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Two Halloween Events


This is about 2 incidents that happened on Halloween.

First was way back a couple of years ago. It was believed in our culture that on Halloween's eve or All Saints day, the souls of the departed would visit the houses of living relatives, mostly in the forms of big moths and other unusual insects. Many will prepare food and other favorites, light candles and offer prayers, especially those who prefer to stay in the house.

In my case, I was outside of our house then, preparing the candles, while the other members of the family are inside. So, I lit five candles, just near our main door, and I was just seating next to it. Moments later I saw the flames of the candles grow and burning sideways, like being blown. Yes, being blown by somebody! All the five candles. I was shocked-silently staring to it for a minute, and I'm sure it's not the wind, because it's a little humid that time, after it rained in the late afternoon, the leaves of the trees are still and nobody else was also around. The 'blowing' still continues, and before I could thought of anything, I ran outside the gate, out to the streets with other people.

In a split-second of the moment, I was totally scared, deeply panting. Minutes later, my father called me to get inside to eat. Just when I look at the candles again, it was back on its normal flames, almost half burnt already. I told them about it, but nobody believed.

Second was that I'm already married. Also it was the same occasion, I was outside at our small porch lighting candles, carrying my youngest son. I can clearly see the people inside the house, since they turned on all the lights. We had our dinner early, so my wife was already upstairs with our eldest son. I can see our maid finishing her chores at the kitchen, and my father at the living room watching TV. In our kitchen, just across a couple of steps is our bathroom. Anybody from the bathroom or kitchen going or coming from can be really seen.

So, I was still outside enjoying the breeze, when I saw "someone" of a woman form. I really did see her passing from the bathroom going to the kitchen clearly. Still I could see her back when I called our maid, "Geng, pag-nga unya ang suga sa kusina!" (Geng, turn off the lights at the kitchen after!), which to my surprise she answered through the window upstairs saying, "Wala pa ko nahuman, Kuya!" (I'm not yet finished, Kuya!).

Immediately, I felt shivers down my back, and called my father asking if anybody is in the kitchen (maybe my mother), to which he said, "Nobody!" I hurriedly went inside the house, went up to our room and told my wife, and she said to just keep quite about it. Later, she told me, she also had seen "her," the same woman figure passing through our fence, but didn't passed through the wall.

That's it, thank you for reading.

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lovebugs16 (5 stories) (43 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-10)
creepy, pinoy ka naman noh so okay lang mag tagalog xD nosebleed eh. Nakakailang comment na ko sa stories mo puro english. Anyway, ewan parang normal na lang din satin yan kasi yung kuya ko nung mag jowa pa lang sila ng sister in law ko. Kausap niya sa phone tapos biglang sumigaw ng "white lady! May white lady sa labas! Nakita ko!" xempre natakot kaming lahat.

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