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I would just like to thank everyone who commented on my own story. Everyone around me, even my friends and family thought I was insane, but it's better now. I see less and less of any paranormal activity.

Afterwards, I made the choice of moving the furniture in my room around (like putting my bed in the darkest part of the room) and it's helped VERY much.

A small update would be that I do still hear things walk above my room. That still freaks me out, a lot. People did tell me to consider the fact that I might have mice, yet these footsteps sound too heavy to belong to such a small animal.

I have just started high school as a freshman. It's been alright, but it's been way more work than I thought. I feel the little things like homework, projects, studying, the stress I've felt has really taken my attention elsewhere.

Also since I'm talking about new things, I also recently adopted two dachshunds, both puppies of four months, both litter mates (brothers). Something they have been doing is staring at the wall or into space, every now and then they bark at nothing. They do freak me out when doing that, because... What's there?

I know for a lot of people reading this, it isn't interesting like most stories. Yet, this story isn't for entertainment right? I put this here because I love hearing the kind advice from people and the care they share. It's beautiful for such a strange topic. Thank you, I'll HOPEFULLY be able to update, I just don't know yet... (Thank you all who helped me, I am very thankful and happy now knowing you're here.)

Much love, Sarah.

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earthangel67 (4 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-03)
Hi Haunta, You are quite right, your story is not for the entertainment of others, but to seek help from likeminded people with more experience of such occurrences. I was a pre-teen when I became aware of my sensitivity, so I can relate to what you are and have been going through. I am now hurtling close to my 50th year and I can offer some reassurance that if your abilities continue into adulthood you will become accustomed to it and you will become less fearful if you accept what you are experiencing as "normal" for you. Research all you can and take the good advice of the kind and knowledgeable people on this site and you won't go far wrong. Trust your inner voice, your intuition and you will be fine. Remember, fear manifests because you are experiencing things that are different to the everyday norm we have come to know in modern life, when (most of the time, I won't say never) there is nothing to fear in your encounters. Knowledge is key, know yourself, know your ability.

Wishing you peace, health and happiness on your life's journey x

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