birthday, afterall! I don't remember what day of the week my birthday fell on that year, evidently not a Friday or Saturday because those two days were the only days that haunted houses and spooky things to do, were open! So instead we looked in for something to do that could be done on every day of the year. One of which was the "Legend Of Rotary Park"

Rotary Park is a local park In Livonia, Michigan. It has the traditional play ground and baseball diamond. And a few trails that go on for a couple miles. Around the baseball diamond is a road/track. That is circled the diamond. Which is probably the size of a regular track around a football field. Just more circular.


The Legend of Rotary Park says, if you go to the park between the times of early Fall and early Spring, when the weather and air is still crisp with cold night's breeze, you hear strange and unusual things. You must wait until darkness falls. Go to the park and walk around the road that circles the baseball diamond. If you're lucky you hear the howls and screams of two little girls that were allegedly tortured and murdered there before the turn of the 20Th century! Killed by their parents' farm hand. The man who their parents hired to help them on the farm. If you're lucky you can see two young girls in white dresses calling for help.

WE DID NOT SEE THIS... We saw something much different and probably much worse!


We arrived at Rotary Park just before 9:30pm. I drove. We parked the car and got out. Instead of walking around the baseball diamond, we walked through it, to the left most trail. It was pitch black. My ex was scared to go any further. So he held the flash light about 10 feet from the entrance of the trail. Lori made it to the entrance of the trail. I made it about 5 feet into the trail. Before I started hearing what sounded like whispers.

The wind soon picked up and got very cold. I stared into the pitch black trail looking for something, not knowing what. I got what would seem like a big surprise! I peered my eyes as most as they could adjust to the blackness. I squinted, looking for something. Seeing nothing. Until I heard a scream. It wasn't just a scream, it sounded like a warning. Like someone was trying to yell something to me, but the voice was too faint and too far away for me to make out what.

My heart starts to race, I feel my flesh getting more chilled. The jackets I have on aren't enough anymore. It literally felt like the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Though that would be a bit dramatic. I have always been taught, to not show any fear. So instead of running out like a big baby, like I really wanted to do, I just turned my head and asked Lori if she heard that, I hear my ex in the back ground faintly say, "HEAR WHAT?"

I stayed focus on Lori. I turned my flash light toward her. Her eyes were as wide as could be. Her flesh ghost white. I knew she knew exactly what I were talking about. Instead of replying with a yes or no, she replied with something much more scary, shocking. Much more tantalizing. "Something grabbed me!" She exclaimed. I asked her what she meant. She said she heard the scream as well, but before she could react to it, she felt what seemed to be hands grab her on both sides of her abdomen. As if standing directly in front or behind her. And it startled her... This I could tell plainly!

I turned away from her, not saying a word. I looked back into the woods. Almost daring anyone or anything to taunt me. I spoke a question. Probably the most stupid question one could ask, whilst ghost hunting. "If there is anyone there, can you show yourself to me... To prove you are here?" I didn't get a full bodied apparition, if that's what you're thinking.

Instead I got something that I would say to be much more scary! I walked one foot ahead toward the wood. I could feel my heart pounding! I saw one of the scariest things I ever did see, and probably ever will. Right before I was to speak again, I got a huge rush of icy cold wind blast in my face, and as it punched my face with cold I saw what seemed to be a disembodied head fly toward me. I would assume this ghostly form is what caused the cold blast of wind, because when I recovered from the shock of what just happened, I turned around to My ex and Lori, And they stand there puzzled at me. I ask them, "You didn't feel that, or for God sake SEE THAT?" They both questioned my reliability.

I felt the wind pick up again. This time I wasn't sticking around. I wasn't afraid to run out like a big baby anymore. I didn't care, I did not want to see that horrible face again! I booted it! Ran as fast as I could toward the car. Lori and my ex screaming behind me. Asking me why I was running. So I guess by now they believed me, as they were shortly right behind me in their own run.

I pressed the auto lock on the car key, the car unlocked and I sat in the drivers seat. Lori and my ex arrived soon after. I was shocked, scared, I was crying. They were trying to comfort me. Though asking me a whole bunch of questions didn't help. I gathered my thoughts and got back to my usual self. The tears had stopped. I was ready to talk.

After I spoke about what happened, I turned the car on. I was surprised to see that only 13 minutes had passed since we got out of the car in the first place. What seemed like hours, took just a few short minutes to play out. My ex and Lori decided it was time to go. Lori had forgot she had her camera with her. We had been charging the batteries all day because she was going to use the camera for an event the next day, Oct. 6Th! We charged 2 sets of batteries and brought them both along.

I told the gang, "hold on a minute, I'm fine now. I just... I just want to drive around the baseball diamond." So they agreed, and we proceeded to do so. We drive slowly. All the while Lori is snapping pictures on her digital camera. We came to the entrance of that horrible left most trail, when she told me to stop. I almost hesitated, but did stop. She snapped a few pictures. Her camera made a funny beeping sound just before the batteries died. She and I both knew that was weird, beings the batteries were fully charged when we left the house. So she put in her other set of batteries. I started to drive again.

We are almost all the way around the baseball diamond by now. She tells me to stop again. She doesn't even get to take a picture this time, before her batteries die again! I am looking through the back passenger side window when I see a low profile form of smoke or fog, or maybe even steam creep up the right side of the car. Lori smokes cigarettes, so naturally I ask her if she's smoking. She turned me to me and said, with her cigarette in her mouth, "NO, I haven't even lit it yet." I see an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth. I start to get freaked out again.

I explain to them to look out the window to see the smoke, I am seeing. They do, they see it! My ex who is sitting in the back seat tells me maybe it's the exhaust pipe. Beings it was kind of cold outside. Naturally, I get out of the car and walk behind it, No smoke or anything is coming out of the exhaust pipe. I write it off.

I get back in the car, I turn to my left to reach for my seat belt, When I see the same smoke creeping up the drivers side of the car. I am freaked out already, I grab my seat belt and click it in place. Now everyone knows exactly what I am talking about. The smoke looks like it's surrounding the car from the inside, out. Our head lights are bright, we can see clearly that the smoke is intelligently creeping up in front of us. The mass of smoke builds what seem's like a wall in front of the car. My ex is pounding on my seat, demanding that I drive off. Lori is paused. I yell to him, "No, I want to see what happens!"

The smoke is about 4 and half feet tall now in front of our car. I would say at least the width of the car which was a 96' dodge intrepid. You can tell that the smoke by this point is forming into something. I have my ex pounding on my seat, I have Lori urging me to drive off, yet all I want to do is to see what happens. Lori puts the car in drive, and urges me to drive off. My foot is on the brake but all their yelling discourages me to stay any longer. I press the gas hard, I drove right through the smoke cloud. I can almost feel energy pass through my body as I do. As soon as I drove through the smoke I stopped.

I put the car in reverse to get the white tail lights on. They are asking what the hell I am doing. I look in my rear view mirror, then turn and look behind me. I see nothing, No smoke, nothing! I put the car back in drive and I drove off.

I get to the main road, the entrance of Rotary Park. I didn't have to say anything... Every one was breathing hard, I knew without a doubt... Had I stayed and watched what would have happened with the smoke, I just might have seen my very first full bodied apparition! I was unsatisfied. I wanted to go back, But I wouldn't dare ask them that! I could tell they felt the energy too... Not a word was spoken the whole way home!

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girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-26)
U should post the pictures she took when y'all were out there. I want to know if she got anything.
JessicaWishon1989 (6 stories) (57 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-03)
Casper: I was born and raised in Florida. So my definition of cold is anything lower the 55 degrees. It was autumn, not freezing. Not like snow on the ground or anything. It might of been 50 something degrees. And no it couldn't have been a ball because if it were, I would have felt a hard impact on my face. As this ghostly head went right into me. And my ex and Lori were standing behind me, not in front of me! I didn't feel any impact at all except for the cold gust of wind. And I know it was in the shape of a head. It flew at me so fast I couldn't make out any facial features. But it was most certainly something... That looked like a head that flew right into my head. Lori was standing about 5 feet behind me with her flash light. So it wasn't moisture cold or anything. The air was dry, not damp! And when I got out of the car to check the exhaust, I saw no smoke on my side of the car, not from anywhere. Not from the exhaust there was nothing visible on my side of the car until I got back into the drivers seat to reach for my seat belt. And yes my ex was a big scaredy cat!

Harley: I was curious, and was always taught not to run away from my fears. I went to that park that night to try and see something, anything. And I wasn't going until I was satisfied! I grew up with ghosties always being a part of my life. So this was nothing new!
Harleyquinn (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-03)
creepy any way you could make it shorter? Why did you want to see what happened for are you crazy/ xx

Casper_the_ghost (9 stories) (180 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-01)
Your ex sounds like a bit of a scaredy cat! He should be by your side at all times! As it was so cold, could the ghostly smoke you saw, fog? The disembodied head could it of been a ball been thrown in your direction? I was thinking since you were so excited of being scared your ex's mother could of played a prank on you? The batteries died- could the insides of the camera gotten damp with the ice cold air? 😊
Bliss006 (6 stories) (49 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-29)
Wow, that's really scary, a ghost head rushing towards me would be enough to make me bolt too, all in all a great story.
JessicaWishon1989 (6 stories) (57 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
Yeah. It was the scariest night of my life. I have never ever seen anything take any ghostly form. And the head flew at me so fast, I couldn't make out facial features or anything, I couldn't tell you if it were male or female. All I could tell you that it was a head, a little brighter then the forest behind it. So it wasn't glowing or anything, It was probably the same color my skin would have been that night under the dark sky and no noticeable moon. It didn't scream or make any noise. The only thing I heard was the sound of gusting wind. But by far my creepiest experience EVER!

If I were in any kind of right mind, I would have left Rotary park after we all ran back to the car. That's what I usually would have done. But, for some reason... That I can't recall, I felt as though I needed to stay a bit longer. Those screams, that head, The wind gushing at me... Made me feel like it was trying to communicate with me or something. And that is why we went there that night, afterall!

So I don't know. I no longer live in Michigan, I live back in Florida now. But I went to Rotary park several times during the day after that. My ex and I went there one day to walk the nature trails. And they have signs and posted colors around so you don't get lost, So we followed the signs. Low and behold though, We were lost. I would say we were lost in those woods for about 2-2 1/2 hours. We stopped seeing people. We thought if we would follow the other people, we'd find our way back. Well somehow, the people got away from us. We ended up on the other side of the mile wide wooded trail on 6 mile Road, I believe the road was. Rotary park was on 5 Mile Road and Merriman. As you can presume, the mile road's are a mile apart.

So we came out of the trail on 6 mile and Merriman. We had to walk all the way back in the park. This time we walked around. Not through it. So we were walking on the mail road, MiddleBelt. After we walked from 6 mile to 5 mile. We had to walk another 2-3 miles down 5 mile road. Then a half mile from the park entrance to our car. Needless to say, the legend of the Park didn't help us that day. The little girls, In white dresses who were murdered there... Are supposed to help trail walkers if they get lost. Maybe they remembered me or something... But we Got no help from no one... And we were very exhausted!
Bluerose19 (3 stories) (164 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
I just want to say 1 thing that I am happy you listened to Lori and your ex!...Otherwise you never what what could have happened if you listened to your curiosity!...Even though you people were obviously on a ghost-hunt, you have to maintain precautions,that's what I believe. So I think you did it right by not going back to see what that smoke was about to form. Take care!

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