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I have read so many excellent stories on this website. Some of the writers are so good that they can move ahead and write scripts and stories for horror movies. Though I never thought of writing my these experiences but somehow after reading, I felt I shall share.

I have been gifted with intuition and had an experience of leaving my body behind while I was a small child when all of a sudden I sat in meditation sadly and angrily without even aware of what I was doing, just to talk to God! This is the best part of my life and will certainly write a book on it when I feel I have fulfilled my duties... But for now I will share two experiences:

The incident happened somewhere in year 2003 while I was working in a company in G.K II, New Delhi as Senior Manager Administration. It was around 8:45AM and I was late to office as it took around one and a half hour from my residence in Ghaziabad to Greater Kailash via Nizzamudin bridge in peak hours in those days.

I was late hence took my LML scooter and was driving around 70Km/hr, I was just coming out of the newly develop colony of ours which was not having too many residents at that time hence road was quite good and almost vacant, with a plenty of green grass and trees in between both sides of the road.

All of a sudden I saw a known person Shamsher who was coming on the my side of road from the green partition. I was amazed to see that he was walking on both legs while Shamsher was having only one leg (one of his leg got cut in a bullet injury, which as told by his colleagues while he always said he got his leg cut in an accident).

He noticed that I saw him and was giving me a surprised look. I thought that he might be a brother of Shamsher as I was aware that he was having two brothers. I was late and didn't stopped and simply drove to office but it always striked me that something was not right.

Just to give you more detail about let's come two years back. Me and my parents were shifting to our house in Govindpuram, Ghaziabad in year 2001 and I was taking care of all the renovation work. I finalized a painter who seems to be quite a genuine and decent one (hope you are aware of Ghaziabad, painters and other workers are too be chosen very cautiously because there have been many cases when they turned out to be thieves or even worse.) This man whose name I am unable to recall told me that he will take the contract with one of his partner. I thought this man is nice and so might be his friend so I said yes!

Shamsher was his partner, both were very good friends. Puran (the name was similar) used to work while Shamsher used to mostly sit and talk to me, as he was disable his partner never forced him.

Soon I came to know that Shamsher had a notorious past and was bit cautious with him still as I was well connected in police and local administration I never allowed him to have an upper hand for which he tried many times. Sooner he came to know about my relations with media and administration and started respecting me.

Though he was a dangerous person but good at heart, I came to know about his past from other sources who later told me to get rid of him but being an emotional person myself, I couldn't ask him to leave. Finally the work was completed and they left.

I saw him few times in that year but after that didn't saw anyone of them.

Now two years later I saw this man who was exactly the same only difference was he was walking on both legs though it seemed that he was bit above the ground.

I forgot the incident after few days... Until the day. After 1 or 2 more years Puran was working nearby and passed my house. He rung the doorbell and I came out to answer as maybe it was Sunday.

He greeted me and told that he is working in the previous lane and thought of meeting me for future whitewash work for which I said we might go for a whitewash in the coming year. I remembered his friend and partner and asked him how is Shamsher, to a great shock he answered, Shamsher had a quarrel with his brothers and committed suicide on train track.

I was sad to hear this. I asked when it happened he told after an year of finishing whitewash work at our house and a nearby house.

Than I asked him does any of his brother exactly looks like him to which he told that none and that they don't even look like his brothers as they have lots of difference in height and features.

Than I told him that I saw him standing on the partition of the road near a paint shop. To which he was shocked. I thought that it might be some other person who was exactly the same like Shamsher and never told anyone about this incident.

Some year later around 2006 I was in Kavi Nagar when I saw an old friend of my father who was crossing the road and was going towards his home which was near to the place from where I was driving. This time I was on a bike (both the times helmet was on) but relatively on a very lower speed. He saw me watching him and was looking surprised the same way Shamsher was. While surprisingly I didn't stopped and passed him. Maybe my sixth sense didn't allowed me to stop and greet him.

I came to home and told my father that I saw his old friend who lives in Kavi Nagar near Ramleela maidan.

The reply I got: that old friend of my father passed away around a month before after having a heart attack.

These two incidence have few things in common that both where looking very unusual (no tension, no hurry) both were looking bit different from others, both were walking but bit differently as if earth below their feet was not as we know. And both were surprised that I saw them. And the good thing, I didn't stopped to greet or talk with them.

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dhlp_xyz (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-28)

Nice to hear from you, I used to saw spirits until few years back but very seldom. Now a days I do not get enough time to meditate and these abilities goes away when you are not pure from your's too difficult to be pure when you are in a cut throat competitive world.

However I do have more experiences but not sure will ever share them.

Will be glad to hear from you about you...

RollingStonesGhost (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-24)
Oh my seeing two people long after they had passed away is brilliant. And to both times see them looking as real as life. One with two working legs when in life he only had one is brilliant.

Your very lucky to have the gift to see these spirits.

I think it is awesome and your very lucky.

Keep us informed if you see any more like this. I would be very happy to know of the experiences,

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